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RECAPS – 7/30-8/3

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Liam attempted to do damage control when he and Hope got into an argument about their wedding vows. Steffy became annoyed with Brooke’s decision to give Hope troubling information and sets Brooke straight about her future with Hope and Liam. Taylor and Ridge accused Bill of unfairly using the situation at hand to his advantage. Hope wondered aloud to Liam how he could have meant the vows he said to her after leaving Steffy and the hotel room. Hope’s reaction to Liam’s apology left him torn. Steffy threw Brooke’s oversight as Hope and Liam’s wedding planner in her face. Brooke declared she knew Steffy would take advantage and was shocked when Steffy denied, and then told her how she could help her daughter. Heartbroken, Hope attempted to make sense of the series of unfortunate events that had transpired. Liam confided in Brooke that Hope tore up their wedding papers. Steffy made a surprising statement to Hope. Hope offered Steffy the one thing she’d always wanted — Liam. Unappreciative of Steffy’s response, Hope summed up her relationship with Liam to her stepsister. Brooke attempted to console Liam and assured him that fate would bring him and Hope back together. The confrontation between Hope and Steffy heated up and Hope got the final word. Steffy remembered her times with Liam but knew that her final decision was the right one. Liam gave Hope the plea of his life for Hope to agree to work through this obstacle so that they could finally start their lives together. Taylor professed her pride in Steffy for the sacrifice she’s made. Brooke thought that it is too easy and that Steffy was up to no good. Taylor came to Steffy’s defense against Brooke and Taylor made a big request of Brooke.

THIS WEEK: Sparks fly between Steffy and Liam as they enjoy some sun and fun together.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES will be pre-empted due to the Summer Olympics.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Before Todd could tell Carly or anyone the truth about Johnny, Johnny shocked him with his own knowledge that Todd switched Sam and Tea’s babies. Todd informed Johnny that he might want to rat Johnny out, anyway. Sam was foiled in her attempt to sneak a peek at the contents of Todd’s safe. Sam wasn’t able to help her sister, but might have to confront her own issues when Jason showed up to see her. Joe, Jr. intended to get back what had been rightfully his and enlisted Trey’s help in the effort. Kate speculated to Sonny that Joe, Jr., might know something about her baby. Michael shared with Starr some thoughts about his future and weighed some career ideas that didn’t involve the mob, coffee, or ELQ. Todd and Johnny were caught by Carly, and we wondered if she found find out the truth about Johnny and Todd’s crimes. Sam told Jason the truth about her investigation of Todd. Jason offered to help. Kristina admitted some of her misgivings about Trey to Sonny. Trey seemed to have been persuaded by to go through with Joe’s plan. Alexis couldn’t help micromanaging and overprotecting Molly and TJ on a nice dinner date, until Shawn convinced her to have a drink elsewhere. In order to prove that she was not uptight, Alexis challenged Shawn to strip pool. Sonny questioned Joe Jr. about the fate of Kate’s baby. Kristina confronted Trey about his reasons for quitting “Mob Princess.” Though plagued by doubt, Trey began to put the plan into motion. Ewen alluded to a tragic past when counseling Patrick. Liz informed Steve of her decision to date Ewen. Liz caught Ewen receiving a mysterious call. Lulu and Dante began a difficult conversation about their recent troubles. Neither Alexis nor Shawn could shake thoughts of last night’s charged non-date. Advised by Mac, Alexis decided to ask Shawn out on a date, but we learn that someone else has her eye on him. Sonny and Alexis counseled Jason and Sam in the next step of their marriage. While Kristina decided that she wanted to, Trey tried to talk his father out of using Kristina to get at Sonny.

THIS WEEK: Sam confi des in Kristina about what she feels for John McBain.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . At the police station, Ronan and Christine interrogated Tim. Tim said that Ricky questioned him, but was never threatening. Heather demanded to know why Phyllis paid Tim to leave town. Christine told Paul what they’d learned. He was relieved that Ricky hadn’t murdered Tim, and began to worry that he’d been wrong about his son. Ashley demanded to know what Jack was up to regarding Jabot. Jack agreed that they should merge Jabot with Beauty of Nature. However, Ash was shocked when he said he should take over the combined conglomerate. She realized that Jack wanted to force her out of the CEO position. She vowed to fight him, but he stated that he’d already secured the votes he needed with the Jabot board. Nikki and Jack discussed their plans for getting married by the Abbott pool. Jack said he planned to tell Kyle about the wedding in person. Meanwhile, Victor asked Kyle if he planned to take any time off for Jack and Nikki’s wedding? Kyle was shocked because he hadn’t heard about the event. Jack tried to call Kyle on his phone, but Kyle ignored the call. Abby met with Katherine to apologize for her publicity stunt at the gala. She admitted that she staged the kidnapping to draw attention away from the failed event, and offered Kay a check to make up for all of the donors who backed out because of her actions. Later, Katherine informed Ashley about her daughter’s actions. Ash found Abby and gave her a warm embrace. Tim called Phyllis and warned that he would spill what he knew to the police unless she met with him. She agreed and secretly met with him at the used bookstore. She was shocked when he played a tape from one of their sessions in which she confessed to driving the car that hit Paul and Christine. He demanded more money, but also hinted that he wanted to get romantic with her. Jack and Nikki kissed as they look forward to their wedding. Meanwhile, Sharon was blown away when Victor proposed to her. Sharon and Victor were in the Newman jet on their way to Las Vegas to get married. He presented her with a pre-nuptial agreement, and she suggested that perhaps they should call off the wedding.

THIS WEEK: Eden is hypnotized to try and remember her encounter with Ricky.

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