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RECAPS – 10/1-5

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Bill begged Katie for forgiveness as she explained to him what would happen to their family if he were prosecuted for his actions regarding Deacon. An appalled Donna inadvertently overheard Bill and Katie’s conversation and promptly threatened to tell Hope and Liam. As Rick was trying to discourage Hope from giving Liam another chance, Othello arrived to tell her the truth. After a playful afternoon together, Steffy revealed an additional surprise for Liam. Donna set out in search of Hope and Liam to tell them the truth about why their relationship failed. As a means to redeem himself with Katie, Bill agreed to accept the consequences of his actions. Othello called Rick out on his scheme to steal Caroline away from Thomas by ensuring that Hope remained single. Liam and Steffy’s sexy secret rendezvous was no longer a secret. Armed with new information about Bill, Steffy and Liam, Donna encouraged Hope to move on with her life. Bill worried that Donna spilling the beans would cause him to lose the most important thing in his life: his family. Steffy and Liam, not realizing that their secret had been discovered, basked in their love and affection for each other. It was a bittersweet moment for Bill when Donna informed him and Katie that Liam and Steffy were back together. Rick’s next move to win Caroline over was to surprise her with her very own Forrester Creations collection. Rick and Caroline grew closer as they fantasized about running the company side-by-side.

THIS WEEK: Heather makes a life-threatening decision when she feels cornered.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Knuckling under to EJ’s blackmail, Rafe let Sami know that their romance was over. EJ raced to Sami’s side to comfort her. Bo decided that he wanted a different life than staying with the police department. Chad was distraught about Melanie leaving Salem. Nick stepped in to save Gabi by telling Chad that he would press charges against him for assault unless Chad agreed to not testify against Gabi. Chad agreed to Nick’s deal. Daniel promised to stay by Nicole’s side for the baby’s sake, but he didn’t want a relationship with her. Jennifer continued to investigate DNA labs, even thought Daniel asked her to butt out. EJ realized that he lost his leverage with Rafe because of Chad’s decision to not testify against Gabi. Sami learned why Rafe turned on her. Daniel admitted that he loved Jennifer. Nicole was devastated to learn Daniel’s true feelings. Sami and Rafe reconnected and could not deny their love. EJ was horrified to see Sami and Rafe locked in an embrace. Dr. Sedwick examined Nicole using a fetal heart monitor and discovered that the baby was dead. Nicole’s day turned darker when she saw a warm moment between Daniel and Jennifer. EJ was brooding about Sami and Rafe when Stefano called him. Kayla and Hope supported Bo’s decision to re-sign from the Salem P.D.

THIS WEEK: Daniel tells Jennifer he is resigning from the hospital and leaving town.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . The guests gathered for Sonny’s wedding on the Haunted Star: Sonny insisted on seeing the bride to query her on her argument with Trey. Sonny, convinced that Kate didn’t know she was Trey’s mother, told her he had something to talk about but it could wait until after the wedding. Carly decideed to go with Johnny to the wedding. At the wedding Johnny slipped away. Spinelli appeared with Ellie, his date, to Maxie’s chagrin, so she couldn’t reveal her feelings. Dante and Michael had a nice moment with Sonny before the wedding, and then Sonny told Milo and Max to watch for Joe Jr. in case he trieed to pull something. Trey decided to tell Kristina the whole truth about his parents. McBain learned the results of the DNA test run on Tea’s baby. He met Alexis at the lakehouse where Sam had decided she couldn’t face going to the wedding. McBain got a letter from Natalie. Sam told him about her divorce and about how Elizabeth and Jason were together, or so she believed. They consoled each other. Elizabeth went to pick up Jason for the wedding and he showed her the divorce papers from Sam, and talked about his sadness that he couldn’t give Sam her baby back. Elizabeth was increasingly guilt-ridden. Sonny and Kate’s wedding began and several people had reasons why the two should not be joined. Lulu suspected there was more to the fraught moment she witnessed between the bride and Johnny. And Johnny was torn up by his mysterious deal. Alexis was concerned about Kristina’s absence when she received a phone call. Meanwhile, Trey was upset after his confrontation with Kristina and sought her out. Surprised that she never made it to the wedding, he ultimately feared that his father might know something about her whereabouts. Elizabeth made a confession to Jason. Jason called John over for a private talk. Sam and McBain gave in to their growing feelings. Jason and McBain worked together to figure out their next move. Trey burst in on his father and found a horrifying situation. Joe argued that he had to get back at Sonny to give Trey the life he deserved. Monica found Tracy with Joe’s medal.

THIS WEEK: Katie fills Donna in on what is going on with Brooke.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Phyllis told Daniel that someone used Sheila Carter’s name to get Daisy released from Fairview. Daniel told Heather that he needed her help to divorce Daisy. Phyllis was upset when she suspected that Daniel was seeing Heather. Daniel and Heather asked Chloe and Kevin to help keep their relationship a secret. Ronan told Phyllis that Christine had him dropped from her case. Ronan started to tell Phyllis that he loves her, but she told him that she wanted to stay married to Nick. Ronan kissed Phyllis but she pulled back and asked him to leave. Lauren advised Phyllis to keep her distance from Danny and Christine. Across town, Christine and Danny made love and discussed their relationship. Later, Danny told Phyllis that he knows she ran down Christine and Paul. Phyllis denied it. Phyllis revealed that she saw him kissing Christine the night of the hit and run. Christine overheard and got into a heated argument with Phyllis. Lauren tried to calm Phyllis down, while Nina overheard Christine mention that Phyllis was having an affair with Ronan. Phyllis and Nina threw insults at each other. Nina told Ronan that she was disappointed that he put his career on the line by having an affair with Phyllis. Ronan visited Phyllis and he let her know that he doesn’t judge her and that he was on her side. Sharon went to the tack house for Faith’s birthday where Noah confronted her about how she was handling things with their family. Sharon tried to justify her actions as two cops showed up and arrest her. At the police station, Sharon pleaded with Nick to ask Victor to drop the charges against her. Victor arrived and Sharon attempted to make peace with him and he let her know that he was through with her. Tucker visited Sharon and he told her he felt sorry for her. Avery visited Nick and told him that Victor wanted Sharon behind bars. Avery and Nick sat together and celebrate Faith’s birthday. Victor told Nikki that Sharon would get what she deserves and that Faith and Noah were better off without her. Nikki received the final divorce papers from Jack. Victor and Nikki discussed how their relationship got off course. Katherine asked Nikki about her relationship with Victor. Nikki returned to the ranch and Victor told her how lucky he was to be back with her and they kissed. Nikki went upstairs while Victor looked at an engagement ring. Genevieve told Jack about her history with Tucker. Jack threatened to prove that Tucker took drastic measures to manipulate the Newman stock price and that Genevieve could corroborate his story. Tucker asked Jack to give him 48 hours to get things in order. Tucker was angry that Genevieve betrayed him and that she hadn’t said anything about Victor’s return to Genoa City.

THIS WEEK: Kevin tells Chloe that he doesn’t know how he’s going to be able to trust her ever again.

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