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RECAPS – 7/2-7/6/12

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Seeing how happy Bill was to learn the gender of his and Katie’s baby, Karen struggled with the idea of revealing her true relationship with Danielle. While hearing more about the Italy trip, Taylor was under the impression that Steffy might be hiding something. Thomas worried about Steffy’s emotional state since Liam had married Hope. Brooke extended an olive branch to Steffy in hopes of once again having an amicable relationship. Steffy pleaded with Taylor not to dig any deeper into her suspicions that something happened in Italy. Brooke attempted to influence Hope to cut all ties with Deacon. Steffy and Liam had an uncomfortable run-in for the first time since his wedding to Hope. Taylor tried her best to get Ridge to support her in her attempt to convince Steffy to not give up on Liam. Thomas and Caroline went on a double date with Marcus and Dayzee, where the two ladies compared notes about their significant others. Steffy and Liam recounted the series of crazy events that took place while they were in Italy. Hope informed Katie about Bill’s sudden change of heart on her wedding day. Hope reached out to Steffy with the intention of keeping the peace between them by presenting her with a token of her appreciation. Emotions were stir between father and son when Bill told Liam the latest news about his and Katie’s baby. Brooke and Katie stumbled across something that Liam had been hiding from Hope.

THIS WEEK: Liam is keeping a secret.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Will discovered the EJ was not Stefano’s son and has been lying about his share of the DiMera fortune. Armed with that information, Will turned the tables on EJ and declared that he would be calling the shots. For starters, Will demanded that EJ teach him about power and how to use it. Sami was furious when she learned that Carrie was pregnant and accused Rafe of being the father. Carrie denied ever having slept with Rafe, but when Sami was speaking with Rafe and EJ appeared and questioned if Rafe was forced the father of Nicole’s baby. Rafe had to lie for Nicole. Gabi learned about Andrew holding Melanie prisoner in the basement and freaked out. Andrew pointed out that Gabi would be implicated as an accomplice if she went to the cops, so Gabi agreed to remain quiet so long as Melanie was not hurt. Andrew wanted to have a relationship with Melanie, despite the fact that she was his prisoner. Kayla confessed to Abigail that her marriage to Steve was over, but Kayla encouraged Abigail to pursue Cameron. Sonny worried about Will working for EJ, unaware that Will had put himself in a great position with EJ. Will convinced EJ to submit to a polygraph test to clear his name in Stefano’s murder investigation. Nicole was impressed that Daniel spent the night and wanted to know what the status of their relationship was. When Nicole backtracked because of lingering feelings for Rafe, Daniel informed her that he would not be a back up plan. Madison was disappointed in Brady for his using drugs again. Brady denied he’d done anything wrong, but when the effects of Ian’s drug shake wore off, Brady went out to buy a fix. Maggie told Madison that Brady fought his addiction day by day.

THIS WEEK: Melanie searches for a way to break free.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . John engineered a situation with the TSA that delayed Jason on the plane. John tracked down Joe Scully Junior and accuses him of murdering John’s halfsister. John was determined to get justice in Atlantic City. Sonny and Kate brought Olivia up to speed on the outcome of Kate’s arraignment, as well as the revelations surrounding Connie’s origin. Sonny tried to get Kate to open up. Michael and Starr found her apartment in total disarray. Starr took drastic action. Their lighthearted moment became fraught when they nearly kiss and Starr ultimately made a confession about her feelings. Kristina flirted with Trey, who received a phone call from someone in his family. Kristina questioned Trey about his family. Heather told Steve that Spinelli confessed Olivia hired him. Heather enjoyed another victory. Sonny was determined to make Joe pay. Joe denied hurting Kate/Connie but shocked Sonny by blurting something about the baby she abandoned. Kate found Todd in her office and realized he’d bought her magazine. He expressed skepticism that they’ve seen the last of Connie. Kate later ran into Trey and blasted him for using Kristina and the reality show for his own ends. Kristina had a sisterly moment with Sam, who admitted she might not ever be able to get over what happened between her and Jason. Sam spied on Todd. She covered and told him she was surprised he’d consider working with Kate, given what she stole from him. Starr and Trey sparred over missing cereal, ice cream, and underwear and Trey dropped his pants in front of her to make a point. Michael went over and invited Starr to 4th of July festivities at the Quartermaine mansion. Molly invited TJ over to swim, expecting her sisters to be gone. Kristina and a cameraman caught TJ and Molly. Sonny was about to get his revenge on Joe when someone arrived. McBain was tempted to get Sonny. Todd nearly spilled the beans about the baby switch to Sam. Sam accidentally crossed with Robert Yi. He reminded her of bittersweet memories from her wedding. Anna questioned Tracy about the night Anthony’s body disappeared leaving Anna with more questions. Kristina went to her sister’s defense, but with an ulterior motive. Anna and Spinelli shared information about Heather. Heather tried to get Luke to admit his feelings. Finally she got him to write a letter to Anna.

THIS WEEK: Starr confronts Todd but he has a plan of his own to protect his daughter.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Ashley was emotional as she received a phone call from Abby, who explained that she faked the kidnapping to draw attention away from the failed gala. Furious, Ash ordered her to return home immediately. Ashley informed Jack and Victor that Abby was okay. She admitted that the incident was a publicity stunt, and that Victor had been right all along. Victor vowed to teach Abby a lesson. Paul was horrified to see that Ricky has fallen out of the window. Eden regained consciousness and wondered what has happened. Paul stared into space as the police took away his gun and attempted to question him. He tried to answer, but was overcome with emotion. Paul explained that he shot Ricky to prevent him from killing Eden. Michael stated that the gun Paul used was a mystery, as the serial numbers had been filed off. Lauren pulled Michael aside and told him that it was her gun. She said she bought the firearm illegally to protect herself from Daisy, and said that she plans to confess to the police. Michael fears that Lauren will be sentenced to jail time and asked her to wait before telling anyone. Cane was upset to receive a mysterious e-mail. The message was from “Shirl” to “Claude,” and he explained to Lily that those were secret nicknames he and Samantha had for each other when they were kids. He demanded an explanation from Genevieve. Gen swore she had nothing to do with the e-mail and Cane backed off. Gen was upset when Cane implied that Samantha might still be alive. At the GCAC, Abby entered dramatically and introduced Carmine as her boyfriend. The police charged in and arrested the pair. At the police station, Abby dismissed her fake kidnapping as no big deal. Victor entered and orders Michael to throw the book at his daughter. Michael offered to let Abby pay a $100,000 fine and commit to 100 hours of community service. However, Ronan said that Carmine would be prosecuted for kidnapping. Jeff and Gloria were impressed that Chelsea was engaged to Adam. They were toasting with champagne when Anita entered, because she’d heard about the engagement on Faceplace. She referred to Jeff as Chelsea’s father, despite his denial.

THIS WEEK: Christine and Paul find proof against Phyllis.

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