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RECAPS – 11/12-11/16

ALL MY CHILDREN – After finding Greenlee and Aidan in the stables, Julia pointed out that life on the run wasn’t fun, but the disguised duo left town anyway. When Kendall blamed Zach for causing the mess with Greenlee, Zach walked out on her. Hoping to make up with his wife, Zach went in search of her dream home. In the process, tragedy struck. Meanwhile, Greenlee told Aidan she loved him. Ryan got a call from a man who claimed to have seen Ritchie kill a boy when they were younger. Tad made it clear to Krystal that he’d never let Jenny spend time at Adam’s place.

THIS WEEK: Ritchie attempts to cover his tracks!

AS THE WORLD TURNS Jack learned that Carly isn’t dying and the wedding was called off. He tried to reunite with Katie, but she’s unsure of his love and turned to Brad. Sage staged her own kidnapping to get Jack and Carly back together. Rosanna had a seizure while Meg was having her unborn child’s paternity determined. Rosanna got into the computer and made it look like Craig is the father; the truth is that Paul’s the daddy. Rosanna evaded Paul’s questions when she lapsed into a coma. Dusty confronted Emily about her feelings for him. She wanted him out of the newspaper. Bonnie was tempted to go after the recently separated Holden.

THIS WEEK: Gwen is uncertain about the impending adoption.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL – Stephen got violent with Stephanie and nearly threw her from the hotel balcony. Storm lashed out at Stephen for being a rotten father to him, Brooke, Donna and Katie. After being offered a job at Forrester Creations, Katie was shocked to find a gun in Brooke’s desk. Ridge urged his sister and brother to support Eric’s choice, even if it’s Donna over Stephanie. Stephanie cannot keep away from the fashion show and told the press Eric was inspired by his family. Her words irked Donna. The press swarmed when Jackie crashed the Forrester show. Brooke asked Nick for a photo of Jack.

THIS WEEK: There are surprises at the Forrester fashion show.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – EJ discovered he is paralyzed. He told Kate he wanted to commit suicide. Sami tried to convince him to live for their son. EJ offered to get Stefano to end the Brady vendetta by making it his deathbed wish. Roman investigated the shooting and thinks Sami may have been a target, too. Steve tried to get the gun he hid at the pub, but Bo and Shawn found out. After getting caught drinking, Will was sent to live with Carrie and Austin in Switzerland. Cordy changed her mind about testifying against Ford, but Chelsea mounted a campaign to get out the truth about the rapist.

THIS WEEK: Lucas names his newborn daughter after the Horton family matriarch.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Carly was rocked by the news that Sonny was in love with Kate. Johnny cautioned Leyla to never let Zacchara see her because she was a dead ringer for Johnny’s late mother. Lucky was devastated to learn that Jake wasn’t his son and that Sam had known all along. Jerry confessed to Carly that he was in love with her. Zacchara demanded that Johnny kill Lulu himself. Nikolas woke from a blackout to find a dead Emily at his side. Sonny rescued Kate but suffered a gunshot wound in the process. Jason prepared to sacrifice himself for Liz after Zacchara grabbed her.

THIS WEEK: Carly’s neardeath experience affects her deeply.

GUIDING LIGHT – Gus proposed to Natalia but she wants time to decide. Rafe skipped school because he’s angry about Daisy’s abortion. Bill used Lizzie’s diary to seduce her. He then stole her business plan to undermine Lewis Oil. Bill teamed up with Dinah to let the word out that Billy is drinking again. Harley helped Cyrus buy a bracelet for Marina, but was jealous when she watched him give it to her. Frank warned Doris to leave the Coopers alone. Ashlee told Coop that he’s the best thing in her life. Edmund figured out that Cassie lied about Beth’s baby. Josh asked Jeffrey to get rid of Edmund.

THIS WEEK: Edmund manipulates Will to get what he wants.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – John and Bo became convinced that Cole and Marty’s disappearances were connected after they learned that she was spooked by someone in a Death mask. Meanwhile, a frightened Marty was being held captive in a locked room. News of Asa’s “other” son shocked the family. While the family only inherited seats on the board of Buchanan Enterprises, Nigel inherited Asa’s yacht and the deed to St. Blaze’s. Dorian was shocked to learn that David and Alex got married. Dorian suspected Alex wasn’t as wealthy as she led David to believe. While settling into a new life at Bon Suites, Marcie contemplated contacting Michael.

THIS WEEK: Viki grows closer to the mysterious Charlie B!

PASSIONS – Luis and Sheridan found a DNA match while searching the computer for Marty. Wanting to hurt Theresa, Tabitha transformed herself into a gypsy and gave her an ominous look at her future. Tabitha tempted her with an anti-love potion to end Gwen’s love for Ethan but Theresa was unaware that the potion was actually poisoned. Doctors proved that the bottle with Theresa’s fingerprints contained the poison that nearly killed Gwen. Rebecca did everything possible to end the slaughter of the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Meanwhile, the whitehaired woman demanded Pilar be found and killed. A knife-wielding fiend vowed to end Spike’s reign of terror.

THIS WEEK: A drunken Esme cozies up to Julian!

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Heather was furious when Paul told her he was her father. Dr. Webb told the Newmans that he’d have to deliver Victoria’s baby to save her life, but the baby probably wouldn’t survive. Nikki told everyone that Victoria wouldn’t want her baby to die. She demanded they let the baby keep growing inside of Victoria for as long as possible, even if it meant losing Victoria. After discovering that Jeff was recording their conversations, Gloria realized he still had the tainted cream. While in his room, she found a letter from William, saying that “she” was responsible for the besmeared cream.

THIS WEEK: Michael
makes a courtroom appeal for Phyllis!

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