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RECAPS –3/26-3/30

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Hope met with Dr. Stacy again to discuss her intimacy issues. Marcus and Dayzee were overjoyed about their engagement. Ridge called a meeting to discuss how to deal with the negative press Forrester Creations had been receiving. Bill reminded Liam of all he would lose if he went through with divorcing Steffy. Hope asked the doctor for more anti anxiety medication. Ridge and Brooke plotted to keep Amber away from Rick and the company. Karen Spencer brought her daughter, Caroline, to Los Angeles in hopes of getting her a job at Forrester Creations. Amber defended herself to Brooke. Brooke welcomed Caroline into the company, but Karen suspected that there might be strings attached. While talking with Karen, Ridge was flooded with memories of her sister. Caroline was introduced to Hope and Liam and realized that they worked in opposite ends of the fashion business. Rick was stymied when Brooke and Amber questioned his loyalty. Brooke told Amber all of Caroline’s assets as a way of demeaning Amber’s. Thomas confessed to Marcus about the new object of his affection.

THIS WEEK: Brooke talks up Caroline to Rick.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Stefano forced John and Hope to become the pawn and Princess Gina to find the Anastasia egg. Kate was jealous of Stefano’s obsession in Marlena. When Ian learned of Kate’s angst, he confessed that he came to Salem to be with her, not Madison. Will confessed to Marlena that he believed he was gay and she reassured him that it was okay. Nicole urged Rafe to pursue Carrie since he’d left Sami. Rafe overheard Carrie telling Austin she was unable to leave her marriage behind. EJ offered to help Sami deal with Kate. Melanie stopped in the middle of making love with Chad when she found an earring in his bed. EJ told Sami that Nicole and Rafe made love, even though he was wrong in that assumption. Nicole went forward with divorce plans. Carrie was thrown when Sami accused Rafe of sleeping with Nicole. Billie was working undercover for the ISA. EJ was suspicious of Billie being in the mansion. Lexie and Abe reunited and she forgave him. Kate confronted Marlena about her feelings for Stefano. John and Hope were transformed into the pawn and the princess thanks to hypnosis. Lexie suffered a horrible headache. The princess and the pawn decide to double-cross Stefano by selling the egg and disappearing together. Sami was grateful to EJ for getting her a new place to live. EJ overheard that Nicole was pregnant. Sami pleaded with Lucas to stay in Salem. Abigail was suspicious of Gabi’s excuse for her earring being in Chad’s bed.

THIS WEEK: EJ vows that Nicole will never keep their child away from him.

GENERAL HOSPITAL. Jason was not pleased. An important delivery was made the Drake home prompting Emma to ask difficult questions. Dante made an arrest. Sonny confronted Johnny and demanded to know what he was doing with Kate. Johnny made a critical decision. John McBain, Carly and Sonny collided at Kate’s office. Patrick had an important job to do. Anna and Liz grew closer sharing grief of losing children. Under hypnosis, Connie talked candidly with Ewen. Delores took Johnny up on his offer. Dante, Lulu and Ronnie theorized about Delores’ personal background. Jason shared information about the McBain’s weak spots with Sonny. Sam had another unsettling encounter with John. Sonny warned Michael to stay away from Starr. Alexis and Mac refereed Matt and Spinelli’s conflicting desires to help Maxie. Luke trumped Tracy’s jealous antics by pursuing Anna. Michael invited Starr into his apartment where they had an unlikely visitor. Maxie was met with universal skepticism. To Ewen’s dismay, Kate pretends to be Connie to get Johnny to uncover his plan. Despite Olivia’s efforts, Johnny still has leverage over Steve. Sam made a surprising discovery that could be a key to the Franco mystery. Jason’s actions shocked Carly. Liz and Ewen made new date plans. Kate remained determined to support Sonny at his trial. Dante worked with Ewen, Ronnie and Lulu to profi le Delores’ husband. Delores made a deal with Johnny.

THIS WEEK: Maxie makes an assumption about Patrick.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . The minister began the wedding ceremony for Angelo and Gloria. Jeff burst in and told Gloria that Angelo had kidnapped him and forced him to write her a note about stealing her money. Jeffrey declared his love for Gloria and begged her not to marry Angelo. Chloe and Kevin rushed in, and Angelina announced that her marriage to Kevin was a fraud. Jeff and Kevin simultaneously proposed to Gloria and Chloe, and they agreed to marry their respective loves immediately. When the minister was missing in action, Katherine stepped forward and as an ordained minister, offered to perform the ceremony. Nick read an article about the Mitsukoshi deal being in play and decided to fly to Japan with Sharon immediately. Adam overheard their conversation and when he made a wry comment, Sharon realized that Adam was no longer blind.

Adam sent a text message to Phyllis about Sharon and Nick’s journey. In Japan, Mr. Mitsukoshi was overjoyed to see Sharon. Nick was stunned to learn later on that Sharon had sealed the Mitsukoshi deal for Newman. Nick called Phyllis with the good news and promised to be back in Genoa City for Daniel’s hearing. Nick and Sharon’s plane was delayed before take-off. Ricky warned Daisy about Phyllis. Ricky and Daisy bonded over their screwed up families. Eden witnessed the two of them kissing. At the hearing, the judge questioned why Daniel had given up his parental rights. Michael helped Daniel explain that he wanted to protect Lucy from her mother. The judge asserted that Lucy was doing well in Daisy’s care. Phyllis panicked when the judge exited to render a decision.

THIS WEEK: Jack is determined to have a risky operation to walk again.

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