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RECAPS – 11/26-11/30

ALL MY CHILDREN – Ritchie found Greenlee and Zach in the hole, and without revealing his identity, led them to believe he was going to rescue them. Instead, Ritchie covered the hole with a metal plate so no one could find them. After Derek found Zach’s blood was found in JR’s car, JR was arrested. Amanda was heartbroken to discover that Janet’s new medication caused memory loss. Jack dumped Erica when he learned she tried to have Greenlee committed. Ritchie made a deathbed confession of all his crimes to Annie, whom he asked to help put him “out of his misery.” Although tempted, Annie refused to poison him.

THIS WEEK: Ryan figures out what Ritchie is really up to.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Lucinda admonished Lily for throwing her marriage away. Dusty planned another rendezvous with Lily. Holden advised Luke to have patience with Noah. Brad bought the house Katie wanted to live in with Jack. When Brad asked Katie to raise a family there with him, she was stunned. Robbers disguised in Santa suits attacked Carly and Sage. Kit and Carly cemented their business partnership. Bob lit into Chris. Furious with Dusty, Emily agreed to live with Chris. When Paul saw Meg in distress, he rushed her to the hospital. Alison learned the truth about Gwen and Will’s adopted baby.

THIS WEEK: Katie can’t keep her mind off of Jack.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL – Before going into surgery, Stephanie named Donna as her shooter. The cops realized that Stephanie had a motive to finger Donna, so they kept investigating the shooting. Eric refused to believe that Donna pulled the trigger. Ridge feared that Brooke would have to choose between the Logans and the Forresters if someone in her family tried to kill his mother. Brooke was shocked that Taylor won’t breastfeed baby Jack. Bridget suspected that Brooke has feelings for the baby, even though the child is legally Taylor’s. In Stephanie’s hotel room, the detectives found the weapon used in the shooting. Storm tried to keep the peace among the Logans.

THIS WEEK: An arrest is made in Stephanie’s shooting.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – The morning after her wedding, Belle felt completely sure that she was right to marry Shawn. Philip offered Belle a chance to secure Shawn’s future as a cop, but then backed out on the deal. Marlena confessed that she did fire a shot at EJ in the church, but it was by accident. Stefano pressed EJ to get custody of his son immediately or he would do it for him. Marlena offered Belle romantic advice. Chloe Black returned to Salem and was very interested in what Philip was up to. On the verge of being arrested for EJ’s shooting, Kate urged Roman to break the law for her.

THIS WEEK: Sami tries to convince Lucas that EJ doesn’t matter to her.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Zacchara survived the fall but was rendered paralyzed from the neck down and was moved to a facility for the criminally insane. Detective Harper grew suspicious of Nikolas’ lack of memory. Nikolas was stunned to discover that not only could he see Emily, but he could also touch her. Monica informed Luke that he’d die if he didn’t have bypass surgery. Luke relented to having the operation, but later vanished. Monica lashed out at Sonny, blaming him for destroying her family and taking her children from her. At Emily’s funeral, Dillon reunited with Georgie, who admitted she had fallen in love with someone new.

THIS WEEK: The strangler makes another move!

GUIDING LIGHT – Olivia wound up in the hospital when she passed out. She wasn’t hit on the head as she thought; she has a serious heart condition and could die at any time. Fearing for Emma’s future, Olivia made a deal with Alan; she would break up Natalia and Gus in exchange for Alan keeping Phillip from ever getting custody of Emma. Gus turned down Olivia’s seductive come-on. Marina yearned to be a cop again. Meanwhile, Cyrus and Harley tried to deny their growing feelings for each other. Jeffrey told Reva that Josh has a plan to eliminate Edmund from Cassie’s life. Reva warned Josh to think twice before doing something he’ll regret.

THIS WEEK: Billy is brokenhearted about how Bill has changed.


Unable to forgive their significant others’ dalliance, Clint ended his relationship with Dorian and Alex claimed she was divorcing David. Alex drove off, unaware that she accidentally hit Dorian, who fell unconscious in the bushes. Jared schemed to pose as Asa’s longlost son so he could inherit a seat on the Buchanan Enterprises’ board. To present evidence that he was Asa’s son, Jared nabbed a sample of David’s hair for the DNA. Charlie arrived at the Buchanan mansion looking for Jared. Antonio broke Talia’s heart after she kissed him. Marty realized that Patrick’s friend Simon was behind her and Cole’s kidnapping.

THIS WEEK: Blair makes a sincere confession to Todd.

PASSIONS – Gwen and Ethan were overjoyed to learn that Jane was a liver match for Jonathan, but when the doctor informed them of the health risks on a child as young as Jane, Theresa refused to consent. Pretty was angry when she learned that Alistair shut off the brain implant in Fancy. Alistair had Luis and Pretty trapped in a warehouse basement and told them that their only opportunity to leave would be if Luis got Pretty pregnant. Tabitha spread her evil wings by zapping Fancy and Noah into bed together. Sheridan and Paloma were shocked when they walked in on the two doing the deed.

THIS WEEK: Theresa spills the beans to a shocked Ethan!

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Heather told Phyllis that when the D.A.’s office re-tries her case, she could plead guilty to a lesser charge and Heather would see to it that she had a reasonable probation period. During court proceeding to determine a guardian for Victoria’s unborn, the Newmans learned that the baby was in distress. The court needed to make a ruling immediately. Instead of waiting for the judge’s decision, Nikki and Victor agreed to order a c-section. An audiotape surfaced of Victor pressuring Ji Min to record his conversations with Jack, thus making it obvious that Victor was the one who leaked that Jack owned Jabot.

THIS WEEK: A search
warrant is issued for Victor!

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