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RECAPS – 8/27-31

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Knowing that his son was going through hell not knowing what the current status was in his relationship, Bill discouraged Liam from attempting to reconcile with Hope. To ensure that his sister wasn’t hurt by Liam anymore, along with a couple of other ulterior motives, Rick put Othello in a difficult position with Hope. With Othello on track with his plan, Rick focused on Thomas to be his next pawn. Still dumbfounded by Hope ending their relationship for good, Liam was blindsided by Rick’s quick maneuver to get Hope out of the house. When learning about Hope and Liam’s defunct wedding, Steffy was surprisingly hesitant about making her move. Hope turned to Thomas for comfort and declared that Steffy and Liam would finally be together. Rick sat back and enjoyed watching his machinations at work. After much searching, Liam found Steffy in a familiar location at Venice Beach where they shared a chemically charged reunion. Rick convinced Thomas and Hope to spend more time together, hoping that would free up Caroline to spend time with Rick. Ridge and Taylor discussed the recent events and how they had affected their children’s lives. Continuing to be Hope’s support system, Thomas helped her move the rest of her belongings out of Liam’s house. To add to the awkwardness of the occasion, Hope and Thomas found themselves face-to-face with Liam and Steffy. Rick worked on the next part of his plan: to convince the rest of his family that Hope was better off with Thomas than she was with Liam.

THIS WEEK: Thomas makes a shocking announcement.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . EJ was bailed out of jail, but Sami decided not to connect with him. Instead Sami chose to commit to her children and no man at all. Jennifer and Abigail spread Jack’s ashes. Daniel and Rafe agreed to remain united in their desire to protect Nicole from EJ. Nicole finally confessed to Daniel that she wanted a romantic relationship with him. Daniel let Nicole know that he was not interested in her in that way. After learning about how Melanie was victimized by Andrew, Nick decided not to apply for parole. Marlena determined that Nick had been transformed in his time behind bars. Hope urged Nick to reconsider his decision. While Melanie was writing a letter to the parole board to keep Nick in prison, Nick had decided to take Hope’s advice and tried to get out. Sonny and Will remained disconnected. T continued to try and intimidate Sonny, prompting Sonny to slug T. Lucas accused Sami of using the men in her life, wanting them all to remain forever in love with her. Rafe softened in his desire to reunite with Sami. Rafe consoled Brady about Madison. Will resigned from his job with EJ and the two agreed to be friends. Daniel asked Maggie to take Nicole in to the mansion and she agreed to persuade Victor. Later, however, Victor vehemently denied Maggie’s suggestion that Nicole live under his roof. Jennifer stepped in and offered to let Nicole live with her.

THIS WEEK: Melanie has second thoughts about trying to stop Nick’s parole.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Anna learned the identity of the patient. Jerry, on TV, disabused the rumors of his death. He revealed his deadly plot for Port Charles. Jason, getting closer to the truth, questioned Patrick about Robin’s past association with Jerry Jacks. Jason told Patrick to go to Elizabeth’s and kept her away from Ewen. Ewen was as shocked as Elizabeth was by Jerry’s broadcasting. Ewen made a slip and Elizabeth questioned him. Patrick entered in time to see Ewen grab Elizabeth. Jax, with Carly, had no idea his brother was still alive. When Carly understood that Jerry injected Josslyn because he cared about her and wanted to protect her, she freaked out, telling Jax how extremely ill Josslyn had been. They realized that they could already be dying. Jax left to confront his brother. John questioned Alexis about whether she remembered anything about the night she was injected. They turned on the TV and heard Jerry. Tracy and Joe watched in afterglow. Joe feigned ignorance about Jerry. Jax tried to reason with his brother. McBain urged Dante not to negotiate with a terrorist, and Jason suggested a more immediate way to deal with Jerry. Jerry had a warning about his plot. Patrick tried to protect Elizabeth without letting Ewen know he was the one from whom Liz was being protected. They planned to call the police. Jason came to check on Liz. Todd confessed to Carly that Jerry duped him. Carly and Todd were relieved to learn that Starr and Michael were away and out of danger, but should consider the possibility that they themselves might be dying. Todd was strong and comforted Carly, who admitted he’d come to mean a lot to her. Starr and Michael figured out that Trey and Kristina were in Vegas to get married. They tried to stop them. Sonny came upon Jerry with Kate and ordered him out of town. Sonny vowed to Kate that they would stop Jerry and live to dance at their wedding. Lulu was at the PCPD with Dante, wanting to spend her last hours with Dante if they’re all going to die. Dante and Lulu went to Patrick’s and learned that Ewen was involved with Jerry. Ewen had grabbed Elizabeth and was taking her to parts unknown in his car. Jax felt horrible about Jerry and wished he could somehow get to the human side of him and keep him from doing this horrible thing. Carly, feeling for Jax, comforted him. Sonny walked in on Joe Jr. and pulled a gun on him. Sonny was about to pull the trigger when Joe Jr. played his trump card.

THIS WEEK: Ewen and Jason struggle over Elizabeth.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Phyllis reluctantly confessed to Ronan that Tim had been blackmailing her and that he died in her living room. Kevin arrived after throwing Phyllis’s old rug in the alley dumpster and was stunned that Phyllis told Ronan about Tim. Phyllis tried to put Kevin at ease, while Ronan left to look at the rug that Phyllis and Kevin used to move Tim. Meanwhile, Michael finished questioning Beth when he received a call from Kevin. Beth saw the photo of Kevin on the caller ID and recognizes him as the “encyclopedia salesman” that was by Tim’s apartment. Later, Kevin went to meet Chloe, Adam, and Chelsea for a Tag N Grab meeting. Michael asked a nervous Kevin what he knew about encyclopedias.

Chloe backed up Kevin’s story that he had been stranded on the highway on the night that Tim died. Phyllis called Kevin and told him that Ronan was on their side and to stay quiet about anything connected to Tim. Daniel assured Heather that Phyllis’ legal troubles wouldn’t get in the way of their relationship. Heather considered burning the last box of Ricky’s things and Daniel suggested that she consider keeping something. She opted to hang onto a snow globe from Niagara Falls. Across town, Avery and Paul met Ricky’s friend Bryce who reluctantly confessed that Ricky killed Rachel. Avery was optimistic that this information might help Paul’s case. Lily found a business card with the name “Claude Shirl” printed on it after a mysterious woman bumped into her at Crimson Lights. Cane was shocked that Lily’s description of the woman sounded like his late sister, Samantha. Cane questioned Genevieve and she was upset that he thought she had something to do with it. Tucker met with Sofia to talk business. When Sofia brought up the issue of Sharon’s bad press, Tucker explained that he actually intended to double his stock without revealing his connection to Sharon. Sharon was furious when the Chronicle’s article conveyed her as being unqualified to run Newman Enterprises. Nick told Sharon that he started the search for Victor again. They argued and she fired him. Nick accuses Sharon of having something to do with Victor’s disappearance and he vowed to put an end to everything she was doing. Nikki told Victoria that she tried visiting all of Victor’s sanctuaries, but had no luck in finding him. In Los Angeles, Victor entered the bar and starts grabbing his chest.

THIS WEEK: Genevieve and Billy find Victor in L.A.

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