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RECAPS – 10/22-26

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Thomas grew increasingly angry when he witnessed firsthand Caroline’s reaction to his attempt to win her back. Rick humbly confessed to Caroline his involvement in keeping Hope and Liam apart. Brooke found comfort from Eric when she confided in him her sadness following the failure of her marriage to Ridge. Stephanie had a special gift for one of her children. Caroline found herself in a quandary as she tried to process Rick’s confession about coming between Hope and Liam. Convinced that something wasn’t right, Katie sought medical attention from Taylor and Dr. Meade to help calm her fears. Bill opened up to Brooke about his concerns regarding Katie and their baby. Donna refused to give into a sincere request from her sworn enemy. Stephanie reminded Steffy how much they have in common besides their name. Brooke was firm with her sister as she attempted to get Katie to take interest in her baby and her motherly duties. The consoler became the consoled when Brooke received an email regarding Ridge. Liam sensed a change in Bill since the birth of baby Will. Taylor’s ability as a psychiatrist and as a friend was put to the test when she learned vital information about a loved one. Katie got an idea about what to do with her current situation when she remembered back to advice that she had been given by Taylor. Bill and Brooke began to see signs that Katie’s physical and emotional condition appeared to be improving. Stephanie and Eric reminisced about the special times that they have shared with a very old and dear friend. Taylor met with Dr. Meade about Katie’s current condition and prognosis. Bill was in disbelief when Katie blindsided him with a shocking declaration. He was unsuccessful at his attempt to change her mind.

THIS WEEK: Katie spins out of control.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . EJ was suspicious of Kristen’s presence in Salem, even though she promised him that she would get him what he really wanted – Sami. Jennifer was stunned that Brady believed that she had purposely hurt Nicole and that only Daniel was on Jen’s side. Daniel appealed to Nicole to drop the charges against Jennifer. Sonny and Will shared a discussion about gay marriage with Kate, letting her think they were going to another state to seal the deal. Kate was shocked until they let on that they were just pranking her. Caroline was upset about losing her independence. Marlena was shocked to see Kristen and assumed that she was back in town to make a move on John. Daniel asked Nicole to move with him to another place where they could start over and she was overjoyed. Daniel had one condition; he wanted Nicole to drop the charges against Jennifer so they would not have to deal with a trial.

THIS WEEK: Kristen continues to get close to John.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Sam thanked John McBain for everything he did to uncover the baby-switch. She told him that she’d always felt a mysterious connection to him but she was back with Jason now. After John left, Sam happily waited for Jason to come home. But when someone came to the door, it wasn’t Jason. Anna pointed out that to Luke that there was nothing with which to compare Duke’s DNA. Duke entered and told Anna that it was up to her to check out his fingerprints. Sonny, with Trey, Michael and Starr discovered that Joe Jr. was on the loose and he threatened Starr. He was interrupted by the phone call and went to the docks. Trey and Michael, worried about their fathers, wanted to follow. Starr made an emotional plea to them. When Tracy called Trey, Trey lied about where he was going. Michael and Starr saw a news report from the docks and learned that Joe’s at large. Monica and Tracy discussed Joe Jr. and the new Quartermaine baby. Joe Jr. showed up. Lulu explained to Dante that she couldn’t have children. Lulu broke down, heartbroken that their dreams of having a family were over. Dante comforted her. Starr and Michael took care of little Daniel. Lulu and Dante were reacting to the sad news that Lulu couldn’t have a successful pregnancy. When Dante was called away, Maxie arrived and Lulu broke the news to her. Lulu didn’t want to think about surrogacy or adoption yet, just needed a drink, so they go to the Floating Rib where Spinelli was there with Ellie. Felicia was a little protective of Maxie and not happy that Spinelli was seeing someone else, but Mac said Ellie’s nice and Maxie had her chance. She managed to slip the information to Spinelli that she and Matt were getting a divorce. Lulu contemplated her options. Shawn, Mac, Felicia and Alexis finished a game of strip pool. Sonny delivered news about Jason to Carly. Todd contended with Connie’s demand for a job as Editor of Crimson. He was still in possession of Daniel’s DNA test. Starr tried to support Trey in his hour of need, but he pushed her away. Sonny and Alexis prepped Trey for the hearing that could see Connie institutionalized. Monica placed a mysterious call. Anna discovered fibers from a torn jacket indicating someone left the area in a hurry. Luke told Lulu that his plan to expose Duke as an imposter had the opposite result. Lulu admitted she had her own issues and told her father about her inability to have a child.

THIS WEEK: Olivia has a hallucination about Heather.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Victor went to the ranch and was stunned by the destruction. Nikki arrived and Victor tried to remind her that the memories they shared would always be in their hearts. Victor said that maybe he had to lose everything in order to realize that Nikki was what’s truly important. He proposed and asked her to marry him for the last time. Nikki told her family that the first event that they will host after they rebuild the ranch would be their wedding reception. Nick told Phyllis that Chelsea had a miscarriage after the car accident with Summer. Phyllis tried to comfort an angry Summer who continued to blame Phyllis for her problems. Nick went to Avery’s and found her locked out of her apartment in a robe with wet hair. Nick managed to unlock the door and they flirted as Phyllis arrived and heard Nick and Avery’s laughter from inside. Avery tried to explain to Phyllis that she and Nick were just playing chess, but Phyllis wasn’t convinced and she took off. Phyllis explained to Ronan that she doesn’t think that she can have him and Summer in her life at the same time. Summer saw Ronan with a teenage boy at Crimson Lights. Ronan told Summer that he’s a mentor to Jamie. Summer approached Jamie and accidentally knocked over his bag. When Jamie scrambled to pick up his things, Summer snatches his wallet. Later, Summer innocently told Ronan that Jamie dropped his wallet. Cane told Jack that he thought he would be the perfect candidate to run Jabot, and Jack told him that he already had someone else in mind for the job. Meanwhile, Genevieve offered the mystery woman money to get information out of her. Cane explained to Genevieve that her complicated past with Jack might have hurt his chances at a big promotion at Jabot. Cane told Genevieve that she is poison to him. Jack told Phyllis he wanted her to work with him at Newman Enterprises. She told him that Nick would never forgive her. Katherine warned Jack that if he doesn’t return what belongs to Victor’s family and focus on his legacy from John, he could forget about getting any support from her. Jack tried to persuade Neil to leave his job at Chancellor Industries and to be the new CEO at Jabot. Katherine said she had no one in mind as a suitable replacement for Neil and that she’d have to come out of retirement. Billy told Jack that the CEO of Jabot should be someone from their family. Jack poured himself a drink and had a sudden pain in his back causing him to drop his glass. Paul gave Christine the addresses she’d need to follow up on the leads from Eden’s dream. Phyllis stormed in and confronted Christine about her lawsuit.

THIS WEEK: Adam tells Sharon that he found a doctor that can help her.

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