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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Steffy received a midnight visitor and was pleased to welcome him into her home. Amber boasted to Marcus that she believed her future would be with Rick. Bridget and Owen went to Forrester Creations with big news for the family. Nick and Jackie confessed to each other their deepest regrets when it came to romance. Bill tried to convince Liam that he should remain married to Steffy and forget about Hope. Nick and Bridget open up to one another. Steffy got into a heated fight with Hope and made a lowblow comment that Hope cannot forgive. Stephanie criticized Brooke for worrying only about Hope and neglecting Steffy’s feelings entirely. Hope turned to Katie for advice about how to keep Liam satisfied without having sex. Jackie reacted to Owen’s news in a very physical way. Hope had a change of heart about her relationship with Liam, then made one more attempt to get Steffy to sign the annulment papers.

THIS WEEK: Hope consults with a doctor.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Brady was committed to a future with Madison despite her marriage to Ian. Hope and Bo and Marlena and John planned to fly to Alamainia to end John’s marriage to Hope. At the last minute, only John and Hope were allowed to leave the country. John confessed to Hope that he was still an ISA agent. Nicole was confident that EJ would win the election, even as he was writing a concession speech. Lexie flipped out when she learned that Abe had attempted to cheat during the debate by getting the questions in advance.

Will tried to open up to Marlena about his sexual issues, but Sami interrupted and selfishly wanted Marlena to attend to her. Sami called Lucas to get advice about Rafe’s fascination with Carrie. Daniel informed Nicole that she was pregnant, but she didn’t tell EJ yet. Ian promised Madison that he would never let her go, especially since she was in love with Brady. Carrie and Austin went on a romantic weekend, unaware that Abigail was there to upset things. Lucas returned from Hong Kong for Sami’s sake.

THIS WEEK: Madison stands up to Ian and demands a divorce.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Starr’s story began to unfold. Jason received a “visitor” at the hospital. Sam, Patrick and Monica tried to keep Jason from learning the truth because of his brain condition. A bound Luke watched Helena exact her revenge. Dante and Lulu discussed their fathers. Matt demanded an end to Maxie’s dating games and asked her to get Spinelli to move out. Jason’s life was in Patrick’s hands. Holly arrived at Wyndemere. Maxie could not accept Spinelli’s grim news. Michael feels responsible for Starr, despite Epiphany’s assurances. Robert Scorpio arrived in Port Charles, and embraced Anna. Olivia discovered Kate acting strangely. Holly talked about the past while Ethan became emotional. Carly and Johnny grew closer. Alexis and Shawn discussed TJ and Molly, and Shawn made a revelation in front of Carly. Blair Manning arrived in Port Charles. Johnny agreed to hide Anthony. Dante made a shocking discovery. Carly was determined to tell Jason important news. Anna asked for Luke’s help in finding Robert.

THIS WEEK: Todd and Sonny come face to face.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Phyllis went to hospice and met with her father. George continued to lie, but Avery caught on finally and realized that he was blaming Phyllis for his sins. Before Phyllis could see George again, he died. Lauren confided to Jill that she’d bought a gun to protect herself and had yet to tell Michael that she was armed. Michael proposed going out of town, but Lauren refused to run away just because Daisy had been set free. Daisy arrived at Phyllis’ with police officers, demanding that Lucy be given to her. Adam told Sharon that surviving the fire in the barn had changed his life and he wanted to return to Genoa City as a new man. Paul questioned Patty in her prison cell. Patty admitted that Adam had helped her escape from the mental institution. In Dallas for Devon’s surgery, Tucker noticed Harmony’s connection to Neil and warned her to back off because he was already married to Sofia. Neil bonded with Harmony about his constant battle to keep from drinking.

THIS WEEK: Sharon learns the truth about Adam’s role in Patty’s escape.

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