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RECAPS – 10/29-11/3

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . When a frantic Bill learned that Katie actually kept her word by leaving him and their newborn son, he and Brooke tried to Taylor for assistance. The overwhelming guilt that Rick was feeling regarding the scheme that he formulated against Hope and Liam fueled his need to confess. Stephanie set aside her afternoon to spend with Eric as they reminisced about their many years together. Taylor returned to her home to find a desperate Katie looking for assistance with her plan to leave Bill. The search for Katie led her family to Aspen. When Katie divulged her plan for disappearing, Taylor unsuccessfully attempted to discourage her decision. As Liam and Steffy were on their way to a romantic getaway, Bill and Brooke hijacked their trip to search for Katie. Katie stood firm in her decision to permanently erase herself from Bill and Will’s lives as Taylor continued her attempt to dissuade her. After paying Taylor for her services and making one last trip home to retrieve her belongings, Katie began her new life in hiding. Brooke attempted to comfort an angry and confused Bill, as he used his many resources to find Katie. Newly appointed CEO, Thomas, called a staff meeting to announce major changes that he was implementing at Forrester Creations. Many attendants of the meeting, especially Rick, were not too fond of the changes and skeptical of their success. Caroline accepted her new position within the company despite Rick’s concern about Thomas’ intentions. Stephanie shared a special moment with Dayzee as they fondly recalled the memorable times that they’d shared during their short, but meaningful, friendship. Brooke became increasingly concerned about how badly Bill was taking the news of Katie leaving him. Taylor defended Thomas as she reminded Hope and Rick that her son was the CEO and should be treated accordingly. Thomas sweetened the pot with Caroline as he described her part in the new changes that he was putting into action at Forrester Creations. Steffy and Liam made the most out of their revised vacation plans by enjoying some quality time together in Aspen.

THIS WEEK: Rick and Eric commiserate about the direction that Forrester Creations is heading.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . EJ was intrigued by Kristen’s claim that she could assure that Sami returned to him. Sami informed Marlena and John about Caroline’s condition. Bo went to Victor to explain his plan to stay with Caroline during her treatment in California and his father expressed pride in Bo’s love for his mother. Lucas went to see Will, to tell him about Caroline, but found Will and Sonny in a romantic situation. Lucas privately let Sonny know that he did not approve of Will’s relationship with him. Gabi questioned Nick’s attitude about Will and Sonny. Nick explained his feelings and later he and Gabi made love, admitting that they were falling hard for one another. Despite Justin’s advice that Jen should stay away from Daniel until Nicole officially dropped the charges, Jennifer was compelled to speak with Daniel about his future. Nicole wanted to leave immediately with Daniel for Hawaii just in case he figured out that her baby had died prior to the fall. Half of a twosie in the hospital lost and found was key to Daniel discovering that Nicole knew her baby was dead before the fall. Jennifer confronted Daniel about moving away and he finally blurted out that he was in love with Jennifer.

THIS WEEK: Kristen continues to get close to John.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Sonny and Michael had a heartto heart about the blows the family had absorbed. Michael wanted to step up and take his rightful place in the family’s organization. Sonny received a visit from Trey. Connie had her survival on her mind when she attempted to manipulate Trey into granting his assurance that he wouldn’t join forces with Sonny to commit her. Starr lit into Johnny for his betrayal re: marrying Connie. Connie warned Johnny that they must prepare for war with Sonny. Carly offered her condolences and assistance to Sam. Sam received a visit from Steve. Olivia had a hallucination that would indicate Heather was on the verge of a status change. Todd visited with Heather’s personal effects from the office. They included Daniel’s paternity test, planted by Todd. Olivia and Steve “discovered” the test. Sam received the DNA test from Steve. Heather woke up! Todd freaked that Heather might tell the truth about his involvement in the baby switch. Sonny suggested Kate was worth getting to know, and Trey remained noncommittal. Starr and Kristina shared a meal and talked, a tentative bonding experience. They realized they had in common more than they understood before. Connie wanted to talk to Johnny about the possibility that Trey would try to commit here, but they were interrupted when Lulu came in on business matters. Lulu queried Johnny on why he married Connie, guessing that she probably had something on him. After Lulu left, Connie told Johnny to figure out how to keep Trey from signing those papers. Michael convinced Starr to put aside her anger at Johnny and attend the party at the Haunted Star. Luke showed up at Todd’s in costume. Carly and Josslyn showed up to trick or treat and sensing he was lonely, Carly invited Todd to join them on their rounds.

THIS WEEK: Emma answers the phone to Robin.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Adam told Sharon that he thought she may need professional help and that he took responsibility for hurting her when they were together. Meanwhile, a frustrated Chelsea blew out the candles on a romantic dinner she’d planned for Adam. Adam returned and told Chelsea that he went to five different restaurants to find the perfect dinner for them. Chelsea and Adam kissed as she suggested that dinner could wait as she took him upstairs. Katherine noticed Nikki’s engagement ring and said she was relieved that Nikki and Victor found their way back to each other. Victor arrived and Katherine confirmed the rumors that she was returning to Chancellor Industries. Tucker thought Katherine was risking her health by taking over Chancellor again and he made a call to someone to get back to town because Katherine was about to make a big mistake. Victor said he was disappointed that Nick wouldn’t be fighting for Newman Enterprises and that he expected more of him. Nick asked Victor why fighting for the company seemed to be the only way for his kids to prove that they love him. Billy told Victoria that he was uncomfortable spying on Jack to help her get control of Newman. Victoria told her family that she couldn’t walk away from Newman Enterprises and that she had to make a trip to Miami. Later, Victor told Billy if he refused to spy on Jack for Victoria, he would tell her that Billy knew that Victor was in Los Angeles when he had lost his memory. Adam told Sharon that he found a doctor that could help her, if that was what she wants. Sharon agreed to see a doctor. Meanwhile, Noah told Nick that Sharon left a message on his cell saying that she needed to get away and clear her head. Nick found Sharon’s phone as Noah found her smoky shirt and they became suspicious that Sharon had been at the main house the night of the fire. Later, Nick vented to Avery about his struggles with his family. Meanwhile, Nikki told Victor that she believed that Sharon was the only person who had motive to start the fire. Nick let Victor and Nikki know he hadn’t spoken to Sharon since she left town. The arson investigator found a damaged bracelet and Victor recognized it as one he’d given to Sharon. Harmony surprised Neil with the news that she was leaving Genoa City to be with her daughter. Neil asked if she would return but Harmony was unsure. They hugged and shared a sweet goodbye.

THIS WEEK: Nick and Noah agree that they need to track down Sharon.

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