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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Dayzee noticed that Amber was using online pharmacy sites to shop for prescription medication. Hope told Brooke about her reliance on anti-anxiety medication. Amber worried about the pills she’d supplied to Hope. Steffy and Stephanie shared good news. Liam and Hope had a major fight and he questioned the choices he’d made in his relationship. Amber realized that she had competition in Caroline when it came to Rick. Rick and Thomas both pursued Caroline. Rick gave Caroline a slow, deep kiss. Hope finally confessed to Liam about seeing Dr. Barton and taking medication. Steffy told Taylor that she felt optimistic about getting back together with Liam. Amber spoke to Brooke about Hope’s erratic behavior and the pills she’d been taking. Brooke offered Donna the receptionist job at Forrester Creations, unaware that Stephanie had offered the same position to Pam. Dr. Barton was stunned when Hope admitted that she’d continued taking the antianxiety medication. Amber went to Liam’s to see Hope, but Liam told her to leave and never come back.

THIS WEEK: Amber offers to continue supplying Hope with drugs.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . EJ and Sami cleared the air about why he moved into the apartment across the hall. Brady and Madison agreed to collaborate on a project even though working together would test their desire for one another. In Alamainia, Hope and John fooled Stefano into thinking they were still Gina and the Pawn. They turned over the Anastasia egg, but only after finding the hidden coin inside. Spencer rescued John and Hope and they gave him the gold coin to decipher the code. Back in Salem, John reunited with Marlena but she was crushed to learn that John was working with the ISA again. Hope managed to reach out to Bo and he squeezed her hand. Kate regretted making love to Ian, but he declared that they belonged together and he did not fear Stefano. Kate did not see that Ian had a walking stick with a crest similar to Stefano’s. Billie was nearly caught searching the Dimera mansion. EJ found what Billie was looking at and learned that Stefano had been undermining his every scheme. EJ was determined to find the millions he’d stashed away which were now missing. Carrie refused to forgive Rafe because she believed he fathered Nicole’s baby. Sami and Lucas had a bonding moment when they camped out in the living room. Will spoke with Sonny about coming out. Gabi fumed when Chad asked her to create a romantic atmosphere for Melanie. Stefano was crushed to learn that Kate cheated on him with Ian. Nicole questioned Rafe but he promised to stand by her throughout the pregnancy and let everyone believe he was the father. When EJ confessed his fears to Nicole, she was susceptible to him and nearly revealed the truth about their baby.

THIS WEEK: Stefano gives control of Countess Wilhelmina to Sami.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Michael learned about Carly’s latest romance. Ewen suggested Kate commit herself to an institution. Sam made the agonizing decision whether or not to withhold the truth from Jason. Starr sought out Anthony Zacchara. To Olivia’s chagrin, Heather Webber moved in with Steve. Tracy was miffed no one remembered her birthday – until Luke arrived. Johnny and Carly grew closer, but later Sonny stirred Johnny’s need for revenge. Spinelli and Matt worked together to confront Ewen. Heather picked up where she left off with Luke. McBain pushed Sonny’s buttons about the trial and the past. Michael comforted Starr when she broke down from the stress. Connie plays nasty tricks on Kate. Spinelli was on the verge of a discovery. Liz made an agreement. Sam was evasive with Jason when McBain called. The trial went in full mode with the D.A. and Alexis presenting their cases. Dante, Carly, Johnny, Tracy, Michael, and Starr testify. Jason surprised Sam, as did Heather Webber. Steve and Heather had a meal as she waxed poetic about her past. Olivia implored Ewen for help with a “crazy relative.” On the stand, Kate was uncomfortable with the questioning. Alexis made an important motion. Sonny’s fate remained undecided. Carly and Johnny bonded with Josslyn. Sam played hardball but Heather got the last laugh. Matt confessed his love to Maxie, and was about to tell Matt the truth when Spinelli stumbled in. Tracy came clean about why she married Anthony, and she and Luke discuss her options to break free of Anthony.

THIS WEEK: Anna and McBain have a heart-to-heart.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Genevieve overheard Jack tell Nikki that he planned to marry Genevieve in exchange for her selling Beauty of Nature back to him. Genevieve was crushed when Jack added that he would divorce Genevieve after he’d gotten what he wanted. Chelsea suffered hypothermia at the frozen lake while out with Adam. When she went into labor, Adam had to deliver Chelsea’s baby. Adam saved the newborn, then left to call for help. Victoria and Abby went to Chelsea’s side and realized that someone had helped Chelsea. Adam listened to them talking, but took no credit for his efforts to save the baby. Sharon offered to let Ashley visit with Faith. At the hospital, Billy and Victoria watched the baby in the incubator and hoped Chelsea would stick to her decision to let them adopt the baby. Chelsea told Billy and Victoria that she wouldn’t sign anything until she held the baby. Genevieve confronted Jack about his scheme, but Jack assured her that he’d lied to Nikki about his intentions because he knew she’d be against Jack’s decision to marry Genevieve. Jack told Genevieve he still wanted to marry her.

THIS WEEK: Genevieve and Jack wind up with new partners.

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