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RECAPS –3/19-3/23

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Hope told Brooke how she managed to deal with her intimacy issues with Liam. Bill asked Liam to reconsider divorcing Steffy. Hope had another session with Dr. Barton and admitted that she has been scarred by Brooke’s scandalous past. Liam was oblivious to Hope’s problems with their sex life. Marcus and Dayzee called the family together to make an announcement. Hope was devastated when fans confronted her for living with Liam while he was still married. A photo of Hope and Liam in bed was leaked on the Internet. Ridge had a radical solution to Hope’s problems. Bill and Liam discussed how to handle the media to stop the negative press Liam was receiving. Marcus and Dayzee basked in the glow of their decision to become engaged. Stephanie needled Brooke about Hope. Katie was concerned about Hope’s relationship with Liam and confided her worries to Brooke. Bill sent Steffy an update about the current situation between Liam and Hope in Aspen.

THIS WEEK: Brooke informed Amber that she was being replaced.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Bo was in a medically induced coma. Rafe insisted his marriage with Sami was over when he stayed with Nicole for the night to monitor her health. EJ misinterpreted Rafe being with Nicole and Rafe decked him after he insulted Nicole. Rafe was shocked that Sami called Lucas to come see her. After working out together, there was a spark between Daniel and Billie. Rafe discovered that Nicole was pregnant, but she wouldn’t let him take her to the hospital when she was ill. Abe tried to explain to Lexie why he did what he did in the election. Chad was unaware of Gabi’s growing interest, so she plotted to make Melanie think that Chad was involved with Gabi. Melanie was stunned when she learned that Abigail did not tell Austin and Carrie that she had lied about sleeping with Austin. EJ was inaugurated as Mayor and his first act was to have Abe and Jennifer arrested for ballot tampering. Jack bailed Jen out of jail. Ian warned Kate to do whatever she liked with Sami, but leave Madison alone. Billie and Madison admired each other. Kate let Sami know that she was onto her being the mole. Stefano jailed Hope and John in Alamania. Nicole and Rafe agreed that they deserved better romantic partners. Jack and Jennifer overheard Austin talking with Abigail about having made love. Jack freaks out and finally Abigail confesses the truth that no sex ever happened between her and Austin. Kate let Will know that she knew he was gay. Austin was shocked and Carrie furious by Abigail’s lie. To get John’s cooperation, Stefano threatened Marlena’s life. Sami fought for Rafe, but he was down on their relationship.

THIS WEEK: Sami opens up to EJ about Kate vowing to destroy her.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Sam tried to explain to Jason why she kept him in the dark about Robin’s death. Noah returned to see Patrick and comfort his son. Sonny has a faceoff with Kate…but was she Connie at the time? Dante and John McBain do not hit it off. Maxie wanted to be put in jail, but Mac tried to talk her out of her selfdestructive bent. Luke let Lulu in on a secret and later received a visit from Liz. Spinelli found a clue from the Franco DVD. Emma asked difficult questions of Patrick after there was a delivery at the Drake house. Sonny confronted Johnny to demand what he was doing with Kate. Ewen contemplated how to help Kate. Anna had an angry confrontation with Noah. Maxie remained convinced that she belonged in prison for her sins.

THIS WEEK: Ewen talks with Connie.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . In Japan, Genevieve confronts Victor at the teahouse and let him know that she was not duped by his trick. Jill spied Victor and Genevieve together, then in disguise as a Japanese woman, Jill snapped a picture of the two in a compromising position. Phyllis fumed at Nick for choosing to work with Sharon on the new cosmetics line. Nick explained how the situation came about, but Phyllis continued to be suspicious. Lauren was nearly caught with her gun, but Phyllis covered for Lauren when Michael appeared suddenly. Lauren told Phyllis she had the gun as protection from Daisy. Ricky and Daisy bonded over their rotten childhoods. When Daisy learned that Ricky worked for Phyllis, she warned him to never trust Phyllis. Michael broke up a fight between Kevin and Daniel over Chloe. Kevin finally confessed to his brother why he married Angelina and Michael promised to get Kevin out of it. Devon took Angelina’s lyrics and made them into a country song. Tucker was blown away by Angelina’s passionate performance. Jack and Nikki saw the photo of Victor and Genevieve when Jill sent it to Ashley.

THIS WEEK: Adam gets his vision back.

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