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RECAPS – 11/26-30

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Taylor was finally able to get through to Katie that her body was not rejecting her heart and that she was not dying. Realizing how selfish she’d been in the past few weeks, Katie decided to return home to Bill and their baby. Stephanie’s family reminisces as they watch the DVD that was shot during Stephanie’s Celebration of Life party. Wanting to show how much Brooke meant to her, Stephanie gave her something to remember her by. Stephanie said her final “goodbye.” Katie acknowledged her depression and realized how bad it got when she returned to the dingy apartment that she’d been living into pack up her belongings. She was excited about her homecoming and eagerly awaited Bill’s arrival. Brooke found comfort in Bill’s arms following the loss of her best friend, Stephanie. Eric and Pam honored Stephanie’s memory in the way that each of them thought that she would approve. Following their trip to Big Bear, Bill and Brooke came home to find that Katie had returned. They were happy to see that Katie was back to her old self again and was easily bonding with Will. Eric and Pam delivered the news of Stephanie’s passing to the family and friends who had been anticipating their arrival. Everyone attempted to contain their tears knowing that was what Stephanie preferred. Katie sincerely apologized to Bill for abandoning him and their baby and for putting them through so much pain and anguish. Bill decided to throw a party to welcome Katie home. Hope was having a difficult time with her grief over Stephanie’s death and about hearing that Liam and Steffy had moved in together. Caroline overheard Bill talking about his involvement in sabotaging Hope and Liam’s Italian wedding. Caroline grappled with the idea of telling Liam about what she’d overheard regarding his relationship with Hope.

THIS WEEK: Hope confesses to Liam that she still loves him.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Gabi was ready to abort her baby because Will was the father and she was not prepared to be a mother. Maggie was upset with Jennifer for giving Daniel the idea that his hand tremors could be cured with a new treatment. Daniel was concerned about the treatment, but when faced with saying yes or no to proceeding, he when through with it. Jennifer consoled Daniel when the doctor reported that his condition was unchanged. Marlena was upset when Brady warmed to Kristen, believing that she’d changed. John pleaded with Marlena to give up her obsession with Kristen, but Marlena remained skeptical about Kristen. Brady followed Kristen to the church where she asked Father Tobias to listen to her confession. Overhearing her in the confessional, Brady listened as Kristen confessed to wanting to be a better person. Jennifer was freaked when she found Nicole in her home. Nicole attempted to apologize to Jennifer. Later, Nicole headed to Daniel’s to apologize to him, too, but she backed out at the last minute. Rafe was relieved that Gabi couldn’t go through with the abortion. Gabi opened up to Nick about the baby, explaining that Will was the father, not Chad. Sonny was shocked that Will was the father. Nick told Gabi to marry him and let everyone believe that he was the baby daddy. Kristen caught Marlena in her office, trying to read a file on her laptop. When Marlena saw the contents of the file, she realized that Kristen had bested her.

THIS WEEK: Daniel makes a decision about the clinical trial.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Edward’s funeral service was over. AJ made a seemingly sincere vow. Afterwards, Alexis joined them and they gathered for the reading of Edward’s will. Sam witnessed an awkward exchange between Maxie and Spinelli. Sam talked about the idea that Jason might be dead. She wondered if Spinelli thought he was dead. After the funeral, Maxie poured out her heart to Lulu about Spinelli. Lulu revealed that she and Dante were having a hard time finding a surrogate with whom they can connect. Maxie hits upon the perfect idea. As Kristina left Edward’s funeral she spied a custodian who looked familiar from the back. Starr and Molly found themselves together at Kelly’s. Starr noticed Molly working feverishly on something. Molly reluctantly revealed that she was writing a novel. Johnny found Duke having a cigarette on the docks and Duke asked him not to mention the bad habit to Anna. Johnny wanted to get to know Duke a little better and hoped that his mobster past hadn’t followed him to the Haunted Star. Felicia pumped Anna about the state of her romantic life. AJ confessed to Skye that he felt unworthy of his inheritance from Edward and regretted that he’d never had the chance to prove himself. Skye told him it wasn’t too late. Meanwhile, Skye used her feminine wiles to see if Johnny inherited the proof of Tracy’s illegal activities from Anthony. Despite Lulu’s assumption that she was joking, Maxie revealed that her offer to carry Dante and Lulu’s baby for them is sincere. Sonny’s hired gun failed to call forth Kate. He then attempted to romance Connie. Michael dropped by the Quartermaine house to check up on his mourning relatives. Michael defended Sonny against AJ’s assertion that he was nothing more than another means by which Sonny could exert his power. Starr escorted Molly to Todd’s office, where she expected to find a receptive eye for the manuscript. Todd was distracted with news of Blair’s imminent wedding to Tomas Delgado, and in no mood to entertain a teenager’s novel. Later, Todd received a visit from Carly, who delivered surprising news. Lulu wondered if they should give more thought to accepting Maxie’s offer. Michael caught Sonny trying to out Kate from Connie. Todd tried to process Carly’s news about Blair’s fiancé, Tomas, when Skye entered.

THIS WEEK: Carly seeks comfort from Todd.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Nikki and Victor embraced Victoria as Nick and Billy brought her home. Victor threatened to tell Victoria that Billy knew that Victor was in Los Angeles. Later, Billy admitted to Victoria that he was to blame for what happened to her. Billy told Jack that Victoria was kidnapped and almost died because Jack sent her to Miami on a false lead. Billy warned Kyle that Jack would throw him under the bus whenever it suited him. Kyle told Jack that Billy’s anger might be justified because Jack had put business before family. Later, Victor ignored Billy’s pleas and told Victoria that Billy knew about what happened to him in L.A. Victoria was shocked that they both kept the secret from her. Tucker told Kevin and Chloe that he was buying Adam’s share of TagNGrab. Kevin and Chloe were stunned at how low their payout was. Kevin went to Adam’s house and yelled that Adam ruined his company. Later, Chelsea told Chloe that Sharon was staying in their guest cottage because she had a meltdown. Chloe assured her that Adam adored her and he’d have to be an idiot to cheat on her. Chloe suggested that they start a fashion business. Chloe told Kevin about her fashion idea and said she wanted to use Tucker’s buyout to invest. Kevin revealed that they needed the buyout money or they could lose their house. Michael reluctantly lent Kevin $10,000. Jill told Lauren about her partnership with Katherine. Lauren told Jill to leave some room in her schedule to start dating. Tucker arrived and asked Jill if she would be free for dinner. Neil informed Cane that Devon would be working at Jabot. Devon picked up on Cane’s demeanor and assured him that he wasn’t there to steal his job. Cane asked why Neil had been brushing him off. Lily told Cane that no matter what Neil threw at him, there was no one she believed in more. Adam and Kyle decided to put their differences aside since they were going to be working together. Once Adam left, Kyle told Phyllis that he wanted Adam gone. Meanwhile, Jack made a call to his doctor to get more pain pills. Jack told Kyle that people treating him like a delicate flower was bothering him. They agreed to go to lunch as Jack took several pills. Summer asked if Phyllis felt like she was betraying the family by working with Jack. Phyllis told her that she shouldn’t buy into Victor’s version of Jack.

THIS WEEK: Sharon tells Adam that she wants to apologize to Victor.

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