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RECAPS – 11/5-9

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL .Feeling that Bill’s anguish over the loss of Katie had gotten out of control, Brooke attempted to distract him. Claws came out between Hope and Caroline as they traded accusations regarding the men in their lives and their positions at Forrester Creations. Rick and Eric commiserated about the direction that Forrester Creations was heading and what the future might hold for both of them. Rick confronted Caroline about her intentions with him after he received a text containing incriminating information. Liam turned the tables on Steffy when he shared with her a piece of his past that she was previously unaware of. Depressed and heartbroken, Katie experienced the consequences of her decision to abandon her family. Brooke was by Bill’s side for comfort as his grief of Katie’s abandonment began to turn into anger and resentment. Bill enlisted Justin to assist in tracking down Katie. Liam begins to suspect that there may be another underlying reason why Katie left Bill and their newborn baby. Still in hiding, Katie reached out to Taylor to be in communication with Brooke and Donna on her behalf. Knowing that her raging hormones were affecting Katie’s thoughts, Taylor attempted to appeal to her rational side to rethink her decision of leaving Bill and Will. Meanwhile, Katie had a surprise for Bill and Brooke in Aspen. Thanks to the manipulative planning of Katie, Bill and Brooke got a bird’s eye view of Aspen. While Bill and Brooke were taking in the town, Steffy and Liam tested out there babysitting skills on Will. Katie refused to accept the diagnosis that Taylor had labeled her with and was dead set on continuing with her plan to erase herself out of her family’s lives.

THIS WEEK: Taylor inadvertently gives Katie hope that her plan is actually working.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Victor asked Brady to use his money and influence to lure Nicole away from Daniel, but Brady wouldn’t be part of any scheme. Marlena tried to impress upon John that Kristen was a threat to them, but John was certain that he could handle her. Hope asked John to do repairs at the Horton cabin on Smith Island and Marlena encouraged him because he’d be far away from Kristen. At the cabin, John discovered Kristen. When she missed the last ferry back, John was forced to share the cabin with her. Kristen admitted that she wanted something from John, but it wasn’t love. It was forgiveness. Sonny agreed to speak with Will after some interference by T and Gabi. Nick and Gabi’s relationship intensified. Sami was protective of Gabi, but Nick promised that he would not hurt Gabi. Nicole flared when Jennifer questioned her about the fall. Daniel investigated Nicole’s last appointment with Dr. Sedwick before her fall and learned that Nicole’s baby was dead before her altercation with Jennifer. Nicole lost it with Jennifer and when Daniel appeared, Nicole declared that she was going to the police because Jen killed her baby.

THIS WEEK: Nicole realizes her fate is in Jennifer’s hands.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Luke couldn’t shake his doubts about Duke, and decided to dig into his story about being held captive in Turkey for decades. Duke pressed his advantage and shared a romantic dance with Anna. Connie went after Johnny sexually. The two had a surprising break-through and wound up bonding. Emma’s birthday prompted emotional thoughts and memories of Robin for Patrick and Anna. Meanwhile, Duke got a call from Dr. Obrecht informing him that he was needed in Switzerland ASAP. Patrick answered the door to Sabrina, who had a gift for Emma, while Emma answered the phone … to Robin. McBain found Sam at the pier and reported that Jerry Jacks was the one who helped Joe Scully, Jr., get released from the Atlantic City jail. Sam told John that Jason was Daniel’s biological father and she wouldn’t stop pursuing every angle to bring her son’s father home to him. Maxie surprised Trey and Starr by reclaiming her apartment. Sabrina asked Elizabeth about the Nurses’ Balls of the past and suggests they reinstituted the tradition to honor Robin. Dante and Lulu filled out an application to adopt, but were concerned when they had to share information about their own families since the Spencers and Corinthoses hadn’t exactly been model citizens. After Dante left for work, Lulu considered an alternative plan. Patrick was thrown by the mysterious call, and noted to Sabrina that someone must have been on the other end of the line. Todd found out that Starr was out of homes, which lead to a conversation about the secret she was keeping for him. Starr accidentally let on that Michael confided in her a secret. Starr refused to elaborate. Todd invited Starr to move in with him. Ellie wanted to be Maxie’s roommate, a potential situation that threw Maxie and dismayed Spinelli. Tracy made a discovery and was about to call the police. But before she could do it, Alice got her in a strangle hold.

THIS WEEK: Sonny is ready for a confrontation.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Adam tried to assure Chelsea that he wasn’t having an affair with Sharon. When Chelsea asked Adam why he was hiding Sharon on their property, Sharon admitted that she had a breakdown and that Adam gave her a place to stay. Adam tried to reassure Chelsea that he only loved her. Adam told Sharon that she should stay until he was able to establish her alibi. Nikki told Ronan that Sharon’s bracelet had been found at the ranch and that Sharon disappeared the night of the fire. Noah told Ronan he deleted the one message Sharon left him. Nick told Ronan that he’d hear from his lawyer if he bothered his son again. Nick and Noah agreed that they needed to track down Sharon. Billy got a message from Eddie G. that said they had to talk. Unbeknownst to Billy, Victoria was kidnapped and shoved into a dark, windowless room. Billy ran a search on Eddie Graham and learned that the mobster has been released from prison. Eddie demanded that Billy pay him $2,000,000 or Victoria would die. Victoria searched for a way to escape. Jill returned to Genoa City to meet with Tucker. Katherine was surprised to see Jill back in town and quickly inferred that Jill was scheming with Tucker. Jill tried to convince Katherine not to return to work at Chancellor Industries. Katherine said that she wasn’t going anywhere. Avery prepared dinner for Nick and repeatedly told herself that is wasn’t a date. They agreed they shouldn’t move too fast but planned to have dinner again soon. Summer asked Avery about her relationship with Nick and Avery assured Summer that they are just friends. At the Athletic Club, Avery kissed Nick as Phyllis walked in and saw them. As they chatted online, Summer pretended to be a girl named Brittni and got Jamie to open up about why he was arrested so she could post the story on the internet. Fen tried to knock some sense into Summer, but she shut him up by kissing him. Meanwhile, Michael and Lauren acknowledged how lucky they were to be happy. Fen arrived and Michael and Lauren asked him where he had been but Fen’s guilty conscious caused him to snap at them. Victor went to Newman Enterprises and found Phyllis in his old office. Victor was curious about Jack’s absence while Phyllis covered and said that Jack would be back soon. After his surgery, Jack was thrilled to be able to move his legs as his doctor said that he should make a full recovery. Jack told Phyllis that he needed to get back to work as he tried to get up but was in too much pain. Chelsea told Sharon not to even think about trying to get Adam back. Sharon tried to convince Chelsea that her motives were sincere. Dr. Watkins told Adam and Chelsea that it sounded like she needed to start treating Sharon immediately. Sharon came clean to Dr. Watkins and admitted that she burned down Victor’s house. Meanwhile, Chelsea questioned how Adam found out that Sharon needed help. Chelsea remembered Adam smelling like smoke on the night of the fire and realized that Sharon burned down the Newman ranch.

THIS WEEK: Victor learns of Victoria’s kidnapping.

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