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RECAPS –6/11-15

The Bold and the Beautiful

On the plane to Italy, Steffy tried her best to hide her pain as she watched Hope and Liam who were basking in pre-marital bliss. Deacon was released from jail, but knew that his release would not mean freedom because he was indebted to “Dollar” Bill Spencer. Hope and Liam’s wedding party arrived in Italy and took in the sights. When Deacon wavered on participating in the plan against Hope, Bill threatened to send him back to prison. Brooke and Ridge witnessed the difficult and emotional time that Steffy was having at Hope and Liam’s wedding. Not being able to handle the heartbreaking pain any longer, Steffy made a decision to return to Los Angeles. Bill attempted to stop Steffy from leaving Italy by giving her hope that the wedding would never happen. Deacon’s guilt about being a part of Bill’s plan intensified when Alison informed him of what kind of person Hope turned out to be. When Brooke gave Hope all of the details of her wedding day, Bill took note of the exact time so he could implement his plan. Brooke and Ridge spent a romantic afternoon frolicking through the Masseria olive grove. Back in LA, Eric and Stephanie discussed how much they regretted not traveling to Italy for Hope and Liam’s wedding. Deacon hounded Bill for details about his part in the plan to interfere with Hope’s wedding. Hope and Liam explored Polignano a Mare and the area where their wedding would take place. Meanwhile, Steffy sulked alone as she remembered all of the good times that she and Liam had together. Hope changed her mind about the location of the wedding, as well as a few other minor details.

THIS WEEK: Hope is late arriving at the wedding.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Will was arrested for the murder of Stefano because he was the only one with gunpowder residue on his hands. Sami and Lucas decided to hire Justin to defend their son. Meanwhile, EJ bailed Will out of jail with the intent to blackmail him into doing his bidding. If Will balked, EJ would tell the cops that Will had tried to kill EJ once. Gabi was peeved with Andrew, but he had plans to give Gabi a clear shot at Chad by kidnapping and holding Melanie in a basement prison. Marlena was worried about Will and Sami wondered if her mother might have shot Stefano. At Stefano’s memorial, the family said goodbye to the DiMera patriarch and Lexie became very emotional. Kayla confided in Jennifer and Abe that her marriage to Steve was in deep trouble because he’d taken an ISA assignment without consulting her. Victor begged Maggie to forgive him for his lie about the stolen eggs, promising to be a better man and deserving of her love. Madison was unsure of her future with Brady because it seemed like he was back on the drugs. Brady offered to have a drug test, unaware that Ian had spiked his protein shake with drugs. EJ managed to get the document proving that he was not a DiMera out of Stefano’s house so the police would not find it. Rafe was assigned to Stefano’s murder case because Roman felt he could not be objective. Bo and Hope continued couples therapy with Marlena and were both determined to have a stronger marriage. Chad confronted Will about killing Stefano. Kate burned the non-compete document she’d received from Stefano. Jack told Jennifer that his book about Afghanistan was going to be published. Lexie broke the news to Theo about Stefano’s “going away” and her imminent departure, too.

THIS WEEK: Lexie dies peacefully in Abe’s arms.

GENERAL HOSPITAL .Jason apologized to Sam about the baby, but Sam blamed him nonetheless. Kristina tried to shut down production on the reality show, but her producer refused to let her out of their contract – and sets up Kristina against Alexis for good reality television tension. Matt stood firm in his confession, while Spinelli hoped that meant a future for he and Maxie. Carly encouraged Jason not to give up on Sam. Jason went looking for Sam, only to find Liz. Ewen visited Kate at Shadybrook, and she made a stunning realization. Starr admitted to Michael she knew the true identity of who killed Cole and Hope. Later, Starr went to see Johnny at the Haunted Star. Lulu made a deal with Johnny Zacchara. Tracy impulsively kissed Luke, declaring her feelings for him. McBain went at Sonny’s home to have it out about his sister. Sam went back to the motel, encountering McBain. Jason dealt with his grief by having a game of pool with Liz. Todd informed Carly he was moving back into the Metrocourt – and that he thinks she should stay away from Johnny. Starr discussed her fresh start in Port Charles with Johnny, unaware of Johnny’s guilty conscience. Johnny worked hard on building a future with Carly. Ewen triggered Kate to become a 17-yearold Connie. Michael and Sonny discussed Kate and the idea of forgiveness. Under pressure from McBain, Sonny revealed the truth about what happened in Atlantic City that caused the death of Theresa McBain. Kate, regressed into Connie, revealed to Ewen the incident that caused Kate’s DID. Johnny fought off the ghost of Anthony. Dante reacted badly when he heard Lulu was partnering with her ex-boyfriend, a mobster. Tracy took some guff from Edward over Luke and Anthony, and later confided to Alice just how much she loved Luke. Luke and Anna wound up kissing. Ewen pushed Kate for more information about her past as Connie. Kate re-emerged with the memories fresh in her mind, filled with guilt. Sonny warned Kristina that her TV producer did not have her best interests at heart.

THIS WEEK: Carmine is out for revenge on Chloe.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Phyllis lied on the floor in anguish, unable to reach the phone. Nick entered and called for an ambulance, but she says it was too late. Nick comforted Phyllis as she mourned the loss of their baby. Summer, Noah and Avery wondered why Nick and Phyllis canceled their wedding. Nick told Phyllis that he still wanted to marry her made calls to their children. They all gathered for an impromptu wedding as Katherine officiated the ceremony. Nick and Phyllis happily said their vows and Kay pronounced them husband and wife. Genevieve told Kevin that someone was draining her secret Swiss bank account. Kevin hesitated taking a job from Genevieve to stop the leak. Kevin reluctantly agreed to help Genevieve when she offered to make him a rich man. Paul learned that Tim Reid was missing and after investigating, Paul discovered that Tim failed to show up for work. Heather told Ricky to get out of the apartment because she holds the lease. Angrily, Ricky agreed to find a new place. Ashley was shocked to hear that Abby lent Jack the money to buy Beauty of Nature. Ash was worried that Victor will lash out at Abby about the money. Jack told Ashley that he wouldn’t merge Jabot with Beauty of Nature, prompting Ashley to ask her brother to step down at Jabot. While visiting with Phyllis, Daniel was given Daisy’s bracelet, which had been left in the hallway. Daniel was curious and checked the building’s security footage. Daniel and Phyllis discovered that Daisy had been standing in the hallway and heard Phyllis cry for help while miscarrying. Victor took Sharon to the Newman Stables for a surprise gift. Victor was stunned that Sharon’s new horse was missing. While Victor left to call the police, Nikki appeared with the horse. The two ladies hurled insults at each other, and then got into a shoving match.

THIS WEEK: Daniel thinks he can get sole custody of Lucy.

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