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RECAPS – 8/6-10

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Hope told Liam that if they are going to be married, she wants a wedding day do-over to wash away the memory of what happened on their wedding day in Italy. Bill was upset with himself for accepting Hope as his daughterin law after finding out that she’d left Liam. Sparks flew between Steffy and Liam as they enjoyed a morning of fun in the sun together. Rick stepped up as the supportive big brother as he backed Hope’s decision to move out of Liam’s home. Katie gave Liam a piece of her mind about how she feels about his cavorting with Steffy. Marcus and Dayzee were part of an impromptu celebration with friends at the coffeehouse. Steffy that Hope’s actions might lead to her losing Liam forever issued Brooke a warning. In return, Hope issued Steffy a threat to stay away from Liam while they worked on their relationship. Marcus and Dayzee basked in their love for each other and remembered the paths that they took that brought them together. Steffy took some time off of work at Forrester Creations to focus on her “vacation plans” and ending the love triangle between her, Liam and Hope. Rick attempted to discourage Hope from giving Liam a second chance at their marriage. Steffy paid a visit to Liam and presented him with an ultimatum: chose between her and Hope and do it immediately. Ridge and Taylor fondly reminisced about their past as they made comparisons to the Hope/ Liam/Steffy situation. Rick gave Hope unsolicited advice about what to do regarding Liam and their marriage.

THIS WEEK: Bill is put on the spot by Katie’s questions.

NOTE: This is a repeat from last week because of the Olympic pre-emption.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . THIS WEEK: Days Of Our Lives will be pre-empted due to the Summer Olympics.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . In Sam’s presence, John McBain attacked Todd. McBain and Sam listened as Todd explained that his actions were payback for being rejected by Blair. Sam finally got McBain away and Todd called the police. John was arrested. Elizabeth admitted to Jason that she kept her distance from Ewen at first because he was mysterious, like he’d been holding back about something. Aiden almost choked on a piece of food. Liz told Jason she couldn’t let herself be distracted in caring for her kids any longer. Jason made it clear to Ewen that he’d better be good to Elizabeth. Ewen needed to talk to Elizabeth. Starr sensed Trey was distracted and asked him what was going on. Kristina told Alexis that Trey wasn’t doing the TV show because he cared for her. Sonny expressed his concerns about Trey to Dante. McBain was arrested for assaulting Todd. Sam enlisted Alexis’s legal aid for McBain. Todd received a call from Heather, who prodded him to get her out of her jam. Heather was transferred to Ferncliff. Carly learned that Todd used Heather’s photo of Sam and McBain kissing to destroy his relationship with Natalie Buchanan. Carly tried to coax Todd from his ruinous path. Johnny was keen to figure out what secret Starr was keeping for Trey, intuiting that it related somehow to Kristina. Johnny had another bout with his conscience when Starr questioned him about the nature of their friendship. Kristina told Trey that she informed Alexis of their budding romance, and that Alexis wasn’t too high on it. Trey salved his own conscience by telling Kristina that he was no hero. Olivia woke up. Johnny visited Atlantic City for his first meeting with Joe Jr., who broached the subject of Anthony’s death, Johnny’s heritage as a Zacchara/ Soleito and a shared enemy: Sonny. Joe Jr. suggested they partner up. Trey was shanghaied to the gym, where he was to spar with Sonny – figuratively and literally. Sonny questioned Trey about his intentions toward Kristina. Trey maintained that he had a romantic interest in Kristina; thus his reasons for scrapping Mob Princess. Kristina and Sam had a heartto heart about John. Alexis worked on securing John’s release. While doing so, they had a frank conversation about his relationship with Sam. Starr pressured Todd to drop the charges against McBain. Olivia had a rude awakening when Dante arrived to visit her with Lulu. Lulu became sick. Patrick told Elizabeth he was happy about her and Ewen. Ewen discharged Patrick. Liz sensed something was wrong. Carly learned that Todd dropped the charges against McBain. She told him he needed to find a woman and she’d help him. Spinelli wanted Jason to teach him to box so he could bulk up his on-line dating profile. Jason accidentally socked Spinelli in the jaw as he remembered how McBain had gotten in the way of him and Sam. Spinelli urged Jason to get things settled with Sam. Maxie found Lulu having thrown up and wondered if she might be pregnant. Lulu denied but later realized she was late. She worried that it was not a good time to start a family.

THIS WEEK: Sonny proposes to Kate.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Sharon was drinking and trying to find out where Victor went. Tucker arrived for a meeting with Victor, but Sharon told him that he’d left her on their wedding night and was probably somewhere with Nikki. Tucker did his best to keep Sharon under control but she drunkenly decided to go find Victor, and Tucker was forced to drive her. At the Abbott house, Nikki and Jack exchanged more loving words and Billy and Nick offer them another toast. Sharon entered and everyone asked her to leave. She demanded that Nikki tell her where Victor was, but Nikki said she didn’t care. Sharon continued to insult Nikki, so Nikki threw Sharon into the pool to sober her up. Phyllis told Tim that she would not sleep with him for the tape. She offered him more money but the price he asked was too high. Tim suggested that Phyllis pay for a hotel room and when she refused, he threatened to head to the police station. As he left, she told him to wait and that she would get the money but it would take awhile. Sharon was recovering with a hangover and apologized to Tucker. She was still upset that Victor had not answered any of her calls. Nikki arrived and asks if Victor had returned home yet, and asked what Sharon had done to find Victor. When Nikki was not pleased with Sharon’s efforts, she said that she would do what was necessary to find him herself. Phyllis arranged a meeting with Tim, telling him that she had his money. Phyllis tried to withdraw money from Summer’s trust, but her accountant said he needed Nick’s permission. She showed him the trust agreement and he began to transfer the funds. Later, at the used bookstore, Phyllis gave Tim the number of the account where she transferred the money. Eden was under hypnosis but once she became extremely frightened, Kyle demanded that they stop. She continued her treatment but still showed signs of being terrified of Ricky.

THIS WEEK: Eden is hypnotized to try and remember her encounter with Ricky.

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