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RECAPS –5/21-25

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL .Bill sent Alison to Dr. Barton’s office to dig up dirt on Hope. Steffy remained confident that Liam would choose to remain married to her and not go through with a wedding to Hope. Katie was thrown when Bill shot down her idea for their future together. Later, Katie was stunned that Brooke agreed with Bill. Justin tracked down Deacon Sharpe, Hope father, per Bill’s instructions. Stephanie scolded Ridge for agreeing to design a wedding gown for Hope when he knows that Steffy doesn’t want to give up her marriage to Liam. Brooke warned Steffy not to hurt Hope. When Ridge took Steffy’s side in the Liam situation, Hope defiantly said she had a new name to add to the guest list for her wedding. Bill met with Deacon to discuss Hope. Deacon realized that if he did as Bill asked, he’d be making a deal with the devil. Marcus and Dayzee made wedding and honeymoon plans. Steffy issued an ultimatum to Liam; go through with the wedding to Hope or commit to their marriage. Caroline explained to Thomas why she kept her family situation private and why Bill must not know about it. Steffy told Ridge she was confident that Liam would choose her over Hope.

THIS WEEK: Liam and Steffy relive their happy times together in their final hours as husband and wife.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Carrie took a pregnancy test and confirmed that she was having Austin’s baby. Rafe was heartbroken to hear Austin going on and on about his future with Carrie and their starting a family. Nicole comforted Rafe, knowing his feelings, but also realizing that she was in love with Rafe. After Bo, Hope, John and Marlena were ready to celebrate Stefano’s arrest for illegal arms dealing, a CIA agent appeared to get Stefano released. Roman determined that Stefano had made a deal with the U.S. government to work for them in the arms deal, thus making his a patriot. Sami and Lucas discussed Will’s coming out. Kate was sympathetic to Sami when it came to Will’s situation and how the family was dealing with his being gay. EJ tried in vain to get his money from Stefano. Sami and Lucas bonded about their son and wound up making love. John bought a gun with the intent to kill Stefano. Marlena was concerned, but she had a gun in her possession, too. Maggie was incensed that Victor had lied to her about the eggs from the fertility clinic. Despite Victor’s explanation, Maggie felt the need to move out for a while. EJ was floored when Will told him that Stefano made sure Rafe found out about EJ and Sami having had sex. Abe vowed to destroy Stefano for causing Lexie’s fatal illness and Roman was concerned about his friend’s future. Lexie knew her time was running out and she had only days to live, not weeks. Abigail and Cameron continued to hit it off, while Gabi remained jealous of Chad and Melanie’s relationship.

THIS WEEK: Will buys a gun to go after Stefano.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Connie admitted that she set up Sonny for the murder of Cole and Hope. Kate then re-emerges with amnesia. Carly revealed that she was not ready to let go of Johnny. After accidentally ending up at Sam’s Lamaze class, Jason told Liz that he missed Sam, but was conflicted about raising Franco’s child. Molly caught Jason and Liz in a hug. Dante reported to a crime scene only to find Lulu there. Anthony hoped for a reconciliation with Johnny, but Johnny had another plan. A distraught Kate was taken to Shadybrook while Sonny and Alexis considered what to do about her shocking confession. Sam bristled over Jason’s closeness with Liz. Molly suggested Jason go to Lamaze class with Sam. McBain confided in Tea about Sam. Todd and Carly got past the tension in the wake of Starr’s arraignment as Michael and Starr had a chance encounter at PCPD. Sonny and Carly came to a surprising agreement. Carly visited Johnny. Tracy and Luke plotted for Anthony to meet her at the boathouse, and once Tracy arrived, she was surprised. Spinelli tried to convince Matt to come forward when Maxie refused to sign the deal. Felicia urged Maxie to change her mind. Later, an inmate harassed Maxie. Felicia got comfort from Anna. Sonny and Todd faced off. Olivia comforted Kate at Shadybrook. Carly and Johnny talked about his affair. Reeling from the news that Franco is a Quartermaine, Edward, Tracy and Monica discuss ELQ. As Jason and Sam began to reconcile, a reporter interrupted them with a disturbing story about their honeymoon. McBain blasted Jason over his treatment of Sam and they discussed his vendetta against Sonny. Later, Jason found himself in trouble. Molly accidentally told Alexis about Sam’s rape. Alexis was surprised that Kristina has been missing from college. With Sonny’s blessing, Michael refused to testify against Starr and she wondered why. Kristina unexpectedly arrived home from college.

THIS WEEK: Sam gets help from McBain, and Tea from Todd.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Jack laughed at the idea of Sharon and Victor being romantically involved. Nikki was overwhelmed when Jack proposed to her. Danny returned to Genoa City to advise Daniel. Danny said that he married Phyllis to be close to Daniel and he never regretted that decision. Danny told Daniel to concentrate on Lucy, not Daisy. Jack confessed that he loved Nikki and she responded with a yes to his proposal. Daniel realized that his part in Cassie’s death was unforgivable, even though Kevin reminded him that Cassie had been driving. Ricky pretended to be a freelance writer who was interviewing Danny about his music. When Ricky brought up Phyllis, Danny stopped the interview. Danny informed Phyllis of Ricky’s questions. Neil told Sofia he would never have the passion for her that she had for him. Sofia told Neil she would file for a divorce. Jack received word that the court upheld the sale of Beauty of Nature to Genevieve, so he was going through with his lawsuit. Jack boasted to Nikki that he would win and get Beauty of Nature for his own, but Nikki feared Victor’s retribution. Sharon, Nick, Phyllis, Victor, Nikki, Jack and Noah gathered at the Newman Ranch for a memorial dinner for Cassie.

THIS WEEK: Daisy teams with Ricky to dig up information on Phyllis from Dr. Tim Reid.

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