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RECAPS – 4/23-27

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill was vehemently against Liam’s relationship with Hope because of her drug problems. Liam remained loyal to Hope despite his father’s criticism and was determined to take Hope to Fashion Week in Aspen. Hope blasted Amber for giving her pills she bought off the Internet. Bill blackmailed an employee to sabotage Hope in Aspen. Bill continued to plot against Hope while Brooke asked Liam to watch over Hope while in Aspen. Ramona and Oliver were nervous about doing Bill’s bidding. Hope turned on Amber over the pills. Steffy planned to introduce a new ski line in Aspen. On the jet to Aspen, Steffy told Liam her true feelings for him. Brooke asked Bill not to ruin Hope’s future with Liam. Justin was unable to get Bill to ease up on Hope as Bill explained that he was testing Hope’s mettle. The media swarmed Hope in Aspen. Rick called Othello to rescue Hope from the press. Liam was awash with memories of his wedding to Steffy. The press call Hope a fraud when she went to Fashion Week. Steffy told Ramona that she wanted to win Liam away from Hope in a fair fight. Rick learned from Othello that Hope was facing unrelenting pressure from the media. Steffy saw Hope being surrounded and told Ramona that they had to do something to help her stepsister.

THIS WEEK: Steffy shows sympathy for Hope.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Stefano learned from Kate that Lexie was seriously ill. At the hospital, Lexie was told her brain tumor was the result of poison gas and she and Stefano realized it was caused when Andre held her in the underground tunnels. Stefano blamed himself for Lexie’s imminent death and Abe vowed to kill his fatherin law. EJ nearly convinced Nicole to return to him, but he would not agree to her demands that they leave Salem. Nicole had severe pains and was hospitalized. In a druginduced euphoria, Nicole imagined Rafe caring for her and realized that she had feelings for Rafe. Carrie was devastated by Rafe and Nicole’s closeness, but when Austin asked for her commitment, she gave it to him. Gabi was upset that Melanie and Chad were going out of town on a trip. Later, Gabi announced when she’d found a headless doll on her doorstep and believed she was being stalked. John, Marlena, Bo and Hope received a partial de-code of the Anastasia coin. Because of Stefano’s reaction to Lexie’s ailment, John, Marlena, Bo and Hope decided to let up on him…until he sent them a threatening text. Lucas’ fiancĂ©e broke up with him. Sami asked Lucas to come to work with her at Countess Wilhelmina, but he didn’t want to compete with his mother who was co-CEO of MadWorld. However, when Lucas heard how Kate wanted revenge on Sami, Lucas agreed to take the job with his ex-wife. Stefano reached out to E.J. and said he’d just been testing him by undermining his deals. Bo and Hope sent Ciara away for her safety. A knife-wielding thug attacked Marlena and John. Abigail and Cameron bonded.

THIS WEEK: Sami and Lucas grow closer.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Connie convinced Johnny to join forces with her. Sonny had suspicions about Johnny. Ronnie got close to Lulu with her investigation. Dante got wind of an organ selling mob ring. Heather told Olivia important news about Steve. Jason and Sam braved Sonny’s birthday party, where Alexis unwittingly set Jason off. Sonny assumed Johnny forced himself onto Kate, but all was not as it seemed. Sonny took matters into his own hands. Carly arrived and rushes upstairs and got an eyeful. Jason confronted Sam. McBain showed up at Sonny’s. Liz reluctantly revealed to Jason news about Sam’s whereabouts. Carly left angry. Kate regained control, horrified by what she’d done. Sonny set fire to his memories, and Carly suggested fighting fire with fire. Heather overheard Olivia’s conversation with Dante about Steve. Dante wondered why Lulu never made it to Sonny’s birthday party. Liz urged Jason to talk openly with Sam. Sam confided in a comforting McBain. Sonny and Carly came to a realization. Ewen pushed Kate to consider her future. Johnny regretted hurting Carly. Jason demanded honesty from Sam. Anna advised McBain about Sam. Anthony saw through Tracy’s plan to engineer a divorce, so she amped up new plans hoping Luke would help her. Liz discovered Ewen was in trouble. Dante was troubled when he was unable to reach Lulu. Mac, Alexis, Matt and Spinelli desperately tried to get Maxie to tell the truth at her sentencing, but Maxie had other plans. Patrick sank further into depression. Luke rushes over to the Quartermaine’s to stop Tracy from killing Anthony.

THIS WEEK: Luke needs Anna’s help.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Daisy convinced the judge at the custody hearing that she would be happy to share Lucy with Daniel. The judge learned of Daniel’s neglect of the baby and granted Daisy full custody. Michael convinced Lauren that they had to bring Fen home from Canada. At the boutique, Daisy entered to shop for clothes and Jill and Lauren demanded she leave. When Daisy defiantly remained, and subtly threatened Fen, Lauren pulled a gun on Daisy. Later, the police arrested Lauren for assault with a deadly weapon. Victor was disappointed with Michael when he failed to call the SEC about their investigation into the Beauty of Nature sale. Michael was shocked when Victor fired him. Tucker defended his decision to pursue Beauty of Nature to Ashley, but when she discovered that his firing Sofia had been a charade, Ashley was furious with her husband. Avery guided Billy and Victoria through the adoption proceeding and Chelsea relinquished the baby to them. The Abbotts gathered at the church for John’s christening. Abby surprised all by bringing Kyle to the event. Kyle was miffed when he saw Jack and Nikki sharing a close moment. Kyle blasted his father over Nikki, calling her the woman who killed his mother.

THIS WEEK: Michael asks Victor to rehire him.

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