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RECAPS – 9/17-21

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . With Ridge away on his honeymoon, Rick made himself home in the Forrester Creations CEO office. He arranged for a photo shoot between Hope and Thomas to try to generate some heat between them. Caroline was less than thrilled that Thomas and Hope would be spending a lot of time together working on the new “Hope for the Future” collection. Liam showed up at Spencer Publications with a whole new attitude, one that pleased Bill. Hope was stunned by a visit from a person from her past that was bearing flowers… and the truth about what really happened in Italy. Katie warned Bill that his constant meddling in Liam’s life might backfire and could be detrimental to their family. Caroline angrily confronted Thomas about his feelings for Hope and what that meant for their relationship. Rick used Thomas and Caroline’s argument to his advantage. Bill attempted to maintain his cool when Deacon shows up at his door threatening to expose the truth about what really happened in Italy. Caroline paid a visit to Liam and advised him to go out and fight for his relationship. Taking Caroline’s advice, Liam set out to win Hope back. Katie threatened to protect her baby in every way possible from Bill’s controlling and vindictive ways. She vowed not to let him ever treat their son the way Bill treated Liam. Hope grappled with her emotions while Liam gave her the many reasons why she should give him another chance. Steffy confessed to Taylor her plan to ensure that she was the one that ended up with Liam. Katie’s enraged confrontation with Bill caused her to go into early labor. Bill rushed Katie to the hospital, fearing the worst outcome of a premature delivery combined with her heart condition.

THIS WEEK: Bill is informed concerning Katie and their baby’s health.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . EJ got into a fistfight with Rafe over Sami. John intervened to stop the brawl and criticized their solution to the problem. EJ determined that the best tact for him would be to prove Nicole’s baby was his and not Rafe’s, thereby exposing Rafe’s illegal actions. Even though Daniel would also be destroyed by the revelation of the altered paternity test, EJ demanded an immediate DNA test after the baby’s birth. Daniel reiterated to Nicole that they were only friends and nothing more. Jennifer overheard EJ about the paternity test and later told Daniel she was disappointed in him for committing fraud for Nicole and then sleeping with her, too. Nicole started manipulating Abigail to undermine Jennifer in her daughter’s eyes. Will overheard Adrienne declaring that he was the wrong person for Sonny because of his screwed up history. Roman informed Hope and Bo that they needed to accept a fifty percent pay cut to remain on the force. Hope accepted the news, but Bo revealed that he was feeling unfulfilled by his work and wanted something more in life. Sami informed Lucas she was planning to focus on her children and work, nothing more. Lucas had no interest in getting back into the romantic rotation with Sami, not wanting to compete with Rafe and EJ. Chad was suspicious of Gabi and Nick’s newfound friendship.

THIS WEEK: Melanie reels when she learns from Gabi that Chad beat up Nick and nearly killed him.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Sam ran off after spying Jason and Elizabeth’s kiss. Jason and Liz were interrupted by Spinelli, who had news about his investigation into the death of Sam’s baby. Sam believed she and Jason had no future together and signed the divorce papers. Téa Delgado hired a new nanny unaware of the person’s true identity. Steve received upsetting news. Tracy questioned Joe about his name. Their conversation was cut short when Sonny arrives to discuss the missing money that Jerry extorted. Elsewhere, Kate was stunned when she learned Trey wore a medal identical to Joe Jr’s. Connie emerged with the realization that Trey was the son Connie abandoned in Brooklyn before her transformation into Kate. Unaware that Connie has re-emerged, Sonny broke up the confrontation between her and Trey. Olivia had another apparent hallucination. Carly asked about the secret Jax overheard Johnny discussing with Todd. Jason and Spinelli got closer to the truth of the mystery of Sam’s baby – whether there was, in fact, a baby switch – but were prevented from finding out when they learn the one person who they believed had the answers went missing. Dante and Lulu were interrupted in their effort to make a baby when Steve called with upsetting news. A rattled Johnny coped with the shocking re-emergence of Connie, who told him she has a scathingly brilliant idea, which must be accomplished before Kate married Sonny. Sonny told Michael he thinks he knows who Trey’s father is: Joe Scully Jr. Trey confronted Joe. Kristina came to look for Trey and found Starr, who told her Trey left, very upset. Tracy rejected a call from Joe. She told Monica it was all over with Joe. Tracy allowed that she never heard Joe’s side of the story. Sabrina, the young nurse, met Patrick and the earth moved for her. She was distressed when she heard him accept a date with Dr. W. On the anniversary of Sam and Jason’s wedding day, Sam told McBain about the Chinese restaurant nuptials. Jason called McBain, asking for his help. Joe Jr. swore that Sonny and Kate’s wedding would be one that no one would ever forget. Connie was chagrined when Maxie, having been hired by Sonny, showed up to help with the wedding. Maxie was dismayed by “Kate’s” Connie-like choices.

THIS WEEK: Shawn questions Alexis about her involvement with Jax.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Nick and Victoria were shocked by Sharon’s unexpected return to Newman Enterprises. Following the judge’s ruling, Avery informed the Newman’s that Sharon had been reinstated as CEO. Sharon swept all of Victoria’s personal items into the trash, and let everyone know that she was there to stay. Nick and Victoria told Sharon to be careful with Tucker, as they suspected he was just using her to purchase stock as the price declines. Sharon told Nick and Victoria that she was holding a press conference and she expected them to stand by her in solidarity. Nikki asked Billy to do a story on Victor’s disappearance, but he was hesitant to agree to it. He considered telling her the truth about Victor’s absence when Jack interrupted them. Billy left to meet Victoria, while Nikki attempted to reconcile with Jack. He was distant and Nikki realized that their differences were truly irreconcilable. Sofia told Tucker to be careful as he continued to purchase additional shares of Newman stock. Sofia brought up the possibility of Victor being dead and Tucker let her know that it was a risk was willing to take. Tucker told Genevieve that he needed her to delay Victor’s return to Genoa City. Victor informed Genevieve and Sister Celeste that he wanted to help fight for the dockworkers. Billy arrived in Los Angeles and told Victor that he is a journalist and that he could expose how the dockworkers were being mistreated. Billy and Genevieve were ready to tell Victor who he really was but they lost track of him after one of the angry dockworkers gave Victor a bad lead about work on the docks in order to trap him. Adam and Kevin met with Cane to try to get a link to TagNGrab onto Jabot’s website, but Cane was against the idea. Kevin gave him an ultimatum: either they shared mutual links or they had no deal. Chloe tried to make Kevin understand that he was blowing a huge deal. Cane stepped in to break up an argument between Adam and Kevin and said that Jabot would not be doing business with them until they sorted out their differences. Nick told Phyllis that he was set on moving to the ranch. Summer expressed her disdain for Phyllis and said that she wanted to live with Nick. Across town, Heather and Daniel made love. She commented about their having to sneak around as she left to meet Paul at the Athletic Club. Heather slipped out as Phyllis, Michael, and Kevin arrived to tell Daniel about Daisy. Heather returned and broke up with Daniel because she was worried that Lucy’s mom being alive would change things for them. Heather cried outside, as Daniel was equally devastated. Phyllis returned to the penthouse and found Nick and Summer packing their things. Phyllis sat alone as Nick and Summer left. Michael and Ronan stunned Paul with the news that Daisy was in a coma at Fairvew.

THIS WEEK: Reports of Victor’s death reached Genoa City.

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