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RECAPS – 9/4-7

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Bill had a difficult time containing his gratification regarding the final demise of Liam and Hope’s relationship. Thomas realized that Rick was attempting to redirect his attentions towards Hope, yet agreed that she deserved a man who would give her his undivided attention. Hope called a press conference to announce that she is putting an end to her Perfect Wedding collections AND her relationship with Liam. During the press conference, Rick hijacked Hope’s announcement with a shocking announcement of his own. Thomas’ stunt left tongues wagging by the press and tempers flaring by Liam and Caroline. Katie and Bill expressed polar opposite opinions while trying to give Liam advice about how to address Hope about what he saw happen at the press conference. Furious at Thomas for his stunt, Caroline turned to Rick for comfort… just as he had hoped. Thomas’ heartfelt confession to Hope was abruptly interrupted. Brooke and Ridge received a gift from Stephanie that they have been waiting for decades — her blessing on their impending nuptials. Steffy refused to adhere to Katie’s stern warning to stay away from Hope and Liam while they were working on their relationship. Despite Hope’s advisement of him to move on with his life, Liam made a final plea to Hope to give their relationship another chance.

THIS WEEK: Bill continues to manipulate Liam to choose Steffy instead of Hope.

Days of Our Lives

EJ confronted Sami about the status of their relationship, but she was reluctant to make any commitment to him. Nicole was forced to move in with Abigail and Jennifer after she rejected Daniel’s arrangement of her living with Victor and Maggie. Nicole learned that she was having a boy. Sami’s attorney wanted her to get Rafe, her arresting officer, to speak up for her in court. Rafe and Sami had a warm moment, but then he thought she’d been trying to manipulate him to get his testimony. Lucas let EJ know that Sami rejects every man who wants her once she’s bored with the relationship. EJ uses that information and implies to Sami that he was beginning to believe that Nicole’s baby was really Rafe’s after all. Melanie turned to Gabi for advice about whether to speak for or against Nick, her stalker. Gabi nearly confessed the truth to Melanie about her connection with Andrew. When Sami confronted Rafe and asked him point blank if Nicole’s baby was his or not, Rafe said he was the father. Nicole thanked Rafe for keeping her confidence and he said he’d never reveal the truth about the baby to anyone. Jennifer was irritated about Nicole’s attitude. At the parole hearing, Melanie vacillated about helping Nick or speaking out against him. Chad reported later that Melanie did what had to be done. Nick received his parole. Brady was unhappy with the result. Sami asked Chad and Gabi to resume modeling, but Chad told Gabi no way. Rafe assumed that Sami had fired Gabi. When Sami tried to stop a purse snatcher and called for a cop, Rafe appeared and they shared an intimate moment. Brady promoted Kate, giving her Titan power as well as Mad World. Chad and Melanie made love and he promised to protect her always.

THIS WEEK: Nicole confides her feelings for Daniel to Rafe.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Todd gathered the richest PC citizens at the Quartermaine mansion and convinced everyone to ante up to meet Jerry’s demands. Everyone was getting sick except Tracy. Joe Jr. slipped out when he saw Sonny was there. Joe arrived and struggled with Jax. Ewen and Jason struggled over Elizabeth. Jason and Elizabeth had a fraught moment as she bandaged his wound. McBain told Sam he thought he might know where to find the cure. Sonny was about to tell Kate that Joe Jr. told him her son was still alive. Kate learned from Steve that Ewen has taken Elizabeth and was in league with Jerry. She realized why Ewen had been so guilt-ridden. Port Charles wealthy folks were prepared to pay for the antidote but couldn’t find Jerry. Tracy headed to the hospital, hoping her unaffected condition might help isolate a cure. The others received a call with demands. Sam grew woozy from the pathogens. Jason and Sam were alone together and in the face of impending death. Jason wondered what might have happened to them if the baby had not died. Patrick was forced to return to the renovated lab for the first time since Robin’s death and faced the challenge of trying to synthesize an antidote. Maxie helped decipher notes Robin left behind. Maxie and Patrick shared a special moment. With their deaths by poisoning imminent, Sam and Jason imagined a different outcome had another choice been made at a critical moment in their lives. John was not happy to learn that Todd has a plan of his own. Dante called Sonny for information. Shawn and Alexis revealed their feelings for each other – and we saw that someone was lurking.

THIS WEEK: Olivia has another strange hallucination that again proves to be an accurate premonition.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Tucker told Sharon that a romance between them would undermine her progress as CEO. Victoria informed Sharon that she planned to use her mental health history against her. As they argued, Victoria bumped into a box and everything that Sharon had stolen spilled onto the ground. Victoria realized Sharon had started stealing again, while Sharon vehemently denied knowing how those things got in the box. Genevieve calls Tucker to share her concerns about Victor’s heart problems after he had another bout of dizziness. Tucker says he’ll send Victor’s medication but that she can’t let him return home. Sister Celeste told Billy that Victor was struggling to remember his past. Genevieve reluctantly admitted to Billy that she was doing Tucker’s bidding. Victor played darts with Billy who realized that Victor truly didn’t recognize him. Phyllis played along with Ronan’s story that they’re having an affair. Michael told Phyllis if she intended to stick by this story then she’d have to tell Nick or he would. Ronan stood by the alibi and vowed that he’d do whatever he could to help Phyllis because he was in love with her. Phyllis told Nick about “the affair” but he quickly saw through her lie. Nick asked Phyllis how far she would go as he was skeptical about Ronan’s motives. At Crimson Lights, Nick confronted Ronan and punched him in the face. As Michael walked Ronan out, Nick was disgusted that Phyllis put him in this situation. Adam and Abby’s curiosity got the best of them and they headed to the courthouse as Sharon’s hearing commenced. Victoria and Nick each testified that Sharon’s limited experience and her mental issues made her unfit to be the CEO at Newman Enterprises. Victoria was named interim CEO as the judge gave Sharon 24 hours to decide if she would commit herself to Fairview so a doctor can observe her mental state. Adam encouraged Sharon to walk away from Newman Enterprises, while Sharon dismissed his comments about Tucker influencing her. Sharon went to Tucker and he ended up kissing her and carrying her into the bedroom. Later, Adam arrived and Sharon shocked him as she walks out wearing only Tucker’s shirt. Cane warned Jack that leveraging his collateral could have disastrous consequences for Beauty of Nature and Jabot. Jack held steady with his plan and ordered Cane to extend their credit. Cane left as Jack called his lawyer to start divorce proceedings. Jack was dismissive towards Nikki when she stopped by his house to return some of his things. Nikki tried to appeal to him but Jack was unwavering in his choice to end their marriage. Nikki went to the ranch to search for clues about Victor’s whereabouts, and found Sharon’s renovation plans. Victoria reminded Nick that they only had a few days to stabilize Newman Enterprises and that whatever happened to Sharon was of her own doing. Sharon woke up in Tucker’s bed and said she didn’t mind that Adam saw her with him. Tucker tried to convince a reluctant Sharon to go to Fairview. Later at Crimson Lights, Nick entered with Faith and Sharon explained that she had to leave for a few days. Sharon told Nick that she’ll be back to work in no time.

THIS WEEK: Sharon runs into Daisy while in Fairview.

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