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RECAPS – 4/16-20

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Dr. Barton gave Hope a direct command. Amber discovered what was in the medication she’d been giving to Hope. Bill encouraged Steffy not to give up on Liam. Caroline and Rick posed for a photo shoot and radiated real chemistry. A jealous Amber caused trouble without Rick knowing what she’d done. Later, Rick was baffled when Caroline broke a dinner date with him. Thomas and Caroline had a chance to get to know each other better. Amber made a deal to continue giving Hope drugs in exchange for Hope’s help with Amber rekindling a romance with Rick. Marcus removed Amber when she crashed a Forrester Creations meeting. Liam and Bill argued over Liam’s commitment to Hope. Steffy and Thomas had a heart to heart talk and she told him that her future was with Liam because Hope would not be able to hold onto him. Thomas thought Steffy was setting herself up for disappointment. Pam and Donna tried to share the receptionist position at Forrester Creations. Before leaving to meet Liam for dinner at the Bikini Bar, Hope saw a picture of Liam and Steffy on the web, reminding her that he was still a married man. Hope popped a pill and passed out. Steffy saw Liam at the Bikini and decided to wait with him until Hope showed up. After a while, Liam went home and found Hope. When Liam learned that the pills Hope took were from Amber and not Dr. Barton, he was furious with Amber and worried about Hope. Caroline and Thomas had their first real date and sealed it with a romantic kiss.

THIS WEEK: Steffy shows sympathy for Hope.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . After returning to Salem, Stefano shared a romantic dinner alone with Kate and then told her that he knew about her betrayal and was through with her. Stefano made Sami the CEO of Countess Wilhelmina and also fired Kate and Lucas from Hearth and Home. Carrie fantasized about waking up with Rafe, even as she was trying to make her marriage to Austin work. Rafe was on the verge of telling Carrie the truth about his relationship with Nicole. EJ caught Billie snooping in the mansion, but turned down her offer of working together. EJ was devastated to learn that Lexie was stricken with an inoperable brain tumor. Stefano continued to undermine EJ, which frustrated EJ. Stefano looked in Alice’s envelope and read again that EJ was not his son. Hope convinced Daniel to rouse Bo from the medically induced coma. Despite the risk, the procedure worked and Hope was reunited with Hope. Billie and Daniel accidentally ran into each other at the pub and had an enjoyable dinner together. Ian told Madison she could have a divorce. Brady and Madison planned a future together. Ian shocked Madison by naming Kate co-CEO of Mad World with her. Sami offered EJ her friendship, but didn’t want to work with him at Countess Wilhelmina. Gabi asked Will for help in breaking up Melanie and Chad. When Will realized why Gabi was so insecure about men, he explained that they didn’t work out because he’s gay. Marlena was furious with John for enlisting in the ISA again, but he was determined to bring down Stefano. At the hospital, Stefano demanded that Hope and John give him the coin from the Anastasia egg or else face his wrath. EJ pleaded with Nicole to let him back into her life.

THIS WEEK: Nicole surprises EJ by agreeing to reconcile.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Sam nearly confided in Alexis but was stopped when Heather appeared. Sam went to open the test results privately, but ran into John McBain. Jason told Sonny about Kate’s bizarre behavior. Sonny confronted Michael about his relationship with Starr. Starr questioned McBain on his personal interest in Sonny. Delores realized Dante, Lulu and Ronnie were suspicious when another Vaughn’s girl was attacked. Dante and Ronnie turned up damning evidence. McBain watched as Sam opened the paternity test results. Sonny pressed Kate. Carly asked Johnny point blank if he planted the gun in Kate’s office. Michael found Starr packing. Lulu witnessed the dynamic between Delores and Eddie. Sam and Jason had a heart-to-heart talk. Kate found herself in a losing battle while Connie planned to give Sonny a memorable birthday. Carly told Sonny to stop going after Johnny. Michael tried to convince Starr to stay in Port Charles and pledged to help her. Olivia asked Sonny for help. Maggie made the mistake of calling Heather “crazy.” Heather tried to charm Ewen. Jason had a lot to “digest.” Anna worked McBain to reconsider his plans for Sonny. Starr and Johnny made a deal. Epiphany called Patrick out on wallowing in his grief. Spinelli told Matt he knew who murdered Lisa. Jason and Sam tried to make amends. Sonny inadvertently made Johnny more susceptible to Connie’s motive. Carly made a major admission about her life. Lulu told Luke her suspicions about who’s been going after the strippers.

THIS WEEK: Connie has a plan.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Genevieve was prepared to marry Jack, but when he arrived at the hotel room, he told her that he couldn’t go through with it. Jack admitted he had no faith in their future together. Genevieve ordered Jack to get out and leave her alone. Nikki was relieved that Jack hadn’t gone through with his plan to marry Genevieve. When Jack learned that Nikki had left Victor, ending their relationship, he kissed Nikki. After they confessed their love, Nikki and Jack made love. Genevieve went to Victor’s hotel room with the contract for Beauty of Nature and a bottle of champagne. After a toast, Victor signed the contract and then made love Genevieve. At baby John’s welcome home party, Victor arrived with Genevieve while Jack appeared with Nikki, indicating that they were new couples. At a celebration party at the studio for Devon’s recording of Angelina’s song, Neil and Harmony shared a slow dance and Cane and Lily noticed their chemistry. Ricky watched Daniel with Lucy at the coffeehouse. When Daniel spoke with Eden about his custody plans, Ricky created a distraction and took off with Lucy. Daniel freaked out to discover his daughter was gone. Victoria and Billy realized that Chelsea told the truth about Adam having delivered the baby. Victoria apologized to Adam and offered to let him hold John. Victoria and Billy thanked Adam for saving their child.

THIS WEEK: Victor fires Michael Baldwin.

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