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RECAPS –5/28 – 6/1

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Bill made a deal with Deacon to get him out of prison in exchange for him disrupting Hope’s life. Brooke urged Hope to put contacting Deacon out of her mind, but Hope was heeding Dr. Barton’s advice. Brooke blasted Dr. Barton for how she was treating Hope. Bill and Ridge separately appealed to Liam to make the right decision about his divorce. Karen asked Bill for a personal favor. Bill misunderstood a business meeting. Steffy was confident that Liam would not go through with the divorce. Katie and Karen were suspicious of Alison’s behavior, forcing her to lie in order to keep Bill’s secret. Steffy and Hope had a civil conversation about the impending divorce. Hope felt betrayed by Ridge and was grateful that Eric was there for her. As the last hours of Steffy and Liam’s marriage approached, Liam and Steffy met and relived the good times they shared. Hope told Eric about her desire to have Deacon escort her down the aisle when she married Liam.

THIS WEEK: Steffy is stunned when Hope asks her to be a part of the wedding

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Because of Carrie’s pregnancy, Rafe and Carrie agreed that they had no future together. Nicole appealed to Daniel’s sympathy to get him to change the results of her paternity test, but he wouldn’t risk his medical license. EJ fired Will. Stefano and Abe had it out about the cause of Lexie’s fatal illness and she overheard that her father was responsible for the toxic gas in the tunnels. Lexie asked EJ to give up being mayor so Abe would have something after she was gone. EJ confessed to Lexie that he had nothing but his job because he was not really a DiMera. Sami tried to make peace with Will and accepted his being gay, but when she learned that Will was responsible for the end of her marriage to Rafe. Gabi hired a guy to pretend to be her stalker so Chad and Melanie would believe her lies. Jennifer and Jack celebrated their wedding anniversary, sharing the day with Abigail. Stefano was overcome with sorrow about Lexie’s illness. Daniel caught Nicole switching the labels on the paternity tests. Cameron and Abigail grew closer. Nicole and Daniel shared a passionate embrace and he agreed to help her with the test results. Lucas took Will’s gun from him. In separate incidents, EJ and Abe pulled a gun on Stefano, but neither followed through with shooting him. Kate received divorce papers and worse from Stefano. John, Marlena, Bo and Hope all had guns and were intent on shooting Stefano.

THIS WEEK: Lexie’s condition declines rapidly.


In a time of need, Jason reached out to Liz for help and unleashed some pent up anger at the man he thinks set him up. Kristina returned home and introduces her new project to the entire family. Anna turned down an offer. Maxie threw a huge wrench into the prosecution case against Matt.

Jason confronted John about tipping off authorities, and Sam was surprised to learn that Liz helped Jason. Sonny and Alexis were horrified by Kristina’s new family project. Dante and Delores obtained a search warrant for Johnny’s place. Luke and Tracy searched for Anthony’s dead body, winding up in trouble. Everyone was stunned by Maxie’s actions, leaving Spinelli brokenhearted. Sam and Tea both went into labor and each found help from the unlikeliest support. Heather enjoyed a strange new companion. Lulu was shocked about Luke and demanded to know the truth. Sonny and Jason sent a message to John. Both Sam and Tea’s babies needed medical help. Todd ran into a random person. As Sam went into labor, Jason realized he wants Sam and the baby back. However, he made a choice that could change everything. McBain was in trouble. Johnny tried to frame Tracy and Luke, while Luke made a confession to Lulu.

THIS WEEK: Jason asks for forgiveness.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Christine and Danny were happy to run into each other at the GCAC. They discussed the irony that Daniel was in the same situation Phyllis created for Danny years ago. Both admitted that neither is seriously dating anyone and they wound up making love. Phyllis joined Paul and Avery at the Club, where they discussed Ricky. Phyllis declared that Ricky was amoral and probably pulled a scheme against Daniel. Paul warned Phyllis to watch out for Ricky. Phyllis and Paul were shocked when they caught Danny and Christine after their romantic interlude. Ricky and Daisy sneaked into the penthouse, where Ricky searched for dirt on Phyllis. Meanwhile, Daniel went to the penthouse to retrieve Lucy’s pacifier. Daisy and Ricky evaded being caught by Daniel and Ricky found a lead to Dr. Tim Reid, a psychiatrist. The mayor offered Michael the D.A.’s job, but Lauren was adamantly against it because of the danger of retribution from criminals. Ricky plied Tim with a bottle of expensive wine, getting the shrink to admit that Phyllis had used him because she only wanted Danny. Ricky swiped Tim’s file on Phyllis. At Gloworm, Billy and Victoria were annoyed when Victor entered with Sharon on his arm. Sharon approached Victoria and suggested a truce, but Victoria warned Sharon that Victor would dump her soon enough. Victoria was shocked when Sharon informed her that she slept with Billy on the night before his wedding to Chloe.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis confronts Tim and demands her file.

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