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RECAPS – 4/30-5/4

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Dr. Barton told Brooke about the side effects of the drugs Hope had been taking. Steffy had an epiphany about her relationship with Liam while in Aspen. Hope was overwhelmed by the press and resorted to popping a pill in secret. Bill was determined to destroy Hope and Liam’s romance at any cost. Stephanie learned that Brooke was agitated about Hope’s condition. Ridge was torn between siding with Brooke about Hope or being loyal to Steffy. Liam took Hope skiing in an effort to alleviate her stress, but was unaware that she was on the anti-anxiety medication. An unfortunate incident happened on the slopes. Ramona questioned Steffy about her big decision. When the medication wore off, Hope had a startling recollection. Bill told Allison the truth about why he was so adamantly against Hope as the girl for Liam. Stephanie felt caught in the middle between

Taylor and Brooke’s squabble over Steffy and Hope and whom should be with Liam. Hope consulted with Dr. Barton about how to set her life back on track. Steffy made a grand gesture of love for Liam.

THIS WEEK: Liam reacts to Steffy’s gesture.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Stefano ordered Harmon, a double agent, to kill Bo, Hope, Marlena and John. EJ found the letter that proved he was not Stefano’s son. Madison asked Ian to sign the divorce papers she had Justin draw up. Kate tried to stop Sami from using the Countess Wilhemina name, but Lucas learned that Stefano owned the name. Kate was appalled when she learned that Lucas and Sami made love. In the safe house, Rafe stopped Carrie from leaving when he realized the security system had been rigged. John, Marlena, Bo and Hope discovered a bomb in the safe house set to explode if they opened a door or window. Stefano admitted to EJ that Alice Horton had known from EJ’s birth that Stefano was not his father, but she never said who EJ’s father actually was. Brady told Sami that he was in love with Shane Donovan used a radio to talk them through disarming the bomb, but a back up system kicked in and there was a countdown for an explosion. Rafe admitted to Carrie that he was not the father of Nicole’s baby. Madison was resigned to having to work with Kate and they were united in their hatred for Sami. Inside the safe house, the group tried to create a barrier to protect them from the blast.

THIS WEEK: Rescuers search the rubble of the safe house.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Ronnie turned the tables on Dante. Luke enlisted Anna’s help. Connie cleaned out Kate’s office safe and was interrupted by Olivia hoping Kate will help hire Steve a lawyer. Heather assumed Maggie was talking about her being “crazy.” Maxie begged Spinelli to keep the secret about Matt for Patrick’s sake. Sam and Carly confided in one another, bonding as girlfriends. Sonny told Jason about Kate’s past, but Jason realized there was more to the story. Sonny tried to reach Ewen. Despite Johnny’s urging, Connie had no intention of making nice in Port Charles. Heather lured Maggie home. Spinelli honored Maxie’s wishes but Maxie received a big surprise. Sam pressed Jason about whether he can love the baby as his own. Later, she ran into McBain. Johnny had a surprise visit from an emotional Starr, and she stole an important item from him. Connie and Carly got down and dirty in the hotel lobby, and Carly saw a shocking peek at Kate’s medical file. Sam ran into trouble when she investigated a motel room. Dante convinced Delores to help him. Dante and McBain work together. Starr wants revenge. Carly showed up at Johnny’s and learned more details about Kate. Dante and McBain discovered an empty motel room filled with clues that could break the case. They followed the trail to the Haunted Star. Starr took Sonny to an interesting location. Johnny dropped a bombshell to Michael about Starr. Connie tried to leave the country.

THIS WEEK: Michael makes a plea to Starr.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Nikki tried to reach out to Kyle, but he was not interested in her apologies. SEC agents questioned Cane about Genevieve’s finances and her purchase of Beauty of Nature. Phyllis learned that she was pregnant with Nick’s baby. Sharon went to see Adam with a birthday card, but he was already spending time with Chelsea. Michael asked Victor to rehire him, explaining that he’d given his life to Victor’s business. Victor was unmoved by Michael’s plea and said that there was no place for him in Newman Enterprises. Jack insisted that Nikki stay in town because he was sure that Kyle would adjust to Nikki being part of Jack’s life. Nick and Phyllis decided to get married immediately and Sharon offered Nick her best wishes. Kyle has no interest in father-son bonding with Jack. Chelsea realized that Sharon could still get to Adam. Nikki and Jack agreed to suspend their romance and just be friends. For their anniversary, Murphy surprised Kay by taking her to Joe’s Diner to spend time with their old friends.

THIS WEEK: Daniel has a radical plan to get Lucy back.

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