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RECAPS – 9/24-28

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Liam and Steffy enjoyed their reunion and agreed to take their re-found relationship much slower this time. Taylor explained to Thomas how Liam and Steffy’s reunion, which she took credit for, might mean to his own situation with Hope. Fearing for the life of Katie and their unborn child, Bill had a cathartic moment and turned to an unlikely source for help… God. Bill was informed that he needed to make a serious decision concerning Katie’s and their baby’s health. Meanwhile, Katie voiced her own preference regarding her condition and about who she felt should be saved, if need be. Despite being in a relationship with Caroline, Thomas confessed his true feelings to Hope. Hope and Liam reunited over a family tragedy. Doctors frantically attempted to save Katie’s life as she experienced serious complications during the delivery of her baby. Donna stepped in as the matriarch of the Logan family in the absence of Brooke to see her family through this tragic ordeal. Liam and Hope clung to each other while Katie and her baby clung to life. Bill was overcome with grief at the thought of losing Katie. Steffy was grateful to her mother when Taylor confessed about what she told Liam that caused his sudden change of heart. Meanwhile, Katie’s health scare prompted Liam to rethink that change of heart and he asked Hope to give him one more chance. After Katie’s miraculous recovery, she and Bill named their newborn son. Katie agreed to put her anger towards Bill aside for their baby’s sake.

THIS WEEK: Bill continues to ask Katie for forgiveness.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Nicole showed Sami a photo of Rafe and Nicole in bed as proof that they’d been lovers. Despite being shaken, Sami went ahead with her date with Rafe. Unaware of Rafe’s concerns about other matters, Sami assumed that he was not interested in renewing their romance. At the end of the date, however, Rafe could not control his emotions and he kissed Sami passionately. Gabi was so upset that Chad nearly pummeled Nick in a fistfight, that she was compelled to tell the truth about the Andrew situation. Maggie comforted Melanie as she expressed her feelings about marrying Chad. Once Gabi told Melanie what Chad had done to Nick and the real story of Andrew the stalker, Melanie could not forgive Gabi and Chad’s part in the lies. Nick appreciated Gabi’s concern for him. Roman asked Bo to make his decision about staying on the force or not. Gabi told Rafe what she’d done by hiring Andrew to stalk Melanie and he vowed to stand by his sister as she faced prison time. EJ overheard Rafe and Gabi and decided to use Gabi’s plight to blackmail Rafe into staying away from Sami. Rafe knuckled under and told Sami that their date meant nothing to him. Jennifer asked Nicole to move out after having the baby. Despite Daniel’s request that Jennifer butt out, Jennifer continue searching for DNA labs. Chad pleaded with Melanie for forgiveness, but she was annoyed by his overprotectiveness. Melanie announced that she was going to visit Carly in Europe and she didn’t want Chad going with her. After saying goodbye to her friends and family, Melanie asked Maggie to return the engagement ring to Chad.

THIS WEEK: Nicole comforts Daniel over Melanie’s abrupt departure.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Jason and Sam were both drawn to the Chinese restaurant where they were married exactly one year ago. Unable to extricate themselves from the awkward situation, Jason and Sam went along with the Yi family’s reaffi rmation of the vows they shared last year. Jason and Sam got swept up in the swell of emotion and shared a kiss. McBain visited Tea and found a way to accomplish what he came to do. Carly was surprised when “Kate” showed up at Johnny’s. When Carly left, Connie demands Johnny’s signature on a document for their mysterious plan. Sonny and Alexis presented Kristina with annulment papers and were surprised to learn she didn’t want to sign them, but instead was pursuing a relationship with her husband, Trey. Trey visited his father at his motel and demanded to know how he planned to bring down Sonny. Satisfied that Trey and Kristina planned to stay married, Joe felt confident in carrying out his plan. Anna questioned Todd about Heather’s whereabouts. John hinted to Anna that he might know of something Heather had on Todd, and that he’d be happy to see Todd locked up at last. Johnny, panicked after Connie got him to sign her mysterious document, got rid of Carly by sending her off to get Chinese food. Johnny then called Todd. Sonny was taken aback by Kate’s wedding plans. Maxie told Mac that Kate was driving her nuts. Carly found Sam at the Chinese restaurant and Sam told her what happened. Carly insisted Jason still loved Sam, and that Elizabeth posed no threat. Jason went to the hospital and got the sample from John. Elizabeth saw this exchange and offered to help. Patrick had a date with Dr. W and Sabrina arrived to babysit for Emma. Dr. W and Patrick ended up at the Floating Rib, and Patrick felt he must explain himself to Mac. Johnny expected Todd to hold up his end of their deal to make Connie disappear while Todd was counting on Johnny to find Heather. Sonny wanted Johnny to stay away from Kate. Sonny was concerned about the news he had to deliver to Kate that thought she didn’t know that Trey is her son. Carly ran into Elizabeth and warned her to stay away from Jason, revealing something that was news to Liz. Liz met with Jason and they went to the hospital to await Tea’s baby’s DNA test results.

THIS WEEK: Elizabeth makes a shocking confession.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Nikki told Victoria and Nick that Billy gave her Victor’s phone number but their call was disconnected. Nikki suggested that they use Sharon’s press conference to announce Victor’s return. In L.A., Billy and Genevieve realized that Victor had set up and sent to the warehouse during the explosion. Billy rushed out to find Victor as Genevieve called 911. Sister Celeste returned and told everyone that Victor was dead. Genevieve was overcome with grief as Sister Celeste asked her to leave the bar with her. Meanwhile, the press conference began as Nick pledged his full support to Sharon. Abby questioned Nikki who calmly informed the press that she had spoken to Victor and that she was confident he’d be returning soon. Billy entered and stunned everyone with the news that Victor had died. The Newman’s were devastated. Sharon told the press that her family needed time to grieve. Jack worried that he may not be able to deliver the funds from the margin call he made to buy Newman stock and he offered to sell Beauty of Nature to Tucker. Sofia drafted a sales agreement as Tucker accepted Jack’s offer. Nick took Nikki to the ranch so she could feel closer to Victor. Phyllis arrived to comfort Nick. Chelsea suggested to Adam that they might want to name their child Victor and they shared a tender moment. Victoria asked Billy how he knew about Victor being in Los Angeles and he told her that he only had a lead. Kevin encouraged Billy to be honest about Victor being in L.A. Sister Celeste took Genevieve to see that Victor is alive. Victor struggled with a bout of dizziness and recognized Genevieve but he doesn’t know from where. Victor had a memory of Nikki. Genevieve encouraged Victor and he remembered his name. Sharon entered the morgue to identify Victor’s body and was stunned as she realized the body wasn’t Victor’s. She cursed Victor under her breath and decided to lie. Sharon ordered to have the body cremated. Later, Tucker proposed to Sharon and she accepted. The Newman’s were furious that Sharon cremated Victor’s body without consulting them. The residents of Genoa City got a text from Sharon about Victor’s last minute funeral. At the chapel, Sharon arrived wearing a chic white dress. She claimed that she wouldn’t have time to change before her next event and shocked everyone when she said she was marrying to Tucker right after the funeral.

THIS WEEK: Ronan tells Phyllis that Christine had him dropped from her case.

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