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RECAPS – 10/15-19

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Between her anger and distrust of Bill, along with feeling like an inadequate mother to baby Will, Katie was an emotional mess. Brooke and Donna caught each other up on the secrets and burdens that they have been separately carrying. Eric and Stephanie disagreed over a serious matter that concerned the entire Forrester family. Brooke broke the news to Hope and Rick about the real reason why she returned from her honeymoon alone. Steffy acknowledged to Liam that he was still in love with Hope, but was convinced that his heart would be all hers one day. Bill and Brooke made a decision to ask Taylor to assist Katie with her issues. Rick began to feel remorse for causing Hope so much pain in regards to his scheme to break her up with Liam. Eric returned to Forrester Creations at the request of Thomas, and the insistence of Stephanie. Katie divulged to Taylor the thoughts and fears that were going through her mind that made her believe that she was not cut out for motherhood. Brooke reached out to Ridge to ask him to return home and for him to give her one more chance. Thomas’ mea culpa fell on deaf ears when he tried to convince Caroline to give him another chance. Brooke’s vulnerable emotions were exposed during a candid conversation with Taylor regarding Ridge. Everyone at Forrester Creations was stunned by Thomas’ newfound attitude as he flaunted his power as the company’s Interim CEO. Pam asked Stephanie for the biggest possible favor a sister could ever ask.

THIS WEEK: Brooke tries to reach out to Ridge.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . EJ overheard Nicole and Rafe agreeing to keep secret that EJ had been the father of Nicole’s baby. Daniel believed Jennifer’s contention that she did not purposely push Nicole down the stairs that caused her baby to die. Nicole wanted Daniel to believe her version of what had happened instead. Sonny questioned John about his past and later John had a nightmare about Kristen. Stefano convinced Kristen to return to Salem for him. EJ went to see Nicole and sympathized with her about the baby, secretly recording the conversation and getting her to confess that EJ had been the father. EJ used the tape to break up Sami and Rafe. Sami could not forgive Rafe for keeping Nicole’s confidence and not being honest with her. Caroline learned her prognosis and Bo wanted to be her caregiver in part to make up for the years he blamed her for never telling him that Victor had been his father. Victor had a poignant encounter with Caroline in which she had a clear moment.

THIS WEEK: Kristen makes plans for John.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Heather took a header over the hospital roof. McBain and Dante headed for the roof to learn the fate of the baby. Téa took off in pursuit, Todd right behind her. McBain found Sam with Jason and the baby on the roof. Téa and Todd arrived in the HUB just as Sam and Jason do with Victor. Liz was relieved to see Sam reunited with her son. Sabrina overheard a comment that indicated Robin was alive. Sabrina told Patrick what she overheard. Sam basked in the glow of her son. McBain’s presence forced Todd to begin the process of telling Téa that Victor was not her son. Despite the long separation, mother and son bonded, and to Sam’s amazement, Jason bonded with the baby, too, leading the couple to revisit their conversation about “what if the baby hadn’t died.” Sam named her son. Todd and McBain both helped Téa face the truth. Patrick confronts Anna about what Sabrina’s overheard about Robin being alive. Luke and Tracy shared a meal while Luke waited for Anna’s return and Tracy waited for word about Joe, Jr. Luke shared his concerns that Duke may still be a gangster at heart. Duke revealed he had other plans. Alexis told Sonny a relative closer than Olivia might be able to have Connie committed. Trey asked Kristina for another chance. Carly returned a sentimental gift to Johnny and puts her suspicions about the nature of his marriage to Connie to the test by kissing him. Connie, meanwhile, settled in to life as Mrs. Johnny Zacchara. Sam and the baby and Jason spent the night in the hospital. Alexis, Molly and Kristina reacted to the news of Sam’s baby. Jason told Monica that it would be Sam’s decision whether they got back together. Téa confronted Todd in the interrogation room. Trey confided in Starr that Sonny and Alexis wanted him to annul his marriage. Alexis warned Sonny not to do anything stupid about trying to get Kate to return. Anna fretted over the sudden disappearance of Duke, and Luke told her she was better off. Duke made a threat. Jason made his pitch to Sam. At the Metro Court, Michael relayed the news about Sam’s baby to Carly. Starr confronted Todd about his role in the baby switch. But then Carly presented Todd with the same questions about his guilt. Joe Jr. pulled a gun on someone. Duke hoped to rekindle his romance with Anna on the day of their wedding anniversary. Elsewhere, Luke visited Lulu and told her the status of his relationship with Anna.

THIS WEEK: Connie and Kate’s freedom is on the line.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . The courtroom was stunned as the judge dismissed Phyllis’ case. Christine told Michael that she would go to civil court to make Phyllis pay. Kevin was furious that Michael put him on the stand. Michael told Lauren that he doesn’t like being the D.A. Nick and Phyllis hurried out after they got a call that Summer had been in a car accident. At the hospital, Adam told Nick and Phyllis that Summer drove recklessly and that she almost killed him and Chelsea. The doctor told Nick and Phyllis that Summer suffered only cuts and bruises. Chelsea told Adam that she lost the baby and that it was a boy. Adam assured Chelsea that they could try for another baby. Nick informed Phyllis that he was filing for divorce. Fen surprised Summer with a kiss. Fen got upset when Michael and Lauren expressed their concern about his hanging out with Summer.

Nick and Avery shared a private moment but were interrupted by Adam who told them that Summer caused Chelsea to lose the baby. Eden told Paul, Christine and Heather that she had a dream and remembered some things about Ricky. Paul thought that Eden’s dream was a clue to help lead them to the location of the video of Ricky drowning Rachel. Christine offered to go check out the clues that were in California. Sharon was hurt by Nick’s lack of sympathy as they discussed Noah. Nick told Sharon that he didn’t recognize her anymore. Summer told Noah that she wanted to move to New York. Nick considered telling Summer about Chelsea’s miscarriage but decided against it. Sharon found Noah packing his things and asked him to stay, but Noah pushes her away. Adam tried to distract himself from the pain of losing the baby. Chelsea started to cry as Kevin and Chloe gave their condolences about the baby. Summer arrived to apologize for the car accident and to say that her insurance would fix any damages. Chelsea assumed that Summer knew about the baby and told her that it’s not something that could be fixed; her little boy was gone because of her. Summer was angry that Nick hadn’t told her that the baby died. Summer told Noah that she plans to file for emancipation. Cane told Genevieve that she’d never taken any responsibility for her actions. When the fire alarm went off at the Athletic Club, everyone was asked to evacuate, and Cane got a hold of the mystery woman and threatened to go to the police before she offered to tell him everything.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis feels the pain of losing Nick.

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