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RECAPS – 11/19-11/23

ALL MY CHILDREN – Kendall was terrified that Greenlee acted out against Zach after finding his abandoned car and traces of his blood. Meanwhile, Greenlee and a badly injured Zach realized they were trapped in an old bomb shelter. JR was stunned when he found the passenger seat of his car covered in blood but couldn’t remember what happened the night before. Kendall confronted JR and accused him of running down Zach. JR confessed that he was drunk and blacked out, but denied hitting Zach with his car. A weakened Ritchie found the hole Zach and Greenlee fell into. Erica welcomed Celine Dion to New Beginnings!

THIS WEEK: A feverish Zach shares some surprising info with Greenlee!

AS THE WORLD TURNS Jack tried to explain himself to Katie, but she had already begun something new with Brad. When she learned that Brad had kept the truth about Carly from her, she decided to hold Carly solely responsible. Paul vowed to stay with Rosanna, but he was crushed when Meg told him he isn’t the father of her unborn. Rosanna woke from her coma. Meg told Craig about her affair with Paul. Craig texted a mystery person. Holden was miffed that Lily and Dusty have become lovers. Emily was shocked as well. Thanks to his love for Noah, Luke was able to rise from his wheelchair.

THIS WEEK: Craig is out for revenge.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL At the Forrester fashion show, Eric went out for his final bow to thunderous applause. Thorne, Stephanie and Felicia conspired to lock Donna in the steam room so she couldn’t join Eric on stage. When Eric learned of his family’s interference, he was fuming. The Logans were outraged by Stephanie’s action. Nick was irate that Eric has welched on their deal. Jackie wanted revenge on Stephanie for throwing her out of the fashion show. Stephanie was alone in the showroom when some shot her. The detectives arrive and learn that nearly everyone had threatened to kill Stephanie.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie names the person who shot her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – EJ believes Sami when she says that she truly cares for him. Lucas and Sami had major differences about raising their children. Stefano contemplates ending the vendetta against the Bradys. Roman covers for Steve when Bo suggested he was E.J.’s shooter. Philip begged Belle not to marry Shawn. To upset her during the ceremony, he sent Shawn the same gold watch that Belle had given to Philip. Despite the memories the watch brought up, Belle married Shawn. Steve and Kayla were surprised that Stephanie had a pregnancy scare. Marlena rejected Stefano’s romantic offer and vowed to kill him. Ford threatened Cordy and Stephanie.

THIS WEEK: Marlena has romantic advice for Belle.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Jason fired two shots into Zacchara, who dove off the turret and landed with a thud onto the awning below. After the PCPD arrived, Nadine was forced to save Zacchara’s life while the island was being evacuated. Johnny saved Carly’s life when she was nearly choked to death, after which she, Jason and Lulu realized there really was a text message killer. Nikolas became delirious as it sank in that Emily was dead. Luke had emergency surgery but put up a fight when he learned he needed a bypass. Ric and Alexis vowed to be friends again for Molly’s sake.

THIS WEEK: Monica has it out with Sonny!

GUIDING LIGHT – Cassie urged Harley to bring her family together for Thanksgiving, including Cyrus. Harley followed through and for a time Frank and Marina bonded again. Harley continued to feel romantically about Cyrus, and when they turned up at the same bar after dinner, she realized how right it felt to be with him. Gus chose to go to Thanksgiving with the Coopers, giving Alan a chance to get closer to Natalia. Gus proposed to Natalia. Daisy confessed to Rafe how empty she feels since the abortion and he sympathized with her. Edmund asked Alex for a job, unaware that Roc is out to get him.

THIS WEEK: Edmund manages to avoid the hitman.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Coincidentally enough, Viki, Marcie and Todd and Blair all end up unknowingly getting rooms on the same floor of the Bon Suites. Todd posted a flyer with Marcie’s photo, saying she was wanted for kidnapping and offered a reward. Todd and Blair questioned a cash-strapped Gigi when they found her staring at the flyer and dangled a $1 million reward under her nose. Although tempted by the money, Gigi said she saw Marcie three days earlier and gave them a false lead to her whereabouts. After hearing Marcie’s side of the story, Gigi made a decision. Jared and Natalie shared their first kiss.

THIS WEEK: Todd and Blair close in on a panicked Marcie!

PASSIONS – Tabitha realized she hadn’t created enough havoc in Harmony to get Endora back. Her new plan – destroy a few happy couples. Kay planned to counter some of Tabitha’s evil by searching for spells to make Noah and Paloma happy. Esme concocted a plan to end the trail of death that followed her – sleep with Julian. Valerie told a surprised Eve that she was pregnant. Gwen and Ethan learned they weren’t matches for Jonathan’s liver transplant surgery. Gwen realized that Little Ethan might be the key to saving her son’s life, but that would mean telling Ethan that he was Little Ethan’s father.

THIS WEEK: Who will win the battle of the witches, Tabitha or Kay?

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – J.T., Nikki, Nick and Victor couldn’t come to a decision regarding Victoria’s surgery. When no one backs down, Dr. Webb said if a decision isn’t made soon, he’d be forced to appoint a mediator to handle the dispute. The warden told Phyllis that her appeal was granted and that she’d be going home as soon as her release was processed. Once released, Phyllis rushed to the hospital to be with Nick. Jana was ecstatic to see Kevin when he visited her in prison. He asked her to marry him, but when she said she couldn’t, he told her not to answer right now.

Newman family clashes as Victoria’s life dangles on the edge!

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