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RECAPS – 6/18-22

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Liam and Hope prepared to walk down the aisle. Ridge comforted a heartbroken and hopeless Steffy as she mourned the loss of Liam, knowing that he marry Hope. Bill gave an unsuspecting Liam one last chance to get out of marrying Hope before putting his plan in motion. Hope’s world was rocked when she received a visit from Deacon on her wedding day. With Hope being a no-show for their ceremony, Liam was under the impression that he’d been left at the altar. Steffy sat alone at a cafĂ© in Puglia remembering the good times that she and Liam have shared. Katie overheard Marcus and Dayzee discussing Bill’s plan to sabotage Hope and Liam’s wedding. Hope anxiously jumped through hoops and obstacles throughout the town of Puglia to get to her wedding. Fearing that Hope was in trouble, Brooke and Ridge frantically tried to reach her. Deacon began to become remorseful about his part in Bill’s plan to sabotage his daughter’s wedding. Having overheard Bill’s scheme, Katie grilled Marcus for details. Alison puts the finishing touches on Bill’s plan. Hope finally reached the church, but Liam had already left to find her at the hotel. Liam found a note that made him think that Hope did not want to go through with the wedding. Back at home, Taylor and Stephanie worried about how Steffy was coping in Italy. Bill prepared the second part of his plan; the aftermath of Hope and Liam’s failed wedding. By the time that Hope and Liam reconnected, she hoped that he hadn’t changed his mind about marrying her. Hope explained to Liam the reason why she failed to show up on time for their wedding. After Alison’s latest status report, Bill was under the impression that his plan was working perfectly.

THIS WEEK: Steffy has to deal with the reality of Hope and Liam’s union.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Sami balked at Carrie being Will’s attorney, especially when Rafe was assigned as lead detective. Neil stepped up for Will and gave him an alibi with the cops, even though Will didn’t want it revealed that the night of Stefano’s murder, Will was in a gay bar. Roman refused to believe Will was there for himself and assumed he was just being Sonny’s friend. When Roman learned that truth about Will’s sexuality, he blasted Sami for not having confided in him. Maggie realized that she had to forgive Victor for his sins in the same way that Mickey had forgiven her in their years of marriage together. Bo and Hope were shocked to hear that Kayla was considering getting a divorce from Steve. Brady failed the drug test thanks to Ian’s insidious spiking of his protein shakes. Madison was disappointed in Brady, who insisted that he was innocent. Kate was overjoyed that she’d be a grandmother since Carrie and Austin were expecting. Carrie and Rafe continued to long for one another. Victor warned Daniel that Nicole was a user, but Daniel wasn’t sure he could believe that of her. EJ reminded Will that being in his debt was preferable to Will going to prison. Chad was reeling when Melanie disappeared and sent him a text note telling him not to follow her. Unbeknownst to Chad, Andrew had Melanie imprisoned in the basement. Gabi was thrilled that Melanie was out of the way, even though Chad remained fixated only on Melanie. Cameron decided to stay in Salem, not just to help Abe and Theo, but also because he was attracted to Abigail. Abe and Lexie shared a final day together before she died in his arms. The spirit of Lexie appeared with good thoughts and prayers for her loved ones.

THIS WEEK: Sonny keeps his real feelings for Will to himself.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . The Davis girls gathered for a sad occasion. Jason got support from Monica. Heather was determined to get a job at The Sun. Spinelli continued his investigation into Heather’s past. Luke and Anna woke up in bed together as Tracy barged in. Jason apologized for his behavior, telling Sam how much he wished things had been different. Heather threatened to reveal Todd’s secret. Spinelli updated Olivia on Heather’s mysterious “husband.” Lulu and Johnny got started on revamping the Haunted Star. While Luke was certain he wanted a relationship with Anna, she had reservations. Maxie puts up an ad for a roommate and got more than she bargained for. Michael pressed Kristina about the wisdom of the reality show. Star had a successful singing session with Johnny. Kate came clean to Sonny. With help from Felicia, Anna planned a romantic evening with Luke. while Tracy had the same idea. Mac and Felicia shared a kiss. Spinelli lit into Maxie for her profound ungratefulness. Maxie moved out. Hoping to take their mind off their respective relationship troubles, Sam and Spinelli discussed the Heather investigation. With Ewen’s help, Kate remembered almost everything Connie did. Sonny stood by Kate, but she felt she must turn herself in. Josslyn interrupted Carly and Johnny’s romantic evening. Anna held a PCPD meeting believing there was a dirty cop in their midst. Heather caught Luke off guard when she told him about how she moved Anthony’s body. Sam and Spinelli broke into Todd’s hotel room and found something unexpected. Tracy and Anna wondered where Luke might be, and Anna admitted to Tracy that she wanted a relationship with Luke.

THIS WEEK: Luke faces a tough choice.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . In their jail cell, Nikki and Sharon argued about Victor and who should drop the charges first. Victor arrived and declared that he would not help either one, declaring that they needed to work things out between them. Lauren comforted Phyllis over the loss of her baby. Lauren and Phyllis realized that Daisy probably heard Phyllis’ cries for help. Phyllis told Daniel they had evidence to make Daisy lose custody of Lucy. Genevieve spoke angrily to an unknown person on the phone, vowing revenge. Genevieve collected her jewels. A mysterious woman emptied the cash out of a Swiss safe deposit box. The manager informed Genevieve that her bill was past due. Genevieve denied she was in financial trouble, but Tucker saw the jewels fall out of her purse and then arranged to cover Genevieve’s expenses at the Club. Chelsea admitted to Adam that she was nervous about the GED test. Adam encouraged her and Chelsea confessed that she loved him. Chelsea was hurt when Adam didn’t say he loved her back. Sharon accused Adam of faking his romance with Chelsea and Adam thought that Sharon had become bitter. Chloe panicked when the tables, chairs and linens weren’t there for the gala. Carmine secretly made sure the delivery would be delayed. Abby and Chloe blamed each other for the mishap. Carmine pretended to hear a truck arrive and he and Chloe rushed to the loading dock. Chloe was disappointed to find no truck, then Carmine explained that he’d arranged for the delay in order to get revenge against Kevin for stealing Angelina. Carmine shoved a struggling Chloe into the trunk of his car. When Carmine stepped away, Abby freed Chloe. Alone, Abby slipped into the trunk and closed it.

THIS WEEK: Daisy’s disappearance receives no press coverage.

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