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RECAPS –3/12-3/16

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Hope confided in Brooke about her therapy session and asked her mother to keep the information just between the two of them. Bill urged Liam to convince Steffy not to sign the annulment papers. Brooke and Ridge were concerned when Steffy’s answer to dealing with the Hope and Liam situation was to leave town and tried to talk her into staying. Liam and Hope have another intimate evening together. Hope dealt with her intimacy issues in order to spend a romantic evening with Liam. Steffy was floored when she learned that Liam was completely satisfied with Hope and the time they spent together. Steffy told Liam of her plans and he was consumed with guilt that she wanted to leave L.A. Taylor and Brooke squabbled about whom Liam really loved, Hope or Steffy. Bill made another attempt to get Liam to do something to keep Steffy as his wife.

THIS WEEK: Hope confesses to Dr. Stacy that she is having a difficult time being intimate with Liam.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . On the phone with Billie, Hope learned that Bo was dying. Lexie resuscitated Bo, but informed everyone he was still in bad shape. Hope was determined to get to Bo. John and Hope broke into the Alamanian security office to get their passports back to fly home to Salem. EJ intended to bring Lexie back into the DiMera fold. Carrie told Rafe about Austin and Abby’s affair. Carrie blamed herself too. Billie told Austin she’d help repair his marriage. Mel found out that Abby had been lying the whole time and Austin and insisted she tell him the truth. Stefano caught Hope and John, and he refused to return their passports. Austin heard Carrie confess she loved Rafe. Carrie and Rafe decided to move on. Rafe explained that despite their longing, they were still married. Mel tried to convince Abby to tell Austin the truth but she was scared that if she did he would hate her. Madison gave her engagement ring back to Brady hoping to protect him from Ian. Abigail decided to finally confess to Austin but then Austin told her Carrie was with Rafe. Abigail realized they were free to be together. Austin reacted and warns Abigail that they would never be together. After searching for the mole, Kate told Billie that Sami was the mole and she intended to blow her out of the water. Rafe checked on Nicole and finds out she was pregnant. She didn’t want EJ to know. Seeing Nicole was not well, Rafe called Daniel. Abe tried to repair his marriage with Lexie, but she continued to resist him, saying he’d damaged their bond and their family. A devastated Abe learned Theo didn’t want to see him.

THIS WEEK: Rafe and Nicole bond over their relationship woes.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Sonny and Todd got into a heated argument, while Carly and Blair continued to bond. Dante and Lulu were puzzled by Delores’ behavior. Steve confessed his secret to Olivia. Johnny arrived to see Kate while Ewen was there. John McBain arrived in Port Charles. Maxie was wracked by guilt over Robin’s death. Anthony had a tempting offer for Johnny. Olivia overheard Tracy and Anthony talking about the car accident. Maxie refused to go to Robin’s funeral. Patrick tried to get up and speak at the ceremony. Carly was the fly in the ointment when Sam conspired with Alexis and Molly to keep Jason from learning about Robin’s death. Sam searched for Carly and saw Ewen. Sonny questioned Kate about her involvement with Ewen. Sonny took a business call with a surprising visitor.

THIS WEEK: Jason is furious with Sam.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . While Daniel was with Lucy at the coffeehouse, Phyllis appeared to spend time with the child. Daisy called a social worker to observe and later filed a restraining order to keep Phyllis away from Lucy. Phyllis was devastated. Paul and Jack provided Walsh with sworn testimony that Adam confessed his crimes to them. Adam defended himself to the D.A. by pointing out that both men had an axe to grind against him. Victor offered to help Adam with his legal issues. Adam suspected Victor’s motives, but accepted his help. Victor asked Nick to head up a new cosmetics division for Newman Enterprises. Nick balked at working with Sharon because he didn’t want to jeopardize his relationship with Phyllis. Jack was determined that Adam rot in prison, but Walsh released Adam without charging him. Victor gave Sharon confidence about working on the new line, but at a board meeting, she was shaken by the complaints of the others. Victor refused Sharon’s offer to resign, assuring her that he had a plan to take care of everything.

THIS WEEK: Adam deals with more adversity.

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