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RECAPS –5/14-5/18

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Rick was perplexed about why Caroline was avoiding him so he asked Hope to find out the truth for him. Stephanie warned Brooke that Hope and Liam’s marriage might not be happening too soon. Brooke confronted Liam about ripping up the annulment papers. Hope learned that Caroline thought Rick might be gay. Amber confessed that she mucked up Rick and Caroline’s attraction because she was still in love with Rick. Brooke and Ridge disagreed about whom Caroline should date, Thomas or Rick. Caroline invited Thomas to her family’s home to clear the air. Thomas told Caroline she was his inspiration for a new Forrester line. Bill crashed the dinner party at Karen’s, making the family dinner very uncomfortable. Donna and Katie caught up on current events in the family. Katie was anxious for Bill to return home so she could share some important, life-altering news. Caroline caught Thomas off guard when she told him the truth about her family situation.

THIS WEEK: Bill sends Alison out to meet with Dr. Barton to dig up dirt on Hope.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . EJ confronted Stefano about having provided the evidence to free John. Ian slipped something into Brady’s drink causing him to appear high at an important meeting between Mad World, Basic Black and Serge, the fashion consultant. Hope found a clue on Stefano’s coin, but the piece was seized by Harmon and returned to DiMera. Sami got into an argument with Lucas about his knowing that EJ had blackmailed Will, prompting Will to blurt out that he’s gay. Sami ran off while Lucas admitted he was disappointed about the kind of life Will may have. Maggie bought the day spa. Lexie asked Cameron to stay close to Theo after she’s gone. Shane approved John, Hope, Bo and Rafe’s plan to get to Stefano through Nevsky, the arms dealer. After turning the tables on Nevsky, the group donned disguises and managed to fool Stefano. Once they got his admission on tape, that he was buying illegal arms, Bo and Hope arrest Stefano. Will accused Sami of making his coming out all about her. Gabi struggled to keep up the lie that she had a stalker. Carrie still wanted to end her marriage so she could be with Rafe, but when she was nauseous, Marlena wondered if Carrie might be pregnant with Austin’s child. Maggie overheard Victor admitting that he’d stolen her eggs from the fertility clinic. Abe helped Lexie complete items on her bucket list.

THIS WEEK: Carrie learns that she’s pregnant.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . At PCPD, Kate admitted her fears to Alexis as Todd overheard. Tea and Carly faced off. Later, Todd got a surprising reaction from Tea. Patrick requested that Epiphany reassign his patients. Liz paid Ewen a visit. Sam found comfort with McBain as Jason turned to Liz for support. Luke and Anna ended up babysitting their grandchildren together, much to Heather’s chagrin. Olivia found the timing of Maggie’s death disturbing. Sonny asked Alexis for help. Johnny tried another tactic to win back Carly, only for Todd to intervene. Starr confided in Kate about her recent loss while Michael insisted to Sonny he has no qualms testifying against Starr. Michael learned the truth about Molly and TJ. Carly gave Michael good advice on his motives to testify against Starr. Tea tried to convince Starr to discredit Michael. Todd attempted to emotionally blackmail Sonny. Despite his promise, Spinelli announced Lisa Niles’ real murderer in court. Maxie broke the same news to Matt. Kate prepared to confront Connie with the help of a psychiatrist. Later Starr was arraigned for the attempted murder of Sonny. Maxie admitted her coverup while Spinelli was faced with a difficult decision in court. Mac and Felicia hoped Spinelli would get through to Maxie. Anthony overheard Luke deliver unsettling news to Tracy. Sonny saw Kate confronting Connie and realized how sick Kate really was. Anthony and Johnny got into a major fight. Starr remained in PCPD custody and Todd made plans to solicit a deal from Sonny. Patrick admitted to Matt that he needed help to deal with his grief. Maxie was grateful for Spinelli. Luke straightened Tracy out.

THIS WEEK: Sonny and Alexis deal with shocking news.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Jack went to see a neurologist because he thought he had feelings in his toes. The doctor was cautious, but Billy encouraged Jack to be positive and he would walk again. Tucker finally got Ashley to speak with him, but she refused to forgive him for cheating on her. Ashley said she was through with Tucker. Harmony learned that Neil had told Sofia that he was attracted to Harmony. A furious Harmony told Neil that she’d slept with Tucker and was still a home wrecker. Harmony warned Neil to stay away from her. Paul reconnected with Christine and they discussed the possibility that Ricky had the same homicidal tendencies as his mother. Chelsea told Victoria and Billy that she wanted to remain in Genoa City despite their desire for her to leave town. Adam proudly watched as Chelsea turned down their money offers and revealed that she rejected ten million dollars from Victor. Nikki was tempted by Jack’s marriage proposal. Victor overheard Nikki and Jack together, then went home and poured himself a drink. Unbeknownst to Victor, Nikki said no to Jack. At the ranch, Victor was sad about Nikki until Sharon appeared. Victor embraced Sharon.

THIS WEEK: Sofia asks Neil for a divorce.

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