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RECAPS – 11/12-16

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — As family and friends gathered for Stephanie’s party, many couldn’t help but wonder if Ridge would attend. Because she was there for him during his recent woes, Bill offered to escort Brooke to the party to be her support system in the event that Ridge appeared. Eric had a few surprises up his sleeve for Stephanie and her guests. The reason behind the party was temporarily forgotten by Stephanie’s guests as they take part in the Irish themed party festivities that include performances by Celtic Woman and Irish dancers. During the party Brooke was blindsided by information given to her by Felicia about what Stephanie’s next move would be. As Stephanie and Eric took what might be their final trip together to the Big Bear cabin, she came to terms with her imminent demise. Both feeling lonely and rejected, Bill comforted Brooke after the sorrow brought on by the events that took place at Stephanie’s party. While trying to convince Katie to not go through with her plan, Taylor inadvertently gave her hope that the plan was actually working. Unable to get over her own troubles, Hope tried her best to be happy for Rick when he told her that he was in love with Caroline. Caught up in the moment of excitement over the new collection, Thomas made an unwanted pass at Caroline. As Taylor relayed information and professional advice to Bill regarding Katie, she made a serious accusation towards Brooke. Sensing that Taylor was withholding vital information, Brooke demanded that she reveal Katie’s whereabouts.

THIS WEEK: Thomas tries his best to get the Forrester Creations group on his side.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kristen offered to let EJ run Countess Wilhelmina, forcing EJ to mend fences with Stefano. Marlena found John asleep with Kristen on the couch at the Horton cabin on Smith Island. Despite his excuses, Marlena was furious with John for letting Kristen worm her way back in to their lives. Will was determined to reach out to Sonny and the two agreed to spend time alone together to see where their relationship was going. Nicole was depressed, angry and unapologetic about what she’d done. Nicole declared that she hated Jennifer. Hope approved of Jennifer’s decision not to press charges against Nicole and let the acrimony end. Daniel was grateful to Jennifer, but really wanted to express his deep love for her. Nicole was down in the dumps about losing Daniel, but then caught a glimpse of Eric Brady in the park. Later, she saw Eric at the Brady Pub and was shocked to discover that her ex had become a priest! EJ noticed that Kristen had gotten under Marlena’s skin. After a cancelled church meeting, Brady confronted Kristen about her real motives for being in Salem. Outside the church, Kristen was mugged and Brady intervened to rescue her. A second assailant attacked Brady. Kristen called 911 and John.

THIS WEEK: John asks Marlena to let go of her growing paranoia about Kristen.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — A major secret was revealed. Carly was stunned to see AJ. She pummeled him with questions and accused him of manipulating Michael. Michael made a heartfelt plea. Robin made a horrifying discovery. Sam barged in on Anna, demanding to know what she was doing to find Jason. Patrick was still troubled by the phone call Emma said she’d received from Robin. Sabrina was concerned that Patrick was still suffering profoundly from grief. She told him that Emma showed her photos from the balls that the nurses used to organize in honor of Robin. Patrick was touched. Britt entered on this, and didn’t like their closeness. Britt asked Patrick if he’d made a plan to spend the night with her. Britt probed Elizabeth for info on Patrick. Liz told her that before Robin, Patrick couldn’t resist a hot woman. Liz had an idea about how to fund the Nurses’ Ball. Monica ripped into Carly for arranging AJ’s arrest. Carly made a beeline for Sonny and told him that AJ was, indeed, alive. Michael met AJ at the PCPD and came into conflict with Dante and Anna over his father’s future. Tracy escaped captivity and sent the cops after Monica and Alice. Sonny came face to face with AJ in his jail cell. Sonny and AJ faced off. Carly was surprised when Monica and Alice were herded into the police station for assault. Sabrina and Elizabeth came to ask Tracy to underwrite the Nurses’ Ball. Britt made sure Sabrina knew that they were going to spend their first night together at the Metro Court by flashing the key. Spinelli helped Maxie and Ellie move in. Lulu and Dante advised her to just tell Spinelli that she wanted him back now, before Spinelli got any closer to Ellie. Lulu and Dante needed to figure out how to fund their surrogacy plan. Robert Scorpio arrived in Port Charles. Robert paid Anna a visit and told her that Luke sent him because he feared for Anna’s safety. Meanwhile, Duke returned from his trip and was anxious to pick up where he left off before he was called away to Switzerland. Earlier, Olivia encountered Duke and witnessed something strange. Sabrina overheard Britt and Patrick. Steve was troubled by the news that AJ was alive, especially after Elizabeth shared her own shock, given that Steve was the one who’d pronounced him dead. Dante told Sonny about his and Lulu’s struggles to have a baby Anna was poised to make a major discovery. Duke and Anna reminisced and grew closer over a meal. They kissed.

THIS WEEK: Spinelli makes a choice about the women in his life.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Ronan and Phyllis awkwardly stumbled through their first official date and Phyllis realized that they might just be better at sneaking around than being normal. Avery and Nick shared a kiss as Nick opened his heart and expressed how crazy he was about her. Avery dreamt that Phyllis told her that Nick would always go back to her. Ronan told Phyllis that he was trying to open up and get to know her but she continued to push him away. He told her that Nick would never come back to her and she pushed him out the door and called Nick. Phyllis realized her marriage was over. Meanwhile, Avery told Nick that she wanted him and was willing to take the risk to be with him. Adam apologized to Chelsea for keeping secrets. He told Chelsea he loved her and only her. They moved upstairs and made love. Chelsea read an article about the fires around town and asked Adam if he conducted this as a cover-up to help Sharon, but he denied it. Chelsea wasn’t entirely convinced as he told her the only thing he did to help Sharon was pay some people to act as witnesses the night of the Newman fire. Sharon denied Noah’s suspicions that she was responsible for the fire at the Newman ranch and revealed that she had been staying with Adam. Sharon explained that she was getting help from a professional. Dr. Watkins diagnosed Sharon as bi-polar and prescribed medication to treat her. Sharon was stunned at her diagnosis and expressed her concerns about the medication altering her personality. Dr. Watkins insisted that the medication was essential for her treatment. Ronan introduced Jamie to Phyllis as Summer watched all of them together. Ronan told Phyllis that he thought Summer might be involved with whoever was harassing Jamie. Phyllis told Nick that she was worried about Summer. Michael asked Fen if Summer was causing any trouble for Jamie. Michael and Lauren realized their disapproval of Summer only made her more appealing to Fen. Victor realized that Nikki and Billy were hiding something when he saw a text come in on Nikki’s phone. Nikki blurted out that Victoria had been kidnapped because Billy owed someone money for gambling. Victor told her that he was taking charge of the situation. Nikki told Billy that she finally had to tell Victor what had been happening. Billy worried that Victor would get Victoria killed. Billy pleaded with Victor to play by Eddie’s rules. Meanwhile, Victoria struggled to pick the lock on the door in the dark room. Cane and Lily discussed Genevieve’s recent departure. Cane was thrilled to see Jill back in town. Jill left a message for Tucker, telling him that she’d figured out a way to convince Katherine to step down. Neil asked Leslie if she would be his lawyer at Jabot. John appeared and told Jack that he was worried about him. John told Jack he should take some time to heal before going back to work but Jack told him he didn’t want his advice anymore.

THIS WEEK: Noah is surprised to learn that Sharon is bipolar.

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