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RECAPS – 11/19-23

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Bill revealed a different side of himself to an unsuspecting Brooke. Stephanie presented Liam with conditions on their relationship in the event that she accepted his offer to move back in with him. Katie threatened to disappear forever if Taylor told anyone of her whereabouts. Eric felt emotionally torn when Thomas called an emergency Forrester Creations meeting that would take him away from Stephanie’s bedside and she insisted that he be there for the company. Brooke arrived at the Big Bear cabin at the request of Stephanie to take on the position as caregiver in Eric’s absence. Katie was convinced that she was dying while being rushed to the hospital during a massive panic attack. Rick strongly disagreed with Thomas’ multi-million dollar proposed changes to Forrester Creations. Eric attempted to explain to Pam the reasoning behind Stephanie’s decision to go away for her final days. Thomas tried his best to get the Forrester Creations group on his side to make the changes needed to take the company into a more modern method of business. Meanwhile, Eric had a difficult time concentrating when the love of his life was on her deathbed so many miles away.

THIS WEEK: Brooke sees another side of Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Kristen went to see Brady at the hospital after muggers had diagnosed him with a concussion from fighting off her attack. John and Marlena disagreed about Kristen being a threat to their marriage. Marlena saw phone messages from Kristen on his phone and deleted them without listening. When John and Marlena learned of Brady’s injury and Kristen’s involvement, Marlena knew that she was sunk. Kristen made sure to inform John of her attempts to reach him. John was furious with Marlena for her actions. Brady bought into Kristen’s new attitude. Kristen showed her true colors by telling Marlena that she’d fallen right into her trap. Kayla reported to the family that Caroline was a good candidate for the Alzheimer treatment and she and Bo could be returning home soon. Lucas and Sonny agreed to try to be friendlier for Will’s sake. Nicole opened up to Eric about her problems and her uncertain future. Eric advised Nicole to find a way to make amends to Daniel and Jennifer. Adrienne, Billie, Kayla, Jennifer and Hope bonded during a book club meeting. Hope and Kayla visited Eric and warned him not to trust Nicole. Eric calmed Nicole when she railed at God for her problems. Later, Nicole went to the square where she re-lived the events of her fall. Nicole went to the Horton house and let herself in.

THIS WEEK: Daniel makes a decision about the clinical trial.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Dante and Lulu talked about Robert and his vague answers about where Luke was. Robert gave Olivia a history lesson. Robert started to put the pieces together and wanted to warn Anna. Duke was on the verge of consummating his relationship with Anna. AJ found Michael alive and well and realized he’s been had – by Tracy. Sam lucked onto AJ and demanded he vacate her premises. Michael begged Sam to let AJ wait there while he tried to do damage control with Tracy. Monica zeroed in on Tracy as the cause of AJ’s disappearance. Tracy intended to see AJ imprisoned and swipe the house from Monica, to boot. Spinelli made a choice. Tracy was gloating to Monica about how Monica was going to lose the house. As Tracy and AJ sparred, a nurse entered to tell Monica that Edward had taken a turn for the worst. Tracy argued with Monica about what to do for him. Meanwhile AJ accepted that he had to do what was best for his grandfather. Starr had spent the night on Michael’s couch and helped him air his conflicts about AJ and his parents. Sonny told Alexis he wanted a court order to keep AJ away from Michael. Sonny shared with Shawn that he hated how AJ and Connie both worked the system. Maybe it was time to go outside the law. Todd, uncharacteristically, urged caution to Carly where Connie was concerned.

THIS WEEK: Johnny witnesses Duke’s strange behavior and makes him promise to keep it from Anna.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Nina found Paul and Christine kissing at Crimson Lights. Paul insisted that Christine was only comforting him. Nina realized that things were over between her and Paul and she told Katherine that she wanted to go back to Los Angeles. Paul told Christine that Michael dropped the charges against him. Christine suggested that they forget the kiss ever happened, but Paul said he didn’t want to forget it. Leslie accepted Neil’s offer to be his lawyer at Jabot. They flirted as Neil welcomed her to the company. Devon told Cane and Lily that he’d decided to accept Neil’s offer to work at Jabot. Lily was thrilled to be working together while Cane was uneasy. Chelsea told Adam that she knew Sharon was still in love with him. Adam insisted that he only loved Chelsea. Sharon told Noah she couldn’t stay at Adam’s anymore. Noah was surprised to learn that Sharon was bipolar. Noah told Sharon she was a mess because of Adam. Sharon told him Adam saved her from the fire and that she’d started it. Sharon apologized for burning down the house and told Noah she did not know what she was doing. Noah surprised Sharon and brought Faith to see her for Thanksgiving. Phyllis told Avery she was never going to be okay with her seeing Nick. Avery told Phyllis that she was being unfair and that their problems all stemmed from their past. Adam interrupted and told Phyllis they needed to work as a team for the sake of Newman. Phyllis lets him know she still didn’t trust him. Phyllis left a message for Avery and said she didn’t want them to be mad at each other anymore. Jack questioned Adam as to why he approved a risky acquisition without his approval. Jack reached for a painkiller and told Adam he was on his way to a speedy recovery. Adam watched Jack struggle up the stairs. Tucker told Jack he had serious concerns about how he was handling Newman Enterprises. Jack accused Tucker of trying to get Katherine out of Chancellor Industries. Tucker told Jack he would step in at Newman and take action if it was necessary. Phyllis told Jack that she would be by his side no matter how tough it got. As Phyllis went to embrace Jack goodnight, he surprised her with a kiss. Jill and Katherine got into a heated argument over the terms of their working together at Chancellor Industries. Katherine gasped for breath as Jill rushes to call 911

THIS WEEK: Ronan tells Michael and Paul that he’ll be going back to D.C.

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