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RECAPS – 8/20-24

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Hope became livid when Liam admitted that he’d been out with Steffy the night before and accused her stepsister of purposely changing his appearance the night before their wedding. Devastated by his current situation, Liam attempted to clean himself up which only resulted in a messier physical appearance. Steffy defended herself to Taylor, saying that she only wanted Liam to see what living a carefree life would be like before he became boring Mr. Hope Logan. Hope announced that that Liam wasn’t ready to get married and fled with Liam chasing after her. In front of the Forresters, Logans and Spencers, Liam begged Hope to forgive him. Hope rebuffed Liam and told him to leave. As Ridge, Brooke and Katie comforted Hope, Bill was unable to witness his son demean himself any further. Bill took harsh verbal and physical action with Liam, bringing him to a standstill. Taylor and Steffy discussed love and loss and specifically Taylor’s romantic history with Ridge and Brooke. Hope surprised Steffy when she arrived on her doorstep. Hope chastised Steffy for making a mockery of her wedding day and declared that they are no longer friends. Liam acquiesced to Bill but then told him that he is acting like a Spencer, and explained how. Hope demanded to know from Steffy what happened between she and Liam. Caroline was taken with Rick’s chivalry towards his sister. Rick confronted Liam and made a threat he was willing to make good on. Caroline questioned Thomas about dating Hope. Liam vowed to Brooke that he would make things right with Hope. Hope’s line of questioning annoyed Steffy so much that she ended the conversation. Rick hinted to Thomas that he should reconsider being with Hope. Brooke laid down the law to Steffy who lashed out in frustration in return. Hope and Liam had a serious conversation about the future of their romance.

THIS WEEK: Rick plotted to keep Liam and Hope apart.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . EJ awoke to find himself imprisoned. Sonny kissed Will, but Will denied his attraction to Sonny. Chad realized that Gabi was involved with Andrew, who turned up alive in the hospital after the explosions. Chad kept the truth about Gabi from Melanie. T accused Sonny of turning Will gay. Will and Gabi commiserated with each other and seemed ready to make love. T pounded Sonny. Chad vowed his love to Melanie. After having made love to Gabi, Will realized it was a mistake. Lucas reported to Will that EJ and Sami had been arrested. Justin found Sonny, but his son would not identify who beat him up. Maggie tried to get to Melanie to warn her about Nick Fallon’s potential release, but because of her concern for Brady and Madison, Maggie was sidetracked. Julie learned about Nick and was anxious to speak with Melanie in advance of her learning the news.

THIS WEEK: Nicole declares her romantic feelings to Daniel.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . John told Sonny that Joe Jr. got out of prison aided by an unknown associate. Sonny regretted not having killed him when he had the chance. Starr persuaded Trey to tell her who his father really was. He admitted, his father has a bad history with Sonny. Joe arrived at Trey’s door. Jason shared with Spinelli his doubts about Ewen and told him to break into his office and get any information that might connect him with the injecting of Alexis and Josslyn. Ewen, overwhelmed with guilt, almost spilled all with Kate. As Lulu and Dante waited for the doctor, Kate was upset by the news that Joe, Jr., was out of prison. Kate wanted Sonny to forget about Joe and concentrate on their happiness and their engagement. They enjoyed a romantic interlude. Trey assumed his father’s release from prison also released Trey from the plan to marry Kristina. Meanwhile, Kristina told Molly about Trey’s “proposal” and weighed the pros and cons. Kristina and Trey came together to talk about the marriage idea. Starr was troubled by Trey’s confession that his father had a past with Sonny and since Trey was involved with Kristina, she wondered if she should tell Michael about it. She sought advice from Johnny Meanwhile, Todd found Carly in the hospital and offered support for her after Josslyn’s emergency. Sonny confronted Joe Jr. Joe hinted at a connection to Mob Princess and revealed that he intended to stick around Port Charles for a while. Kristina made a decision about marrying Trey. Luke was released from the hospital. Luke mused on the identity of Heather’s accomplice, then met Todd and began to get an idea.

THIS WEEK: Jax is back and Carly comforts him.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Sharon ordered Victoria out of Victor’s chair so that she could take control as the new CEO. Sharon told the press that her appointment as majority shareholder was unanimous. Later, Tucker suggested that Sharon fire Nick. Avery told Nick that he might be able to get Sharon out of the company if he played the “mental instability” card. Abby met with Jack, who wanted to buy more shares of Newman Enterprises and he tried to convince her to partner with him. Once Abby left, Sharon approaches Jack and they talk about revenge against the Newmans. Carmine was impressed as Abby pondered buying stock on her own and not teaming up with Jack. Adam lost his patience with Sharon as he told her that running the company was harder than it seemed. Adam implied that someone had been helping her, but Sharon refused to say whom. Sharon called security to kick Adam out. At Tucker’s apartment, Sharon embraced Tucker to thank him for his help, and the hug turns into a kiss. Adam told Chelsea that she was pregnant. Phyllis is unable to revive Tim. She convinced Kevin to help her take the body back to Tim’s apartment so it would look like he died in his own home. Phyllis found Tim’s tape of her confession, while Kevin distracted Beth, by pretending to be an encyclopedia salesman. Phyllis pocketed Tim’s laptop and exited. The police found Tim’s body and Ronan interrogated Beth. She told Ronan about the unusual encyclopedia salesman that had been around the night Tim died. Michael and Ronan figured out that someone moved the body post-mortem and set the scene in his apartment to make it look as if he’d died alone. They’re convinced Phyllis had something to do with it, but she claimed she was home watching TV that night. They decided to subpoena the footage from her building security cameras. Billy offered to put Beth on TV to tell the world about Tim.

THIS WEEK: Genevieve found Victor in Los Angeles.

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