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RECAPS – 8/13-17-10

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Thomas and Caroline’s relationship grew while spending the afternoon with Danielle. Convinced that she and Liam needed a fresh start in their marriage, Hope selected a date and location for their next wedding. Hearing that Liam and Hope were going to re-do their wedding vows, Steffy decided to take him out on a night on the town to show him what it is like to be free. While Liam tried to shake off and remember the previous evening, Steffy did her best to keep proving to him why he shouldn’t get married to Hope. Stephanie voiced her reservations about Liam and Hope’s marriage when Hope asked to have her wedding at the Forrester Mansion. Bill was put on the spot when Katie questioned his involvement with Deacon’s untimely appearance in Italy. While Hope was consumed with planning her wedding with Brooke, Stephanie and Pam, Liam and Steffy’s fun and frolic adventures continued. Stephanie had a health scare that prevented Hope from keeping her dinner plans with Liam. Feeling rejected and stood up by Hope once again, Liam refused to sit home alone and sulk. Stephanie did not mince words with Hope when she explained why she and Liam should not be married. Liam and Steffy enjoyed an exciting and wild time together drinking and dancing at a hot LA club the night before he was supposed to re-marry Hope.

THIS WEEK: Liam admits to Hope that he went out with Steffy again.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . In the aftermath of the explosion, Sami told EJ to let her fall when it looked like they were both going to plunge to their deaths. EJ refused and Will finally appeared to rescue them. Lucas was patched up but in severe pain and he went out to search for Sami. Fearing that they were going to die, Ian admitted to Madison that he framed Brady in order to win Madison back. Ian claimed his romance with Kate was a sham to make Madison jealous. Kate learned that Ian was also responsible for getting Stefano out of the way. Bo and Daniel dug through the rubble to reach Nicole when they heard her crying in pain. Daniel was injured as he worked, but when they finally got to where Nicole was supposed to be, she was gone. Jack fought his PTSD to save Abigail from the trapped elevator. After getting her out, Jack wound up alone in the elevator as another explosion went off. Andrew escaped as Brady searched for Melanie. When there was a partial collapse, Melanie nursed Brady’s injuries. Gabi and Chad arrived just in time to see Melanie with Brady. Daniel was frantic to find Nicole, who was finally located outside, dazed and in premature labor. Ian taunted Kate about his confession, assuring her that nobody would believe her word over his about Stefano. Daniel stopped Nicole’s premature labor. Nicole realized that she wanted Daniel in her life. After reconnecting with Melanie, Daniel decided that he had to get Nicole out of his heart.

THIS WEEK: Chad and Melanie find comfort in each other.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Jason and Sam said goodbye. Sonny proposed to Kate. Trey issued Kristina a proposal of his own. Lulu told Dante she’s pregnant. Ewen follows Jerry’s orders. Carly and Johnny discovered Josslyn was missing. Steve came to apologize to Luke for his mother’s actions. Luke pointed out that Heather had an accomplice. Dante and Lulu went to visit and learned about the accomplice. They all tried to figure out who was working with Heather. Todd finally answered Heather’s many phone messages. Ewen’s conscience was bothering him after going along with the mysterious plan. Carly told Jason about Joss’s weird disappearance. Jason in return told Carly all about his pending divorce from Sam. Carly saw something on Joss and rushed her to the hospital. Sam told Alexis that her marriage was over. Alexis fainted. Lulu and Dante were elated about her unexpected pregnancy. They went to the hospital to see Dr. Lee and checked in with Luke while they wait. John helped Sam get Alexis to the hospital, where they learned that Josslyn was also being treated. Suspicious John realized Alexis might have been lured to Wyndemere. Jason and John prepared to visit Wyndemere. Starr pressed a troubled Trey about why he wouldn’t tell Kristina that his father’s in jail. Starr demanded to know who Trey’s father really was. Patrick was released from the hospital and prepared to accept Robin’s death with the help of Epiphany and Emma. Jason and McBain went to Wyndemere in search of a clue to the origin of Alexis’s condition. There they had a surprise run-in. Trey was on the verge of revealing more to Starr about his father when they were called to the hospital. Sam questioned Alexis about events at Wyndemere. Alexis and Josslyn took turns for the worse. Mac’s off-the-cuff remark led Shawn to realize that Alexis was into him. Meanwhile, TJ and Molly considered new options for Shawn’s love life. Johnny arrived to comfort Carly. While Carly conferred with Steve, Johnny prayed in the chapel, afraid that Carly and Josslyn were paying for what he did to Cole and Hope. Starr, a wreck after spending time with Josslyn, broke down with Johnny.

THIS WEEK: Anna is close to locating Robin.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Phyllis questioned Daniel’s relationship with Heather based on her involvement with her case. Avery stepped in before a scene developed and told Phyllis that she needed to stop blaming everyone else for all the mistakes she’d made. Heather told Daniel that despite their feelings for each other there was no way the two of them could be together. As she tried to leave, Daniel kissed her. Lauren was frustrated that Eden’s memory was not enough to help Paul and she told Michael that she planned to confess that the gun was hers to save Paul. Avery succeeded in getting bail for Paul and everyone was surprised to hear that Lauren posted his bail. Cane asked Genevieve if there was anything else about his sister’s death that they should know about. Lily hoped to ease the conflict brewing between Cane and Genevieve, but he continued to demand answers. Genevieve finally snapped that if she knew who was responsible she would either tell Cane or deal with it herself. Devon ran into Harmony and she shared that she was going on a second date with Neil. Harmony thanked Neil for giving her son a good life and apologized for taking off her robe in his living room years ago. Neil accepted the apology. They finished dessert as Neil leaned in and kissed her. Jack tried to surprise Nikki with a honeymoon, but she said she couldn’t go, knowing that Victor was missing. Jack told Nikki not to leave and warned that if she did, he might not be there for her when she returned. Nikki walked out the door. Victoria told Sharon that Victor’s disappearance could be a test to see how everyone behaved, and that Sharon might have failed the test by burning the pre-nup. Sharon denied that there was a pre-nup between her and Victor. Tucker visited Sharon and suggests that she should run for CEO of Newman Enterprises at the next Board meeting. In Los Angeles, Victor was broke at a bar, when a worker entered and told everyone about possible work. Victor offered to work in the dock warehouse. Kevin tried to get Phyllis to be one of TagNGrab’s first users. With her notoriety, she would have been doing him a favor as well as clearing her horrible reputation. Later, Kevin and Chloe told Adam and Chelsea that Phyllis may come to work with them. Billy was worried about his Restless Style TV ratings; if he couldn’t turn them around he might be canceled after the next episode.

THIS WEEK: Kevin agrees to help Phyllis move Tim’s dead body.

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