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RECAPS – 7/16-20

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Having just confessed to her that he had been with Steffy on the wedding day, Hope demanded that Liam tell her every sordid detail of the encounter. Liam relayed his version of the story to Hope. Knowing what Liam was doing, Brooke and Ridge prepare themselves to be there to support Hope. Liam told Hope the truth had been bittersweet to Steffy as she relived the intimate experience with him over and over again. Marcus and Dayzee summoned their family and friends for a big announcement surrounding their relationship. After his confession to Hope, Liam sought out Steffy to tell her about what had happened and what he fessed up to. When Hope told her mother about Liam’s admission, Brooke realized that Liam hadn’t been completely forthcoming. Brooke confronted Liam about not telling Hope the whole truth about what really had happened between him and Steffy. Liam tried to get Brooke to understand the predicament that he was in with Hope and Steffy. Steffy was not surprised when she received a visit from Hope, but was surprised by the message she delivers. Dayzee’s friends threw her a wedding shower. Donna and Eric shared a tender moment together as she confided in him her concerns about Marcus getting married. On the night before her wedding, Dayzee’s anxiety about getting married was calmed by a candid pep talk from Stephanie. Stephanie intercepted a frantic phone call to Dayzee from Marcus.

THIS WEEK: Marcus enters into his marriage with a substantially significant secret.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Will found Alice’s letter and read that EJ was not Stefano’s son. When Will misplaced the letter, Lucas found it and reported to John and Marlena. John was confident that he could use the information to sway the DiMera board to back him. Bo, Hope, Chad and Daniel found Gabi hiding in the closet at Andrew’s house. Andrew took Melanie into the tunnels where he chained her to a pipe. Gabi allowed the authorities to think Andrew had been her stalker and he’d left her in the closet. Andrew turned out to be an escaped mental hospital patient named Corey who’d been a photo assistant at Countess Wilhelmina. Ian plotted to frame EJ for Stefano’s murder, planting the gloves with gunpowder residue in his apartment. When the police searched EJ’s place, they found the gloves. Sami believed in EJ’s innocence and defied Lucas by spending time alone with EJ. Sami examined surveillance footage to find who’d retrieved the gloves when EJ had tried to dispose of them. Abe decided to create a major fundraiser for autism in Lexie’s memory. The sexual tension between EJ and Sami was intense and he pulled her close for a kiss…then pushed her away having proven that he could still get to her. Carrie announced her decision to move to Switzerland with Austin. Rafe was sad, but Carrie felt she had to get away from him in order to have a good family life with Austin and their unborn child. Nicole was sympathetic to Daniel in light of the Melanie situation, but when he saw her intrigued by Rafe, Daniel pulled away.

THIS WEEK: Bo and Hope realize Gabi’s answers don’t add up.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . When someone went to feed Luke at Heather’s behest, Luke nearly convinced them to let him go. Heather was released from police custody. Trey was about to question Sonny about his discovery of his father’s medal when Joe, Jr., called and told him of his arrest. Kate remained strong as she confronted the man who raped her and caused her mental breakdown, but she was unsettled when Joe, Jr., talked about the baby she gave birth to. Lulu returned to the Haunted Star and told Johnny about her argument with Dante. Despite Dante’s wishes, Lulu didn’t want to give up working with Johnny and together they prepared for the grand re-opening of the club. Dante confided to his mother about the argument with Lulu and his continued concerns about her working with Johnny. Dante took her advice and arrived at the Haunted Star in time to see Johnny and Lulu in what looked like a close moment. As Kate tried to convince Sonny it was time to put the bad behind them, Joe Jr. conspired with Trey, to take Sonny down. Kate had another piece-meal memory of Johnny in the interrogation room. Todd freaked to learn Blair was coming to town for Starr’s big night and asked Carly for help. Carly was amenable, but only after Todd made a promise to her. Heather watched Johnny and Lulu through the camera she planted in Johnny’s office. Hearing Lulu voice a suspicion that Heather may have been the last person to see Luke the night he vanished, Heather called upon on old acquaintance to do another job for her. It was the day of the Haunted Star’s reopening. Todd was upended by Blair’s arrival at a room down the hall. Blair requested to speak to Todd alone tonight after the opening. Heather visited Luke, who intuited that the cops were onto her. Luke poked some more holes in Heather’s plan but Heather would not give up. Lulu and Anna received Heather’s forged letters. Olivia wanted Spinelli to remain on Heather’s case. Johnny sent Lulu flowers. As a result, Lulu and Dante shared a tense morning. Maxie was shaken when Spinelli froze her out. Elsewhere, Patrick and Emma visited Anna. Maxie encouraged Patrick to come to the party on the Haunted Star. Heather returned to Luke with a dangerous plan. Dante and Anna found the forger that Heather had hired. Olivia tried to tell Steve about Heather and the forger, but Steve had enough. Olivia went to work and found herself in danger. Lulu waits for Dante on opening night of the Haunted Star. Patrick didn’t want to be there and took several pills.

THIS WEEK: Dire circumstances bring Lulu and Dante closer.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Nick asked Phyllis point blank if she was guilty. She was unable to respond and he realized the truth. She admitted that she rented the car and says she hadn’t been thinking properly at the time of the accident. Nick was furious that she hid the truth from him. Phyllis said she was afraid to tell Nick about how she was crazy with jealousy over Christine and Danny. Stunned, Nick wonders if she had been a danger to Sharon. He decided to move out for a while. Phyllis begged Nick not to, but he sadly exited. Victor demanded that Abby come to see him at the Newman Ranch. She impulsively invited Carmine to go with her. Victor was furious that she had dragged Carmine along and ordered him to get out. He lectured Abby about the kidnapping stunt, and she apologized for worrying him. However, he stated that he suspected she was pulling a stunt and he can no longer trust her. He warned her to stay away from Carmine. Abby found Carmine at the basketball court and apologized for what happened with Victor. He stated that she’s spoiled, selfish and cold as ice. She grabbed him and pulled him into a fiery kiss, and they had passionate sex on the basketball court. Sharon reacted with surprise to Victor’s offer to move in with him. He advised her to stop worrying about other people’s opinions and live her life. Sharon hesitated, saying she needed to think about it. Victor wondered if something else is bothering her. At the coffeehouse, Phyllis became emotional with Daniel, as she feared she would be taken away from Lucy. Daniel urged her to keep fighting. Summer arrived and embraces her mom. Phyllis was horrified as Christine, Ronan and Heather arrive. Ronan read Phyllis her rights and arrested her for attempted murder of a federal agent. Adam and Chelsea entered their room in a quaint bed and breakfast in Kansas. Sharon told Victor that she hadn’t decided about moving in with him, as she wanted to talk to Noah in person first.

THIS WEEK: Adam surprises Chelsea by buying her to the lakeside mansion.

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