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RECAPS – 9/10-14

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Liam was confused as to why Hope suddenly suspected that he had cheated on her with Steffy the night before their latest wedding. With the assumption that Hope and Liam would eventually reunite, Thomas brushed off Steffy’s suggestion that he had feelings for Hope again. Bill had an ulterior motive when he invited Steffy over for a Spencer family dinner. To get Hope’s interest piqued, Rick lets her know that Thomas still had lingering feelings for her. Bill used tough love tactics and words of his wisdom to attempt to get Liam to look and act more like a true Spencer. Rick was caught off-guard when Ridge asked him to be the best man in his and Brooke’s wedding. The Forrester mansion was allabuzz on the day of Brooke and Ridge’s anticipated wedding. Still heartbroken from her breakup, Hope tried to maintain a positive attitude for her mother’s sake. Hope’s mother and aunts gave her advice on coping based on their own past failed relationships. During the festivities, Rick took Thomas aside and gave him permission to pursue Hope. Caroline kept a close eye on Thomas to ensure that his eye wasn’t roaming elsewhere. Taylor was pleasantly surprised when Thorne opted out of attending Ridge’s wedding so that he could comfort her on this bittersweet day. Ridge risked ruining his wedding by inviting some potentially disgruntled guests to publicly share what the wedding meant to them.

THIS WEEK: Hope receives a special visitor.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . EJ romanced Sami and continued to remind her that Rafe was not available to her because of Nicole. Rafe couldn’t stop thinking about Sami and was compelled to act. Melanie was stunned by Chad’s proposal. Sami was contemplating EJ’s romantic offer to her when she met with Rafe and he shocked her with a searing kiss. After that, Sami wasn’t sure what to do about EJ. Melanie saw Nick at Maggie’s house, but pretended that she wasn’t afraid of him. Later, Melanie accepted Chad’s marriage proposal. EJ plotted to keep Rafe and Sami apart. Nick was concerned about getting a chance to start over so Caroline gave him a job at the pub to prove himself. Jennifer had troubles dealing with the emotional aftermath of Jack’s death. Nicole undercut Jennifer with Daniel, letting him know that she’d never get over Jack. Jennifer and Brady bonded after a grief counseling session. Kayla and Abe reminisced about Lexie. Chad insisted that Gabi could not be in Melanie’s wedding party, but Gabi countered that Chad had led her on and deserved some of the blame for what happened with Andrew. Will learned from T that Sonny liked him. Adrienne was concerned about Sonny’s interest in Will because of Will’s baggage, in particular his parents. Kate accused Sami of leaving a trail of broken hearts. Melanie bristles over the overprotectiveness of the men in her life, Daniel, Chad and Brady. Chad asked EJ to be his best man.

THIS WEEK: Daniel warns Nicole that they’re only friends and nothing more.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Jason and Elizabeth get closer to discovering the truth about Sam’s baby. When Sam was released from the hospital, she and Jason said goodbye, not sure if they’d ever see each other again. Sam had a vivid flashback of holding her baby. Sonny and Jax realized that Jerry intended to take Alexis with him when he disappeared. Todd’s actions infuriated everyone. Jax attacked Jerry and they struggled for the gun. Jerry flung the case outside and the explosive contents were revealed. Shawn revealed that he’d stolen a piece of paper from Jerry. McBain and Dante discovered that the antiserum was rigged to explode. Lulu arrived, unwilling to be apart from her husband. Jerry hurried to escape with Alexis, unaware Sonny and Jax were close behind. Desperate Jerry held a gun on Jax and revealed his ultimate motivation. Sonny endeavored to rescue Jax; in the ensuing a gunfight, a gas line was torn open and sparked. Tracy had a scare when Monica delivered bad news. Patrick stunned everyone. While waiting for either the delivery of a cure or for the end to come, Jason told Monica that the blood records suggested the baby who died wasn’t Sam’s. Meanwhile, Sam told Molly about the “what if” scenarios she shared with Jason, but admitted those were fantasies. Molly pressed her sister to tell her which man she’d choose if they lived — Jason or John. At the same time, Elizabeth admitted to Steve the depth of her feelings for Jason. Kate and Steve found Olivia on the hospital roof and thought she was about to jump from the ledge. Olivia had another strange hallucination that again proved to be an accurate premonition.

THIS WEEK: Anna returns to Llanview in search of someone.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Michael didn’t believe Ronan’s story about his affair with Phyllis. He begged with Kevin to tell him the truth about the night Tim died for his and Chloe’s sake but Kevin remained mum. Phyllis asked Ronan what his motives were for helping her but he danced around the real answer. Avery tried to get Phyllis to see the harm she was bringing to her marriage. Across town, Ronan stunned Nick when he said that he was in love with Phyllis. Fen shocked Summer at Crimson Lights when he shared that he heard that Phyllis was having an affair with Ronan. Phyllis was caught off guard when a furious Summer asks if she was cheating on Nick. Phyllis lied as Nick returns and was angry that Phyllis put their daughter in this position. Summer left as Phyllis explained that telling Summer the truth about Tim’s death would be worse than the lie she was telling. Nick left to stay at the ranch. Billy tried to get a story out of Phyllis and she threw a drink in his face. Phyllis threatened to come after Billy if he mentioned her or Summer on Restless Style TV. Later, Summer tried to spike her and Fen’s coffees with vodka but Ronan caught them. Ronan took Summer home and told Phyllis she should be grateful he didn’t have Summer arrested. Paul discovered a flash drive hidden in Ricky’s snow globe. Heather called Michael so he could see the evidence. They’re stunned to see the video on the drive was Ricky claiming that if something happened to him the police should look at Paul. Paul was devastated that Ricky went to such lengths to ruin his life. Michael tries to convince Lauren not to come forward about giving the gun to Paul, knowing it would not be enough to save him. Neil and Harmony invited Sarge to join them for their dinner. When Harmony mentioned something about where she was from, Sarge was clearly affected by it.

Chelsea and Adam agreed to keep the news about her pregnancy a secret until her first trimester is over. Later, Jeffrey and Gloria overheard Chloe telling Kevin about the baby and they decided to pay Chelsea a visit. Chelsea saw a tiny flicker of sincerity in Jeffrey. Back at their home, Chloe surprised Kevin with a new puppy. In Los Angeles, Victor was wary of Genevieve but begins to let his guard down. He confesses that he felt like he has left people behind but cannot remember whom. Genevieve called Tucker and tells him that she thinks Victor may need help and was suffering from memory loss. She left her phone on the table by Victor. Meanwhile, at the Athletic Club, Nikki was thankful to see Jack out of his wheelchair. Jack told Katherine and Nikki he thought Victor might be with Genevieve who was also out of town. Nikki called Genevieve’s phone but no one answered. Victor questioned Genevieve about the “Nikki Newman” that called, but she casually claimed it is just a friend. Victoria rehired Nick and prepared a document that would protect both of them from being fired without approval from the Newman Board.

THIS WEEK: Heather has second thoughts about her romance with Daniel.

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