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RECAPS – 12/3-12/7

ALL MY CHILDREN – Lily became shell-shocked then totally unresponsive after overhearing Ritchie and Dr. Chambers discussing a murder plot. Ava concocted a scheme to sneak booze into the jail for JR, explaining that he might remember what happened on the night in question if he were drunk again. He resisted temptation. A devious Ritchie played on Babe’s sympathies as he pretended to be much weaker than he really was. Ryan and Jonathan impersonated FBI agents in their quest to find out what Ritchie was really up to. Zach and Greenlee made a creepy discovery as they hammered away at the bomb shelter’s wall.

THIS WEEK: Ryan makes a surprising confession to Kendall.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Katie discussed having a child with Brad using artificial insemination. They came to an agreement to do it clinically, but then Katie changed her mind and the two made love. Jack warned Carly to keep the kids away from Sam and Kit. When Eli found proof that Rosanna changed Meg’s paternity test, he blackmailed Rosanna to keep silent. Lily was rattled when Dusty was unable to make a commitment to her. Bob and Chris clashed at the hospital. Later, Dusty discovered an unconscious Bob and was unable to revive him. Gwen and Will confronted Barbara about interfering with the adoption, but Barbara convinced them that Iris was behind it all.

THIS WEEK: Kim blames Chris for Bob’s condition.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Stephen was arrested for shooting Stephanie, even though he insisted that he didn’t do it. He warned Stephanie that the real shooter was still on the loose. Stephanie truly believed Donna shot her, but then started having flashbacks to the contrary. Jake and Katie discovered that his camcorder captured the entire shooting. The Logans were stunned to see who tried to kill Stephanie. When Brooke learned that Taylor was out of town, leaving Nick to care for Jack alone, she was compelled to care for the baby. Nick suggested that Brooke continue seeing Jack, but in secret. Ashley offered Ridge her friendship.

THIS WEEK: Eric tells Stephanie that he’s made a decision about his future.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Chelsea and the sorority girls set a trap for Ford. He figured out what was going on and fought back. Ford fell to his death, and rather than call the cops, Steph and the girls enlisted Max to help them dispose of Ford’s body. Sami tried to explain to Lucas that she’s pretending to like EJ to keep Stefano from taking her son. Tony warned Stefano to leave EJ’s child alone. Roman offered to destroy evidence to protect Marlena. Kate objected to his actions, and Marlena decided to turn herself in rather than let Roman destroy his career. Philip imagined Belle killing Shawn so she could be with Philip instead.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea is haunted by her encounter with Ford.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – A hidden Jason listened as Elizabeth admitted to Lucky that Jake would be safer if Lucky kept the secret and went on pretending to be the boy’s father. Lucky later visited Jason and told him that he’d only agree to continue as Jake’s father if Jason stayed away from Liz and the boys completely. Sonny feared that the killer was targeting the women in his life. Suspecting that Sonny was trying to scare her, Kate hired Alexis to sue Sonny as a way to state her independence. Trevor asked Ric to pin Emily’s murder on Zacchara and close the case.

THIS WEEK: Trevor declares war!

GUIDING LIGHT – Ashlee tried to convince Doris not to rig the election. Alexandra delivered divorce papers to Cyrus. Harley had a panic attack when she received a holiday card from Phillip. Cyrus comforted Harley, leaving Marina to have a romantic dinner alone. When Edmund learned that he was going to be tried for Alonzo’s murder in San Cristobel, he fled. In a confrontation with Will, Edmund had a near fatal fall. Mallet realized many people had a motive to attack Edmund. Billy started drinking again, disappointing Lizzie. Natalia was ready to set a wedding date. Olivia found herself attracted to Gus for real.

THIS WEEK: The truth about Edmund’s accident begins to become clear.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – David demanded $1 million dollars in exchange for not turning in Marcie. Michael’s heart broke as he told Marcie that he couldn’t help her. John came to Cole and Marty’s rescue as their van risked tumbling off a cliff. After saving Cole, John watched in horror as the van fell with Marty still inside. Unwilling to accept Jared as Asa’s son, Clint and Bo demanded a DNA test. Jared pretended to give a sample of his hair for the test but secretly switched it with David’s. Dorian went into mama mode when she was officially named as Langston’s foster mother.

THIS WEEK: Jared’s DNA results come in.

PASSIONS – Gwen was willing to risk sacrificing Jonathan’s life by refusing to reveal that Little Ethan was his half brother and a possible donor liver match. Paloma didn’t believe Noah’s claim that a dark supernatural force drove him into Fancy’s bed. Noah and Fancy found Tabitha’s book of spells and cast their own hex on a trapped Pretty and Luis. Fancy was heartbroken when someone sent her video on her PDA of Pretty and Luis making love. Julian checked Eve into rehab, where

Vincent realized the only way to protect his identity and his child was to kill his mother!

THIS WEEK: Tabitha stirs up more evil!

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Nikki moved back to the ranch to help out Victoria. As David gathered Nikki’s things, he found a romantic card he gave her and added it to the box of her belongings. After finding the card, Victor gave Nikki the cold shoulder. Kevin found John’s cellmate and delivered the letter to Gloria that John wrote her before his death. She shared it with the Senate board. The board agreed that Jack had taken advantage of his sick father, pressuring John to remove Gloria from his will. Michael learned that an audiotape exists of Victor pressuring Ji Min to turn in Jack.

financial windfall is within Gloria’s reach.

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