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RECAPS –4/2-4/6

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Liam was surprised when Steffy returned from Aspen and showed up in his office. Amber blackmailed Hope, knowing she was hooked on the pills. Steffy promised Liam that she’d never give up on their marriage. Amber bought a supply of illegal pills in order to control Hope. Hope was stunned that Steffy was back and felt anxious, needing a pill to get through the encounter. Dayzee saw Amber’s baggie filled with pills and questioned her. Steffy was floored by Hope’s determination and confidence, unaware that Hope was on medication. Amber told Dayzee that they were kindred spirits. The Forresters, Spencers and Logans had a welcome party for Caroline. Ridge wanted Amber out of Forrester Creations. Brooke told Rick how Caroline was a much better choice for him than Amber. Hope couldn’t understand why she needed the anxiety pills more and more. Ridge had a talk with Caroline about her Aunt Caroline, the women Ridge once loved. Stephanie, Taylor and Thorne discussed Caroline and Thomas dating. Hope went back to Dr. Barton to talk about her medication. Stephanie urged Caroline to look at Thomas as a potential boyfriend. After Ridge and Stephanie pushed Thomas to pursue Caroline, Thomas was miffed to find Caroline lounging at the pool house with Rick.

THIS WEEK: Hope’s prescription drug use puts her life in jeopardy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . In Alamainia, Gina and the pawn managed to get the Anastasia egg, but kept it hidden from Stefano. Sami begged Lucas not to leave Salem because she needed him. Marlena encouraged Will to open his heart to her and he admitted that he was gay. As an undercover agent for the ISA, Billie was determined to get proof that Stefano was involved in an arms deal. EJ reacted to the news that Nicole was pregnant, promising her that he would not be kept out of his child’s life. Rafe stepped in and claimed to be the father of Nicole’s child. Carrie overheard the news and was heartbroken over Rafe. After consulting with Marlena, Carrie decided to return to Austin and rebuild their marriage, even though she was still in love with Rafe. EJ ordered a paternity test on Nicole’s baby, but they have to wait over two months before it can be done. John fought off the effects of Stefano’s mind control and tried to rouse Gina to remember that she was Hope. Celeste returned with a premonition of dread for Lexie. After celebrating their anniversary, Lexie collapsed. Ian told Kate he was in Salem because he loved and wanted her. Daniel determined that Lexie had an inoperable brain tumor. Abby had an awkward run in with Derek, unaware that he was Lexie’s half-brother. Stefano was keeping tabs on Kate and testing her loyalty. Kate succumbed to Ian’s advances. John used a Salem newspaper to get Hope out of her Gina persona.

THIS WEEK: Stefano is crushed to hear of Kate’s betrayal.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Sam found Heather Webber in a mental institution. Heather made her own demands on Sam. John and Anna discussed his past history with Sonny. Starr and Michael got to know one another despite their family odds. Patrick went to see Maxie at the courthouse. Sam came to a stunning realization. Starr was resolved to get revenge on Sonny. Kate demanded Ewen hypnotize her again. Johnny and Carly went “public” at the Metrocourt. Luke met McBain and was tweaked that he might have to “share” Anna with him. Olivia asked Sonny for help in handling Steve’s “Johnny problem.” With Anna’s help, John got closer to Sonny. A disturbed Sam returned home and found an unlikely source of sympathetic understanding. Jason incurred Connie’s wrath when he pushed Kate about the gun. Sonny told a frustrated Alexis there was no way she could implicate Kate. Spinelli asked Lulu for help with Maxie. Dante was suspicious about Delores’ husband. Heather guilted Steve into helping her get what she wanted. Sam made a confession and broke down to an unlikely source of support. Confused by Kate, Jason tried to warn Sonny. Patrick returned to work. Patrick was unable to escape the memories of Robin at the hospital. Spinelli was determined to save Maxie. John offered to help Sam. Sonny got a surprise regarding Kate. Connie was reckless with Ewen in front of Liz during their first date. Alexis took a motherly approach with Maxie. Matt and Spinelli worked together to broaden the list suspects in the Niles murder.

THIS WEEK: Sonny reacts to seeing Johnny and Carly together.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Genevieve told Jack she’d sell him Beauty of Nature in exchange for a new relationship with Jack. Kay informed Neil that she hadn’t found a suitable CEO for Chancellor Industries. Neil stunned Kay by agreeing to return to the company. Nikki told Ashley that she’s concerned about Jack’s decision to have surgery because it was an unnecessary risk. Ashley and Genevieve agreed with Nikki about Jack’s decision to have surgery. Victor accused Victoria of pursuing Beauty of Nature to get back at him over Chelsea and Anita. Victor was determined to fight Victoria for Beauty of Nature, even after Michael warned Victor that he no longer had the liquid assets necessary because of the billion-dollar settlement he gave to his children. Victoria observed another staged fake argument between Sofia and Tucker the culminated with Sofia getting fired. Sofia asked Victoria to give her a job at Beauty of Nature. Victoria offered to get back to Sofia. Jack snapped at Nikki about his desire to make his own decisions. Jack was annoyed that Genevieve agreed with Nikki and Ashley about his waiting to have the surgery. Adam dropped off Chelsea’s cell phone at Victoria’s home. Victoria fumed at Chelsea over spending time with Adam. Victoria declared that when Adam spent time with another pregnant woman, he stole the baby.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea gives birth to a preemie.

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