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RECAPS – 7/9-7/13

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Katie angrily confronted Steffy after learning about her brief tryst with Liam on his wedding day. Marcus showed signs of having cold feet as he attempted to convince Dayzee to push out their wedding date. Brooke was torn about whether or not to tell Hope what she learned about Liam and Steffy. Liam was forced into a difficult position when Brooke issued him an ultimatum. Liam conferred with Steffy about Brooke’s ultimatum and whether or not he planned on telling Hope the truth about what happened in Italy. Brooke hurled accusations as she attempted to convince Taylor of Steffy’s guilt in the liaison between her and Liam. She was taken aback when Taylor seemingly condoned Steffy’s actions. To help speed up the wedding planning process, Eric offered Dayzee a number of dresses to choose from. Steffy surprisingly took Brooke’s side when she persuaded Liam to tell Hope the truth about their fling. Brooke and Taylor filled Ridge in on the latest predicament between Hope, Liam, and Steffy, along with their respective opinions. Marcus explained to Dayzee his sudden revelation about wanting to move up their wedding date and what he’d done about it. Ridge confronted Liam and gave him unconventional marital advice.

THIS WEEK: Liam tries to get Brooke to understand his predicament with Hope and Steffy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Will worried about EJ taking the polygraph test, but EJ was confident that he could pass. A mysterious person paid off the polygraph technician. Roman and Spencer learned that EJ failed the lie detector test. Sami confronted EJ, demanding to know if he killed Stefano. Their intense argument nearly reaches passion as they’re drawn close for a kiss. EJ begged Sami to believe him even though he could offer her no proof of his innocence. Lucas questioned Sami on her feelings for EJ. Daniel and Nicole’s affair heated up. Nicole questioned Daniel about his reaction to Rafe and it was clear that Daniel would never accept being in a triangle again. Madison had doubts about Brady’s claim that Ian had pushed him back into taking drugs. Ian ordered his minion to remove all the spiked protein shakes from Brady’s place. When Kate nearly drank one of the shakes, Ian flipped and knocked it from her hand. John determined that the only way to stop EJ was for the DiMera estate to become John’s, as the legal, oldest heir. John went to the DiMera board to fight for his birthright. Chad learned from Carly that Melanie had never arrived in Europe. Despite Gabi’s suggestion that Chad wait to hear from Melanie, he went to Daniel and the police. A search began for Melanie based on her last cell phone communication. Gabi begged Andrew to release Melanie, but he refused.

THIS WEEK: The police find evidence to use against EJ in his apartment.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Liz witnessed Jason in a moment of anger and coaxed from him his account of seeing John and Sam. In a fit, Jason kissed Liz. Todd interrupted Carly and Johnny’s evening with an offer to buy Starr’s contract. Lulu took the lead when she and Maxie confront Patrick about his drug use. Patrick denied it, then turned against them when hit with the evidence. Michael pulled back from kissing Starr, apologetic for pushing the issue. Starr surprised Michael by admitting that she welcomed his kiss and ultimately she decided to go out on a date with Michael. Michael found Jason and learned about the Sam/ John kiss he witnessed the night before. Meanwhile, Sam confided about the kiss to Kristina. At the same time, Steve discovered that Elizabeth and Jason shared a kiss and was concerned that Jason was taking advantage of his sister. Steve confronted him and Sam arrived just in time to overhear Steve’s words. Starr admitted to Johnny that she and Michael have taken their relationship to a new level. Starr confronted Todd about his interfering. Todd opted not to publish a photo of Sam kissing John because of his guilt. Anna was forced to put out an APB on Luke, who remained the chief – but not only – suspect in Anthony’s murder. Anna brought Heather in for questioning. Sam confronted Jason. Jason, in return, confronted Sam with the fact he saw her kiss McBain. As Elizabeth tried to bolster Jason who admitted he was afraid his marriage to Sam died the night her baby did, Sam sat on the verge of finding something that could turn it all around. Lulu and Carly learned Anthony’s body had been found. Todd made the most of the camera Heather planted in Johnny’s office, but didn’t like what he saw. Heather wound up in the hot seat for playing hide the corpse. Patrick kept Maxie’s fears and concerns about his pill taking at bay but couldn’t resist temptation. Heather, held at the police station, told Todd to get her alibi. Maxie went Crimson to find out what its future (and hers was) but Todd had other things on his mind. Sam tried to get evidence against Heather, but someone interrupted her plans. Lulu and Dante argued over her having missed her shift at work because she was at the Haunted Star with Johnny. Steve tried to find a lawyer for Heather. Olivia was unsure about supporting Steve when it came to Heather.

THIS WEEK: Todd asks Carly for help.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Heather and Christine sorted through Ricky’s personal effects. Christine found a file on Phyllis, which contained a credit card statement for a rental car expense in December 1994. Stunned, Christine immediately realized the signifi cance of her find. Tucker found Ashley at Gloworm and invited her to dinner. Ash thanked him for her support with the Abby situation, but said that he misunderstood the meaning of their kiss. She said she wanted to remain friends with him, and Tucker was devastated. She sadly asked Tucker to sign their divorce papers and he agreed. Christine showed Paul the credit card statement. He was stunned to realize that Phyllis was driving the car that hit them in 1994. Paul wondered what Phyllis’ motivation had been. Christine confronted Phyllis about the credit card statement, but Phyllis played innocent and said she was shocked that Chris would accuse her of the crime. Chris said that she suspected Phyllis saw her kissing Danny and had become determined to get her out of the way. Christine insisted that Phyllis was vengeful and vindictive, but Phyllis retorted that Chris was jealous because she stole Danny away from her. After bailing Carmine out of jail, Abby took him to the GCAC for a meeting with Rafe. She asked Rafe to get Carmine’s sentence reduced, but he replied that it would be difficult due to the severity of the charges and Chloe’s testimony. Carmine was upset about the possibility of going to jail, and was angry at Abby for calling him her boyfriend.

THIS WEEK: Nick is furious with Phyllis for lying to him.

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