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RECAPS – 10/8-12

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL —Eric was outraged by whom Ridge chose to step in as temporary CEO of Forrester Creations and differs in opinion with Stephanie about the matter. Thomas’ actions assisted Caroline in making a choice of whom she wanted and didn’t want to be with. A distraught Brooke revealed to Katie the details of her and Ridge’s not-so-happy honeymoon. Just as Bill assigned Alison the job of keeping a certain undesirable person away, Deacon arrived feeling that he had the upper hand and made outrageous demands. Brooke turned to Stephanie for assistance and advice about how to handle her current situation with Ridge. Katie filled Donna in on what was going on with Brooke. Brooke asked Stephanie to keep her secret so that the focus was not taken away from the joy of Katie having had a baby. Steffy found herself in an awkward situation when Hope grilled her about her relationship with Liam. Bill was worried that Katie was still upset from learning about his dealings with Deacon and reached out to Brooke for assistance. Stephanie had a health scare that caused her and Eric to seek medical assistance. They anxiously awaited word on whether or not Stephanie’s cancer had returned. Concerned that his actions might eventually cause him to lose his family, Bill recruited Brooke to help him by having a talk with Katie. Pam reminded Donna that Eric was off limits. Bill made an admission to Brooke that might have serious ramifications. Liam and Hope had final closure on their relationship as they reminisced of their good and bad times together.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie and Eric disagree about plans for the future.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — EJ refused to take Stefano’s phone call. Kate missed Stefano and pumped Chad for information about his father. Sami and Rafe were anxious to reunite and she forgave him for his attraction to Carrie. Despite Sami’s pleas to Rafe to tell her everything about Nicole’s baby, Rafe kept quiet. Nicole was devastated about the baby being dead, but clung to the hope that if she went with Daniel to Utah, she could make him fall in love with her. Jennifer was determined not to let Nicole ruin Daniel’s life. Nicole urged Daniel to leave on their move to Utah immediately, but he insisted that she get a clearance from the ob-gyn doctor. Bo told Hope that his new goal was to sail around the world, stopping in places where he could investigate Stefano. Hope wasn’t ready to go on the trip with Bo, and he had reasons to reconsider when he realized that Caroline was experiencing early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. In Europe, Stefano tracked down Kristen Blake DiMera and asked her to go to Salem to save the DiMera family. Daniel rejected Victor’s advice to turn his back on Nicole. Jennifer had a fight with Nicole about Daniel and in their altercation; Nicole slipped and fell down some stairs. When she was rushed to the hospital, the doctor said that the baby had died and Nicole vowed to make Jennifer pay. The police arrested Jennifer for the murder of Nicole’s baby. Kayla and Bo supported Caroline as she faced her medical crisis and went to the doctor for tests.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer is certain that she did not push Nicole down the steps.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam summoned Spinelli, wondering if he knew what Jason was keeping from her. She pushed him and started to realize this had something to do with her baby. Steve pulled it out of Jason that he thought Heather switched the babies. Jason told him that Heather’s had taken Tea’s baby. Steve convinced Jason to tell Sam immediately. Jason came to Sam’s door just as she was calling him. Todd took care of Carly, helping her get through her trauma regarding Johnny’s marriage to Connie. John confronted Todd. John came to Anna to find out if there was any reports of Heather Webber, and he ended up telling her he thought Heather and Todd switched Tea and Sam’s babies. Anna had a score to settle with Heather and wanted her behind bars, even though she was caught up in the Joe Scully case. She went home and walked in to find Duke Lavery. Duke, at the top of the day, sat at Robin’s bedside. Dr. Obrecht brought him his passport and he left. Maxie showed up at the hospital on a pretext of checking out Ellie. Spinelli arrived to take Ellie out, and was a bit unsettled to see Ellie and Maxie were friendly. Jason told Sam her baby was alive. McBain confronted Todd about his part in the baby switch. Heather showed up at Steve’s and tried to explain her actions to him, hoping to win back her own son by showing what a good mother she could be to this other baby. Dante had his hands full at the police station when Olivia arrived to ask about the search for Heather. Olivia wished she could control her apparent clairvoyance to help track down Heather and the baby. Luke returned and told Lulu about his experience with Anna in Switzerland, chasing after a false tip from Heather suggesting Robin was alive. Luke had made good on his word to Anna and tracked down Robert. Anna was stunned when her supposedly late husband Duke appeared. Luke arrived. Dante and Lulu continued to actively try to make a baby. Having just discovered her baby was alive and living with Tea Delgado, Sam was horrifi ed to learn that Heather Webber had kidnapped him. Jason and Sam rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, Todd maintained his innocence in the baby switch and told John he’d had no contact with Heather. Luke was surprised and suspicious of Duke’s sudden return from the grave. The men vied for a private conversation with Anna. Though their romantic interlude was cut short by Maxie’s arrival and a call from Olivia, Lulu and Dante were hopeful that they’d made a baby.

THIS WEEK: Luke visits Lulu and catches her up on the status of his relationship with Anna.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS —Ronan tried to comfort Phyllis and offered to go over her case with her. Phyllis and Ronan ended up in a passionate embrace, as Summer arrived to find them having sex. Nick tried to explain to Summer that Phyllis lied about her affair with Ronan to cover something up, but Summer insisted that she saw the two of them having sex. Nick left to confront Phyllis, while Summer told Fen that she’s tired of dealing with her mothers’ problems. Phyllis told Ronan that their lovemaking was a one-time thing. Phyllis was horrified when Nick told her that Summer saw her with Ronan. Phyllis told Nick she did it because he walked out and left her alone with no one to turn to. Nick told her that she broke up their family. Nick found Avery and kissed her. Michael asked Chloe why Kevin was dodging him, and told her that he wanted to save Kevin from murder charges. Chloe blurted out that Phyllis didn’t kill anyone and that Kevin got sucked into moving Tim’s body. Michael told Kevin that Chloe revealed all to him about the night that Tim died. Kevin informed Chloe that he’d never be able to trust her again. Ronan told Nick and Phyllis that Summer took a baseball bat to his car. Ronan tried to console Phyllis. Summer continued to blame Phyllis for all of her problems and was insulted when Nick suggested that she see a therapist to help her deal with her anger. Jack told Genevieve he was proud of her for ratting Tucker out to the SEC, as she wished that Jack could still get Beauty of Nature back. Tucker offered to give Beauty of Nature to Victor in exchange for Sharon’s freedom. Victor told Sharon that he’d drop the charges against her if she agreed not to file a suit against him for abandonment. He said that she could either sign the annulment papers and a document stating that he didn’t abandon her; or go back to prison. Sharon signed the documents. Victor began to look over the contracts Sharon negotiated while he was away and was stunned that Sharon sold some of his personal shares of Newman stock.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis goes to court and gets off scot-free.

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