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RECAPS –3/5-3/9

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Hope came to a major decision about her relationship with Liam. Steffy tried to convince Liam not to move ahead with Hope, and later told Brooke that she had no intention of giving up on Liam. Despite her having had cold feet, Hope and Liam still had a nice night together, but after the fact, Steffy realized what had happened. Hope met with a sex therapist, Dr. Stacy Barton, for the first time to get to the root of her intimacy issues. Taylor and Stephanie were convinced that Liam was truly in love with Steffy, not Hope. Eric and Stephanie received a visit from Gladys, Sally Spectra’s former partnerin crime. Bill grilled Liam about what really happened when he and Hope were alone together. Taylor was sure that Brooke and Ridge tried to come up with a plan for Eric and Stephanie’s wedding anniversary party. Bill bluntly told Liam that life with Hope would be filled with nights of frustration, urging his son to return to Steffy instead.

THIS WEEK: Steffy makes a drastic decision about how to deal with her marriage to Liam.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Madison stood up to Ian and demanded a divorce, but Ian cautioned her. Lucas and Sami met and she was shocked to learn his secret. Kate advised Lucas not to get involved with Sami again. Abigail arranged for her and Melanie to run into Austin and Carrie on vacation. Bo and Roman were jumped by a group of thugs, then Kayla tried to save Bo. Hope found out that John is an agent for the ISA and she demanded that he to let her help so that they could leave Alamainia and return home to their families. Daniel and Jennifer agreed to remain friends. John and Hope came face- to- face with Stefano in Alamainia. Hope found out that Bo had been attacked. Bo lapsed into a coma in Salem. Marlena talked to Will about his sexuality while EJ tried to reason with Nicole who wasn’t receptive. Abigail showed up at Austin’s room when Carrie was out. Madison convinced Brady that she loved her husband. Kate introduced Gabi and Chad to her daughter — the new co-CEO of Countess Wilhelmina. Carrie found Abigail in Austin’s arms in their room, and Abigail told Carrie that they’d made love. Hope managed to call Bo’s room and Billie answered. Hope heard that Bo was dying! John and Hope devised a plan to return to Salem.

THIS WEEK: Austin hears Carrie confess she loves Rafe.

GENERAL HOSPI . TAL . Starr received an unexpected visitor at her bedside. Sonny confronted Carly about her relationship with Johnny. Maxie has a flashback when a gun was found in Kate’s office. Anna speaks with Elizabeth and gives her an important task. Todd and Blair arrived in Port Charles for Starr. Holly pleaded with Ethan to stop looking for Helena. Luke had a major encounter with Robert, pulling out all the stops. Johnny had questions about Carly and Kate. Michael and Blair were unable to soothe Starr’s pain. Holly had second thoughts about her talk with Robert and Luke. Todd learned about Sonny Corinthos from Starr. Over Maggie’s objections, Steve insisted that Olivia deserved to know the truth. Todd learned that Sonny was Carly’s ex-husband and confronted him. A new trial commenced. Carly posed as a nurse to get in to see Jason. Ewen went to Crimson to try and help Kate deal with her issues.

THIS WEEK: John McBain goes to Port Charles.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Phyllis was thrilled when Daniel decided to fight for custody of Lucy to keep the child away from Daisy. Lauren ran into Daisy in the elevator of her building and accused her of being a stalker, but Daisy revealed that she’d moved in with Lucy. Genevieve brought a gift to Jack and tried to mend fences with him, saying that she was still in love with him. Jack refused to forgive Genevieve for betraying him with Beauty of Nature. In Dallas, Devon came through the surgery, but was unable to hear. Neil assured his son that the procedure had done perfectly. Sharon was devastated when Paul told her the truth about Adam’s role in Patty’s escape. Adam confessed his misdeeds and was determined to be a better man. Sharon told Nick that she was through with Adam. Phyllis saw Nick comforting Sharon. Daisy was happy Daniel wanted Lucy in his life and proposed they raise their daughter together. Daniel was disgusted by Daisy’s suggestion. Jack met with Avery to discuss his case against Genevieve over Beauty of Nature. Avery agreed that the case was winnable and agreed to be his attorney.

THIS WEEK: Victor has a new plan for Sharon.

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