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RECAPS –6/4-6/8

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . With the final hour of their marriage approaching, Steffy helped Liam do what he was unable to do, make a decision. Bill anxiously awaited word from Liam or Steffy, ready to enact his plan depending on the outcome. Ridge, Brooke and Taylor wondered which of their daughters would wind up heartbroken. Steffy and Liam separately told their families about what they decided and the families were stunned by their selflessness. Liam accepted of the outcome, but Steffy struggled over how to move forward. Hope asked Brooke to be the maid-of-honor at her wedding. Because of Liam’s final decision, Bill put his plan into motion. Brooke made an emotional plea to Ridge to walk her down the aisle so that Hope would get Deacon out of her head. Unaware of Bill’s scheme, Liam asked his father to be his best man. Stephanie tried to convince Liam that he didn’t have to go through with marrying Hope. Bill feared that Hope would learn about his connection with Deacon. Stephanie pointed out to Liam the reasons why he should choose a life with Steffy rather than Hope. Bill told Hope his true feelings about her marrying his son, even as he informed her that he’d be at the wedding. Steffy was stunned when Hope asked her to be in the wedding party.

THIS WEEK: Deacon’s guilt gets the best of him as Bill makes his final plan to ruin Hope’s wedding.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Stefano was killed by a gunshot. Roman was called in and found DiMera lying in a pool of blood. The murder weapon was Abe’s gun, but when the gun was tested, there were fingerprints on it from Hope, Bo, Marlena, John, Kate Will and EJ. Roman interrogated all the suspects, many of whom were intent about wanting to kill Stefano, although nobody admitted he or she pulled the trigger. Roman ordered the suspects to take gunshot residue tests. Sami sympathized with EJ about his father’s death and urged him to start life anew without Stefano to dominate him any longer. Nicole, EJ and Rafe met with Daniel for the results of the paternity test and Rafe was declared as the father of Nicole’s baby. Rafe was mystified and Carrie assumed that Rafe had lied to her about having been with Nicole. Daniel explained that he’d switched the test results because he felt for Nicole. Gabi’s hired stalker realized that he was being used by her and began to do his own thing. EJ learned that Stefano left him nothing in his will. Daniel was unaware that Nicole had manipulated him to do her bidding. Roman arrested Will when he was the only suspect who had gunshot residue on his hands. Ian questioned if Kate really was innocent of Stefano’s murder. Carrie ended it forever with Rafe. Chad told Rafe, who’d been reinstated in the Salem PD, that Gabi had a stalker. Carrie told Austin she was committed to a new beginning with him and their unborn child. Sami feared that she’d lose her position with Countess Wilhelmina because of Stefano’s death.

THIS WEEK: Lexie’s condition declines rapidly.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Jason made an emotional plea for Sam’s forgiveness. An injured McBain ran into Jason. Todd had an unlikely encounter with someone who helped him tend to Tea’s baby. Sam fell unconscious. Jason and McBain decided to team up and search for Sam. Carly told Johnny she would forgive his cheating as long as he promised to be complete honesty in the future. Tracy and Luke were booked for illegal disposal of a gun. McBain and Jason found Sam and the baby.

Todd got an oblivious Tea to the hospital. While Sonny visited Kate and reassured her about Connie’s crimes, Starr learned the “truth” of who shot out Anthony’s tires from Todd. Starr and Michael edged closer again. Heather Webber spooked Olivia. Ewen came around thanks to Liz’s care. Jason and McBain assumed Sam was confused, even though she insisted she knew what she was saying. Johnny and Carly reunited and discussed Connie’s culpability. Starr surprised Kate by saying she forgave her. Matt and Maxie spent their first night as husband and wife, but found it hard to celebrate considering the circumstances. Brokenhearted Spinelli went on a bender. Mac and Felicia’s relationship heated up. Sam awoke to a horrible reality and wondered why McBain disappeared when she expected him to take her to the hospital. Todd had a nightmare in which Tea learned the truth. A guilty Jason stayed by Sam’s bedside. Alexis was furious with Jason. Sam and Tea came face-to-face. Jason confronted McBain and later someone got in Todd’s face. Alexis was upset to find “Mob Princess” reality cameras in her home. Olivia and Spinelli dug deeper in regards to Heather. When she awakened, Maxie discovered Matt was gone. Circumstances prevented Jason from making things right with Sam. Todd managed to get Tea away. Anna agreed to become the new police commissioner. Luke and Anna had a close moment. Mac confided his dreams to Felicia.

THIS WEEK: Sam blames Jason for the baby.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Genevieve agreed to tell Christine the details of her finances if she promised to leave Cane alone. Gen gave all the evidence from Colin’s business records to Chris. While Cane was in the clear, Gen learned that all of her assets would be seized. Christine gave Lily and Cane the good news that he would not have to testify. Cane was dubious about what he mother had done, then realized that she’d sacrificed everything for him. Cane thanked Genevieve, who replied that she had finally acted like his mother. Sharon fumed at Victoria for telling Victor about her indiscretion with Billy. Victoria took credit for what she’d done and informed Sharon that while she might be in Victor’s home, her father would never love her as much as he did Nikki. Billy pulled Victoria away from the confrontation with Sharon and accused her of acting like Victor. Ashley told Tucker that while she mistrusted him throughout their marriage, she wasn’t ready to say that they were through. Tucker was grateful for a chance to prove that he could be trustworthy. Jack expressed his elation to Nikki about besting Victor in the Beauty of Nature case. Victor worked out furiously with his boxing trainer and when confronted by a reporter about losing Beauty of Nature, Victor angrily kicked him out. Phyllis was shocked when Ricky announced that he was writing a tell-all book about her. Dr. Tim Reid was stunned when Phyllis confronted him and demanded her patient file. Tim declared that it had been shredded, but Phyllis warned him not to give out any information about her or else. Later, Phyllis told Michael about her encounter with Tim. Michael stopped her when she started to reveal how she threatened him. Michael explained that he was the D.A. and if she mentioned any crimes, he would have to report them.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis suffers a painful loss.

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