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RECAPS – 7/23-27

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL .As Marcus and Dayzee’s wedding began, two uninvited guests arrived while one very important guest was visibly absent. While the ceremony was taking place, only one person at the wedding besides Marcus knew that he was entering into his marriage with a substantially significant secret. Fresh from Marcus and Dayzee’s wedding, Brooke and Ridge reminisced about their many weddings. Marcus and Dayzee enjoyed their first night together as husband and wife, with the bride not knowing the secret her groom was keeping. Ridge gets an eyeopening glimpse at what happened between Liam and Steffy in Italy. Dayzee was devastated when Marcus confessed to her about the secret that he’d been keeping. After Ridge inadvertently witnessed the video of Liam and Steffy, Brooke surprisingly defended Liam’s actions. Brooke became increasingly concerned when she realized that the video of Liam and Steffy was still on her computer at home… where Hope was unattended. Liam and Steffy shared a fun afternoon together as they fondly remembered some of their more memorable times. Knowing that she no longer had a chance with him since that he’d married Hope, Steffy said goodbye to Liam and wished him luck.

THIS WEEK: Hope has trouble dealing with Liam’s lies.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Austin said goodbye to Kate and left with Carrie to start a new life in Switzerland. Brady and Madison agreed to get married, despite Ian’s interference. Sami blasted EJ for not telling her the truth about his father not being Stefano after all. EJ was unable to post bail and Sami stepped up to get him out of jail. Melanie rescued Andrew from the debris in the tunnel and got his cell phone. Chad received a call from Melanie but couldn’t hear her very well. Daniel resented Nicole’s attempt to seduce him with a romantic dinner when he was concerned about Melanie. Gabi let everyone believe that she’d been a victim of Melanie’s abductor. Chad realized that Melanie was telling him about the tunnels and enlisted Brady to help him search for her. EJ admitted to Sami that he loved Stefano and was troubled to learn he was not really his son. Roman was tipped off that EJ planned to jump bail and decided to re-arrest him. Andrew discovered Melanie’s betrayal and destroyed the phone. Gabi mislead Brady and Chad when they went looking for Melanie. Madison freaked out when Brady was a no show at their wedding. Victor warned Daniel to stop his relationship with Nicole. Maggie warned Victor to back off of Daniel. Sami told EJ to go on the run since whomever was setting him up had the police convinced that EJ was guilty. Before fleeing, EJ tried to see his children. Lucas and Roman were on EJ’s trail. Sami stepped in front of EJ to protect him. Gabi tried to rescue Melanie herself, but Andrew intervened. Melanie wondered why Andrew knew Gabi and she explained that Andrew had been her creepy stalker. Andrew nearly told Melanie the truth about Gabi, but a gas leak in the tunnels caused an explosion. The explosion impeded Brady and Chad’s search, while Andrew was in dire straits and caught in the rubble.

THIS WEEK: Days Of Our Lives will be pre-empted for the next two weeks due to the Summer Olympics.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Anna arrived to rescue Luke just when it appeared that Luke might expire in the fire he accidentally started. Heather cut short Luke and Anna’s reunion and someone was shot. Earlier, Heather battled Olivia with LSD-filled syringe and injected her with the hallucinogenic. Dante arrived. Connie paid Johnny a visit and admitted she’d kept Kate from being fully integrated. Unbeknownst to them, the camera Heather planted in the office for Todd was on. Michael and Starr grew closer and Starr felt ever more grateful to Johnny for giving her the chance to move on after losing her boyfriend and daughter. Lulu confronted Patrick about his continued drug use. Patrick confessed that he’s afraid to give the pills up because he’d have to deal with the reality that Robin was gone. Todd was stung by learning of Blair’s engagement to Tomas and challenged her to say she didn’t still love Todd. Luke put his life in further jeopardy to save Anna. Dante and Steve fretted over the drugged Olivia. Lulu convinced Patrick to get detoxed. Lulu and Dante bonded over their fears for their parents. Carly found Todd wrecking his room. Heather made her one phone call to Todd. Later he listened to the call, which ordered him to help her out of the mess she was in, or else she might tell his baby secret. Mac had returned Emma home because she missed her father. He counseled Maxie that she couldn’t spend her life taking care of Patrick. Anna paid Heather a visit. Heather completely disarmed Anna with a shocking revelation. Anna told a recuperating Luke about Heather’s shocking claim. Patrick continued to abuse pills and hallucinated. Starr visited her father to commiserate and to warn him not to try to take revenge. Todd blamed John McBain and took revenge by sending the photo of John and Sam kissing to the mother of John’s child, Natalie. Carly went to see Todd and also urged him not to take out his anger on other people, particularly Johnny. Todd prepared to end his video surveillance of Johnny. Sonny and Kate met with Michael and Starr, who told them they were dating. While Sonny wanted his son to be happy, the fact that Starr wanted Sonny dead and, as they all believe, Kate was responsible for the deaths of Starr’s family made for a somewhat less than ecstatic response to the news. Anna confronted Heather then posed another deal. Todd was on the verge of watching the entirety of the Haunted Star video footage when he received a visit from Kate. Kate tried to leverage her position as co-owner of the Metro Court to regain her position at Crimson. Johnny breathed easier and thought he was in the clear, but a vision of Anthony reminded him that there was still much to lose. Johnny lost it and partially trashed the office. Johnny made a discovery and then Todd arrived.

THIS WEEK: Sam is foiled in her attempt to sneak a peek at the contents of Todd’s safe.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Phyllis apologized to Billy for casting a bad light on the magazine. Billy said that he’d decided to fire her. She tried to change Billy’s mind, but he replied that his investors wanted her out. Billy admitted that he planned to put her story on the next cover of the magazine, which angered her. She accused him of selling out. Nick barreled into Restless Style and confronts Billy for selling out the Newman family. Billy retorted that Phyllis would have done the same to him. Nick slugged him. Later, an employee informed Billy that cameras had already been installed in the magazine office. Ashley confronted Jack, insisting that Jabot and Beauty of Nature would not merge. He refused to give in, so Ash stated that she’d have him removed from the Jabot board. Jack met with two Jabot board members and convinced them to vote his way about the merger. Ashley stormed up to the table and demanded to know what Jack was doing. Jack challenged her to take things to a vote. Jeff begged Gloria to trust him when Anita arrived and displayed a marriage certificate. Glo grew angry and lashed out at Jeff. Jeff produced a document which proved he had Anita declared legally dead; therefore, she was not his wife. Glo became frustrated with the situation, but Jeff stated that Chelsea was the solution to their problem. Adam surprised Chelsea by taking her to the lakeside mansion. He told her that he’d purchased the mansion as their home, and she was overwhelmed with happiness. Adam and Chelsea were wary as they welcomed Jeff and Anita into their home. Jeff said they wanted to be the parents she deserved. Chelsea ordered them to leave. She cried, saying that both of her parents were trying to scam her out of her money. Cane helped Genevieve deal with the aftermath of her suite being trashed. He found an ashtray and matchbook that did not belong to her.

THIS WEEK: Sharon is blown away when Victor proposes to her.

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