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RECAPS – 6/25/12-6/29/12

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Bill vehemently denied Ridge’s accusations of him being responsible for Deacon’s timely arrival in Italy. Brooke worried about Deacon being in Italy and that he might disrupt the wedding. Deacon used his charm to get information out of Alison about the rest of Bill’s plan. Hope and Liam made a second attempt at getting married. As Hope and Liam’s ceremony begins, Steffy reminisced about her Aspen mountaintop wedding to Liam. Stephanie called to check in with Steffy to make sure she was coping with Liam marrying Hope. After emotional and heartfelt words from their respective parents, Hope and Liam exchanged vows. When Katie paid Karen and Danielle a surprise visit, she stumbled upon the secret that they’ve been keeping. Bill came to terms with the fact that Hope’s perseverance made her worthy of Liam. Hope and Liam enjoyed their first evening as a married couple. Bill kept his end of the deals as he gave Deacon his final payment for assisting with the plan. Having just returned from Italy, Ridge and Steffy shared with Taylor and Thomas what happened on their trip. Karen and Danielle attempted to fess up to Bill about what they have been hiding from him. Caroline and Thomas’ budding relationship grew more serious. During their first ultrasound with the doctor, Bill and Katie learned the gender of their unborn child. Steffy privately filled Taylor in on everything that happened on Hope and Liam’s wedding day. Liam had a hard time shaking off one particular occurrence as he and Hope recounted the events that took place the day before.

THIS WEEK: Liam is keeping a secret.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . EJ’s kept Will from discovering that EJ was not Stefano’s son, Stefano’s lawyer, Arthur, informed EJ that he knew. Sonny was concerned that Will was back working for EJ and Sami and Lucas fumed that EJ continued to blackmail Will. Daniel and Nicole continued exploring their new romance. On the day of Lexie’s memorial, Bo and Hope assured Ciara that they would never leave her. Sami blasted EJ for harassing her son. Rafe questioned Nicole about switching the DNA test results. Nicole searched EJ’s place to dig up dirt on her own when Rafe couldn’t get a search warrant. Lucas realized Sonny was in love with Will. Nicole found a box of bullets at EJ’s and gave them to the cops. Rafe and Roman got the bullets from Nicole and recognize that they matched the kind used in the murder weapon. Rafe and Carrie admitted that they missed each other and nearly kissed. Gabi was unable to get Chad to stop thinking of Melanie. Meanwhile, Melanie grows more and more frightened while trapped in Andrew’s basement. Melanie nearly caught Gabi talking to her abductor, Andrew. Tried a surprise kickboxing move in an attempt to escape. Brady’s drug test was positive, and while Madison was disappointed in him, Kate suspected that Ian was behind Brady’s fall from grace. Brady blamed Ian for making him look bad. Abe struggled to prepare for Lexie’s memorial service. Kayla gave Abe a DVD that Lexie wanted him to watch on the day of her funeral. Everyone watched as Lexie shared words of encouragement and hope. Abe was incredibly moved. Ian offered to send Brady to rehab. Lexie’s family and friends gather at Chez Rouge to pay a final tribute her. Cameron wished he’d known his sister better. Abe, John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Kayla, Jack and Jennifer shared fond memories of Lexie. Marlena ended the evening with a poem selected by Lexie herself. EJ privately confided with Sami about Lexie. Later, the Sami and EJ were thrown together when Johnny insisted they share a dance. Jack and Jennifer were supportive of Kayla when she complained that Steve abandoned her for the ISA.

THIS WEEK: Chad is obsessed with finding Melanie.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Sonny dealt with Dante’s tough questions about Kate’s involvement in shooting Anthony’s tires. Kate had a disturbing nightmare and asked Johnny to fill in the missing blanks from Connie’s memory. A guilty Johnny was unable to help her, but assured her that he was changed now that he had reunited with Carly. Anna was forced to tell Tracy that Luke and her were an item. Sam and Spinelli continued to investigate Heather’s connection to Todd. Heather demanded Todd fire Diane and gave her the gossip column. Heather and Todd had a face off. Steve questioned Liz’s relationship with Ewen – and got worried when she brought up Jason. Sonny filled Jason in on Kate’s terrible past. Kate confessed at PCPD. Anna waiting in vain for a message from Luke. Maxie made herself comfortable at the Drake house, and Patrick freaked out when she wore Robin’s robe. As Sam tried to land a job at The Sun to keep an eye on Heather, Spinelli lost track of Heather on the roadside. McBain ran into Tea in Llanview. Liz shared with Jason that Steve was worried about their budding friendship. Tracy confessed (most of ) the truth about Anthony to Anna, but spun the story to lay the blame squarely on Luke. Patrick advised Ewen to keep Liz away from Jason. Maxie shared her concern for Patrick with Lulu. Heather was stunned to hear Todd hired Sam to work at The Sun. Meanwhile, Spinelli told Olivia not to give up hope about digging up the dirt on Heather. Kate had a flash, telling Sonny she remembered something. Starr recorded a new album track, as Michael and Johnny sat mesmerized. Maxie confronted Patrick, but he refused to admit to a problem. Liz warned Sam about pushing Jason away.

THIS WEEK: Michael and Starr continue to deny their feelings.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Chaos erupted at the gala as Chloe described Carmine’s attempt at kidnapping her. Everyone worried that Abby was missing. They then started receiving tweets from Abby, who posted that she’d been kidnapped. Carmine was driving when he heard a report on the radio that he was responsible for kidnapping Abby. He slammed on the brakes, opened the trunk and was shocked to find Abby. Abby announced that she’d pulled off a brilliant publicity move. Chelsea told Adam that she knew he was only going to propose to her at the gala to upset Sharon and Victor.

She became emotional and ran off. Adam found her in the alley, where she confessed that she knew he didn’t feel about her the way she felt about him. Adam declared that he was in love with her. Michael showed Kevin the scarf that he found in the alley and Kevin identified it as Daisy’s. They wondered if Daisy had met with foul play. Kevin noticed that there was blood on Daisy’s scarf. Abby was delighted that the news reports focused on her kidnapping instead of the disastrous gala. Carmine told Abby she should return to her family so he wouldn’t be branded a criminal. Abby pointed out that he had tried to kidnap Chloe, which meant he was a criminal. They argued about their misdeeds. Ricky smiled wickedly as he noticed that there was no mention of Daisy’s disappearance in the newspaper. He pulled out Daisy’s wallet and cell phone, and threw her purse away. At the coffeehouse, Phyllis told Daniel that his blood was found on Daisy’s scarf and that Michael wanted to question him. Eden insisted that Ricky was the suspicious one. Heather wanted to question Eden further, but she rushed out. Ricky was surprised when Eden arrived at his suite. She apologized for the way she’d treated him and offered to buy him a drink. At the bar, they drank shots before Eden made an excuse to leave and went upstairs and got into Ricky’s room. Eden found Daisy’s wallet and cell phone. Avery called Phyllis and Nick and informed them that Daniel had been arrested.

THIS WEEK: Victor punishes Abby for her actions.

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