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RECAPS – 12/3-7

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Rick was unable to convince Caroline that telling Hope the truth about Bill’s meddling might not be the best idea. In return, she convinced him that he needed to right the wrong between Hope and Liam. Brooke tried to come to grips with the content of a dream that she had the night before. Bill suggested to Liam that he tell Caroline about his dislike of Rick. Steffy called Hope in for a meeting about Hope for the Future where she turned the topic of the conversation into a personal matter. Brooke stunned Caroline and Rick when she admitted that she knew about Bill’s involvement with Deacon and even took Bill’s side. Caroline called Bill for a meeting and threatened to tell Hope and Liam about how he manipulated their relationship. Bill fessed up to Caroline about his misdeeds but pushed back at her threats to expose him. Brooke found herself in a difficult position when she was forced to take sides between Caroline and Bill. Hope used an opportune moment with Liam alone to confess to him that she still loved him and wanted him back. As Caroline was giving her a pep talk about not giving up on Liam, Hope sensed that there was something that she was not being told. Feeling resistance from others about the changes that he wanted to make at Forrester Creations, Thomas was reminded by Taylor that his inheritance from Stephanie now made him the majority share holder of the company; he did not need to get permission from anyone to move the company in the direction he desired. Rick saw red when Thomas flaunted that he was in charge and planned to make the changes whether anyone liked it or not. Rick and Eric conspired about how to go about stopping Thomas from taking over Forrester Creations.

THIS WEEK: Bill and Brooke agree to forget about their kiss.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Gabi was convinced by Nick to marry him and let the world believe that her baby with Will was Nick’s child. Although unsure, Will capitulated and signed off on the arrangement. Rafe was worried about his sister that irked Sami because she felt he didn’t worry about her. Sonny assumed that Nick and Gabi’s baby was the secret Will had kept from him. Daniel was crushed when the treatment for his hand tremors failed. He lashed out at Jennifer, who was unable to make him understand that she didn’t pity him. Maggie blamed Jennifer for hurting Daniel. Maggie sent Daniel to Smith Island for some time alone to deal with his disappointment. Nicole overheard and decided to follow Daniel there, even though Eric had counseled her to stay away from Daniel. Jennifer was intent on making up with Daniel and sent to Smith Island, too. Nicole and Jen got into a confrontation, but then Jen collapse. Daniel realized that Jennifer had acute appendicitis and needed emergency medical treatment. Brady and Kristen’s smoldering feelings erupted into sex. After saying it was a mistake, Kristen made love to Brady again. Marlena walked in on them, assuming Kristen was with John. Kristen saw Marlena, but Brady didn’t. Marlena shocked Kristen by not telling John what she saw.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer tells Daniel that she loves him.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Helena Cassadine ventured to Wyndemere, believing she came at Nikolas’s invitation. Anna thought over Duke’s romantic weekend invitation. The folks gathered in Llanview received a visit from an agent of the CIA, King. Blair demanded King tell them what he knew of Tomas’s connection to Alcazar. Blair attacked Todd, still unconvinced that he was not a part of this – but Carly defended him. Dante and Lulu considered a plan to keep Maxie under their supervision. Maxie told Spinelli and Ellie about her plan to be a surrogate. Robert decided to take matters into his own hands. Obrecht arrived, summoned by Duke. Tracy invited Sam to schmooze her into supporting her in controlling ELQ. Sam and AJ had a nice moment, in which AJ told her the company was so important to him because he wished he could prove to his grandfather that he was worthy. Felicia told Maxie she didn’t want her to serve as Lulu’s surrogate. The argument grew tense when Maxie told Felicia it was a little too late for her to be acting the concerned mother. Lulu, meanwhile, told Patrick about her plans. Dante and Maxie arrived at the hospital for the appointment. Sabrina and Patrick had a meeting about fundraising for the Nurse’s Ball, and her nursing student friend Felix helped her get ready. Patrick tried to tell her that Sonny may not be a good choice as a funder, but admitted he was close to Robin. John McBain was hired by Anna at the PCPD. She apologized for yelling at him last time they meant. He needed to pay attention to his issues with his own son. And to that end he’d gotten a job in Port Charles. Robert had evidence to show Anna to prove his case. Diane, AJ’s attorney, arrived, hoping that AJ had information about criminal activity that they could use as leverage to skirt the charges the DA had against him. Sonny and Carly argued over Michael’s discovery that Sonny kidnapped Connie. Starr warned Todd not to expect Mom to fall into his arms. She then questioned him about Molly’s manuscript that Todd realized was missing. Johnny was cold to Connie and she threatened to rat him out for killing Hope and Cole. Molly was a nervous wreck as she waited for Starr to return from Todd’s with news about her book. Molly freaked out when she realized her manuscript had been deleted. Faison and Obrecht discussed how to prove to Anna that Faison and Duke were two different people.

THIS WEEK: Maxie has something important to tell Dante and Lulu.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Avery took Nick to a nightclub and suggested that he buy the place. Noah had a few ideas and asked Nick what was holding him back from jumping in. Billy tried to get Victoria to open up about her kidnapping. Jack apologized to Billy and says he was glad that Victoria was all right. Victoria told Jack that she was far from all right. Jack told Victoria he wasn’t aware she had been hurt. As Jack left, he took more pills. Billy told Victoria that he would never give up on their marriage. Adam and Chelsea had a heated argument about Sharon’s presence in their lives. Adam was adamant that he was not cheating while Chelsea maintained that emotionally cheating was worse than physically. Victor gave Adam a printout of the details about Jack’s painkillers and asked him to use the information so they could reclaim

Newman. Sharon told Dr. Watkins that Chelsea knew about the fire at the Newman ranch. Sharon told Adam that she was not the person she used to be and that he needed to go to his wife and devote his energy to her. They hugged goodbye. Sharon told Nick she was diagnosed as bi-polar. Later, Sharon informed Adam that she wanted to apologize to Victor. Nick told Adam that he better not do anything to exploit Sharon’s illness for his benefit. Leslie told Neil that she was concerned about working with him at Jabot because of their history. Neil playfully told Leslie he’d fire her if they were overcome with the urge to date. Devon told Neil how Jabot could be a hipper environment. Leslie told Devon and Lily not to give up hope, and that eventually they would persuade Neil to lighten up. Michael warned Fen that Summer was a bad influence and suggested he spend more time with other friends. Michael and Lauren invited Jamie over so he could meet Fen. Lauren got frustrated with Fen’s attitude. Summer worried when she saw Fen and Jamie together. Summer blasted Nick and Phyllis for what their family had become. Phyllis explained to Summer why she didn’t have the best relationship with her parents and thought that history might be repeating itself. Summer asked if Phyllis regretted leaving home and she said she believed it was the right thing to do, although she regretted hurting Avery. Summer told Phyllis that she was upset at her for not keeping the family together. Jack went over his vision for Newman Enterprises but became increasingly irritable as his medication started to wear off. Phyllis and Avery expressed their concerns about the way Jack was acting in their meeting.

THIS WEEK: Avery tells Nick that she used to be married.

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