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RECAPS –5/7-5/11

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Hope and Steffy shared an uncomfortable dinner with Brooke and Ridge. Caroline witnessed Rick’s feminine, soft side when she took up Amber on an invitation to see an unoffi cial preview of Rick’s new collection. Hope confronted Liam about whether his feelings for her had changed since Aspen. Steffy had surprising news for her family. Bill was thrilled to hear about Liam and Steffy’s encounter in Aspen. Liam walked in on Bill as he was plotting another media assault on Hope. Caroline got some insight into the dynamics of the Spencer family. Bill grilled Liam about his true feelings for Steffy versus Hope. Steffy paid Liam a surprise visit and issued an ultimatum. In front of Steffy, Brooke asked Ridge point blank to design Hope’s wedding gown. Stephanie gave Steffy sound advice about how to deal with her current situation with Hope and Liam. Brooke confronted Steffy about her claims regarding Liam. Hope overheard Steffy sounding overconfident about reuniting with Liam and wondered why.

THIS WEEK: Brooke confronts Liam about why he tore up the signed annulment papers.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Stefano was furious that Harmon allowed everyone in the safe house to be killed in the blast. The families mourned the losses of John, Marlena, Hope, Bo, Rafe and Carrie. Sami wished she had made up with Marlena and Carrie. EJ defended Stefano to Roman, but privately was horrified by Stefano’s actions. Unbeknownst to most everyone, the six in the safe house survived by getting behind a trap door before the explosion. Shane and Roman agreed to create the illusion that they’d died to get the upper hand with Stefano. Marlena was disturbed because John determined that the only way to stop Stefano would be to kill him. After making everyone think they were dead, Shane allowed family members to know the truth, but swore them to secrecy in order to trap Stefano. Sami learned that EJ had blackmailed Will into working for him by keeping secret that Will had shot EJ. Nicole understood Rafe’s desire to consummate his relationship with Carrie. Marlena warned Carrie to tread carefully in ending her marriage to Austin. Shane drew Billie into the ISA operation. Lexie decided to not have treatment for her brain tumor and instead will her life to the fullest until she’s dead. Ian and Kate went out on a date.

THIS WEEK: Nevsky holds John, Bo, Hope and Rafe at gunpoint.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . McBain and Dante worked together to rescue Sam and Lulu, and Jason gets an unexpected eyeful. Michael urged Starr not to kill Sonny, and she was surprised moments later. Jason helped remand Kate, and Sonny found her in police custody. Liz continued to worry about Ewen’s recovery. Anthony confided in Johnny that Tracy might be trying to kill him. Jason remained frustrated by McBain’s accidental presence in his wife’s life. Sam got scratchy with Liz. Dante and Lulu made plans. Both Starr and Michael felt betrayed by one another. Sonny was unmoved by Kate’s explanation for her behavior. Luke and Anna grew closer. Jason made a shocking discovery and confronted John McBain. Todd and Tea Delgado arrived to help Starr in the charges against her. Sonny refused to believe Kate, while Olivia was on the fence. Felicia visited Mac in an attempt to smooth their relationship for Maxie’s sake. Spinelli found new details about Lisa Niles’ death. Todd and Tea immediately locked horns, and Starr mediated. Carly was happy to receive a flower arrangement. Olivia got news about Steve and Maggie. Matt found Patrick further deteriorated. Mac and Felicia found themselves in an awkward position. Despite Tea’s hopes, Starr stuck up for Johnny. Johnny tried to blackmail Delores. Carly ended up with a prolonged visitor at the Metrocourt. Sonny enlisted Alexis to help. Todd overheard a confession. Olivia comforted Steve as Heather plotted. Luke spent some time doling out advice at the Haunted Star.

THIS WEEK: Sonny gets a proposition from Todd.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Sharon and Victor turned to each other and shared a romantic kiss. Nikki walked in and was unaware of the connection between them, but warned Sharon to move on from Nick since he and Phyllis were getting married. Nick rushed Phyllis to the hospital when she was spotting and feared losing the baby. Jack broke up with Nikki because of Kyle. Phyllis and Nick were relieved that there was nothing wrong with her and their unborn baby was fine. Victor and Sharon shared a romantic dinner together. Nikki arrived unexpectedly and saw them together, wondering if Sharon was turning to Victor because of Nick’s relationship with Phyllis. Harmony comforted Tucker when she found him depressed and drinking over Ashley. Harmony took Tucker home and the two wound up locked in a passionate embrace. Ashley walked into the apartment to find Tucker in bed with Harmony. Daisy was suspicious when Daniel declared that he wanted to marry her. Phyllis tried to call Daniel to stop him from making a terrible mistake with Daisy, but Daniel and Daisy were already standing before the judge and ready to say “I do.” Jill and Genevieve argued about their mothering skills and wound up fighting in the mud like children.

THIS WEEK: Paul is concerned about Ricky’s bloodline.

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