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RECAPS –2/20-2/24



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Rick’s attempt to get Steffy to sign the annulment papers failed as Steffy outwitted him. Hope was irritated when Liam continued to defend Steffy’s decision to get a divorce instead of an annulment. Stephanie urged Brooke to keep Rick from toying with Steffy. Bill gave in to Katie’s request and he and Katie went on a double date with Ridge and Brooke. Liam warned Rick not to hurt Steffy, which made Hope wonder why Liam was still so emotional about his soon-to-be ex-wife. Steffy challenged Rick to really take her out on a date. Ridge and Bill disagreed about the Liam-Hope-Steffy triangle. Liam resented Bill’s advice about how to deal with Hope. Rick turned on the charm when he was with Steffy, but she resisted because of her feelings for Liam. Brooke realized that she’d fallen into the “Stephanie” role if you cast Liam, Hope and Steffy as Ridge, Brooke and Taylor. Bill asked Liam to wear the Spencer “sword” necklace again.

THIS WEEK: Amber is giddy about her romantic future with Rick.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Brady confronted Madison about her secret marriage, as Lexie considered ending hers after learning of Abe’s deeds Nicole urged EJ not to look a gift horse in the mouth and Ian revisited his past with Kate. Marlena and Jack separately tried to play peacemaker with decidedly mixed results, as Sami refused to let go of the past and Jack tried to make peace with his. Austin and Carrie came to a conclusion on how to save their marriage. Kate learned the truth about Ian and Madison just as Marlena exposed Sami’s lie. Ian presented Victor with a business plan. Abigail developed a new plan to make Austin jealous, and Quinn revealed he was part of someone else’s master plan. Months of tensions fi- nally came to a head as Will finally acted on his feelings, Rafe learned of Sami’s ultimate betrayal, EJ proposed to Nicole, and John headed with Hope to Alamainia on what was surely a trap set by Stefano DiMera. Rafe interrupted EJ’s proposal and Sami interrupted Will’s confession to Marlena, as Carrie confided in Bo about her marriage woes. A heated confrontation at the DiMera mansion opened a Pandora’s Box that was sure to change things in Salem forever.

THIS WEEK: Sonny urges Will to learn to accept himself.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Robin’s situation came to a dramatic conclusion. Michael found Molly at the lake house, unconscious and wreaking of booze. Anna spoke to Mac about an important decision to be made. Patrick had a bad reaction. Someone tried to shoot Dante, prompting Sonny to want blood. Carly and Johnny went home together. Ewen discovered Kate, just before Helena appeared with a dagger. Ewen realized that Kate was suffering from some psychological problem that may or may not include blackouts. Shawn admitted to Carly that he had romantic feelings for her. Jason asked Spinelli to focus his attention on the Franco DVD gift, searching for answers. Molly made a surprising announcement when Alexis rushed to her side. Tracy, Edward and Anthony discussed the Soleito mob past and how Sonny fit into the story. Later, Anthony drove into oncoming traffic when his tires blew out. Helena’s big plan included her longtime adversary, Luke.

THIS WEEK: Robert Scorpio, Robin’s father, comes home to Port Charles.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . After 43 years, the people of Llanview said goodbye last month, revisiting one of the show’s most iconic storylines and drawing to a close Agnes Nixon’s mission for “One Life to Live” “…stories about richly diverse people as their lives intertwined, as they interacted with one another… To explain the hopes and hardships, the goals, fights, and failures that are ultimately shared by all mankind no matter how disparate their lifestyles.”

THIS WEEK: ABC’s new afternoon show, “The Revolution,” has taken over “OLTL’s” timeslot.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Paul informed Billy and Victoria that Chelsea and Anita had criminal records as grifters. Adam heroically put out a fire in the barn when firefi ghters were unable to get to the farm. At the hospice, Phyllis demanded that her father, George, confess the truth about his criminal activities. Despite being on his deathbed, George accused Phyllis of falsely accusing him. Anita confessed to Victoria and Billy that Victor had hired her and Chelsea. When Victor returned from Paris, Nikki confronted him about the Chelsea/Anita situation and after first denying it, Victor said he did what he did for Victoria’s sake. Jack saw a tough therapist named Sarge in action and asked him to take over his rehabilitation. Sarge told Jack that he didn’t have what it takes to walk again. Daisy steered Avery to proof of Sarah threatening her that Avery used in court for Daisy’s trial. Michael objected and Lauren freaked out when Daisy was sentenced to time served and released from prison.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis is in anguish when Daisy takes the baby from her.

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