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RECAPS – 12/10-14

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Caroline made an incriminating confession that was overheard by the wrong person. Stephanie sent an important and controversial message from the grave that changed a few lives and the future of Forrester Creations. Eric made a decision about how to choose the next president of the company and then called the family together to make the announcement. Rick and Thomas began to assemble the team members and designs that they felt would help them win the competition to become the president of Forrester Creations. With Eric back in the CEO seat, he and Brooke fondly reminisced about Stephanie and how she had given him a purpose again. Hope and Steffy’s competition for Liam’s heart transitioned into that’d win the company’s fashion challenge. Thomas consulted with an attorney regarding the legitimacy of Stephanie’s amended will. Later, his anger and determination to win the seat of Forrester Creations president grew when he witnessed a tender moment between Rick and Caroline. Katie confessed to Bill and Brooke about her part in trying to push them into a romantic relationship during her absence. Taylor’s suspicions were confirmed when she overheard a private conversation between Bill and Brooke about the chemistry that they shared while Katie was missing. Fearing that there might be a backslide in Katie’s mental state; Bill and Brooke agreed to not let anyone know about the kiss that they shared. The Logan sisters remembered back to past Christmases and the good times that they shared with their late mother. Bill voiced his concern to Justin about how Taylor’s recent involvement in his family may do more harm than good.

THIS WEEK: Brooke fights her feelings for Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Gabi and Nick agreed to pre-marital counseling by Father Eric and to have him conduct the ceremony. Daniel and Nicole had to resort to emergency measures to save Jennifer when her appendix burst. After the ferry left without them, Daniel did surgery on Jennifer and showed no signs of hand tremors. Before succumbing to anesthesia, Jennifer told Daniel that she loved him. Brady bought a bracelet for Kristen. Victor suspected Kristen and told Brady to stay away from her. Victor then warned John about Kristen, too. John saw the gift for Kristen and delivered it to her, not knowing it was from Brady. When John went to Kristen’s, Brady hid so his father would not find him there. Chad badmouthed Gabi to Sonny and told him about her part in Melanie’s abduction. Nick got caught in a lie about how far along Gabi was in her pregnancy. Gabi was ticked that Chad was stirring up trouble for her. Justin intervened for Gabi and warned Chad that if he didn’t stop, the deal would be broken and Chad would be thrown in jail for what having beaten Nick. Sonny urged Will to get out of Gabi’s life, accusing her of being a user and liar. Maggie was grateful to Jennifer when it turned out that Daniel’s hand tremors were gone thanks to the treatment she’d recommended. Daniel was disappointed that Jennifer didn’t recall saying that she loved him. Later, though, Jennifer had a memory flash and told Daniel she’d meant what she said.

THIS WEEK: Brady and Kristen are stunned when Jennifer catches them in a passionate kiss.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Anna was shocked to learn Robert was right. Robert convinced McBain to go to Switzerland to stop Faison from hurting Anna. Sabrina wondered if Lucy Coe might be the answer to finding a sponsor for the Nurses Ball. Elizabeth told her all about Lucy. Felix heard them talking and surprised them by revealing a connection to Lucy Coe. AJ appeared at the boxing gym where Sonny and Shawn were sparring. AJ proposed he and Sonny make peace because they were both going to have a role in Michael’s life. Meanwhile Starr convinced Michael that he needed to talk to Sonny. While Obrecht assured “Duke” that the real Duke was back in his room, Anna was assured that Faison had vanished and the search for him was on. “Duke” was happy that Anna really trusted him. They kissed and were about to make love. Sonny was upset that Michael and Starr walked in on him beating up AJ. Sonny swore AJ goaded him. Starr ushered beaten AJ to the hospital where she discreetly asked him if perhaps he planned for Michael to see Sonny beating him up. Michael told AJ that he had made his decision about throwing in with AJ at ELQ. Elizabeth wasn’t happy to see AJ because of what he’d done to Jason. Molly and TJ showed up for their internship. Todd allowed them to search the office for the lost manuscript. John and Robert burst into Duke’s suite to tell Anna that Faison was indeed alive. Carly and Josslyn happened on to Johnny and Carly having a tense conversation. Todd arrived. Meanwhile, Johnny found Connie and told her he could no longer keep up their bargain and he intended to turn himself in. Alexis and Kristina surprised Sam with Christmas preparations and Kristina was in turn surprised when the person delivering the Christmas tree turns out to be Trey. Kristina and Trey had a private conversation. Alexis and Sam talked about Jason’s absence and Sam’s continued belief that he was alive. In the holiday spirit, Sam held on to her faith that Jason would one day come back to her. Connie insisted that she wrote the book and was excited by the prospect of having a bestseller. When Maxie broke out in hives, Lulu worried that it was an allergic reaction to the hormones and that Maxie would not be a viable surrogate. Anna went to the clinic in search of answers. Dante and Lulu got ready for the first part of the babymaking process. Olivia saw the baby dog again. Maxie pressed her to admit what she was so freaked about. Maxie freaked and Mac was worried. Maxie went to see Dante and Lulu, saying she had something to tell them.

THISWEEK:Alexis is shocked when she reads Molly’s book.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Victoria found that Billy had transformed their home into a Jamaican beach. They reminisced about when they first fell in love. Billy tried to kiss Victoria but she said she wasn’t ready. After an argument with Victor, Victoria told Billy that she’d go to Jamaica with him so they could concentrate on their marriage. Avery told Nick that she used to be married and that she cheated on her husband. Nick opened up to Avery about his marriages to Sharon and Phyllis. Later, Avery realized that Summer had been hanging out in her storage unit. When Summer asked about some personal letters that she’d found, Avery told her that they need to stay in the past. After the party at Victor’s penthouse, Chelsea witnessed a kiss between Adam and Sharon. Chelsea slapped him as Adam apologized and said that Sharon had caught him off guard. Adam asked Chelsea not to mention anything to Nikki or Victor about the Sharon’s role in the fire at the ranch. Christine told Paul that she ended things with Danny and that she was moving back to Genoa City to be with him. Lily told Leslie that she thinks Neil was relaxing because he was happy to be working with her. Neil met Leslie’s brother Tyler, a graphic designer. Leslie said they could use Tyler’s artistic approach at Jabot and Neil told him to work up a pitch. Phyllis and Kyle worried when Jack was late for an important meeting, while an unnerved Jack woke up after spending the night in his car. Phyllis reminded Jack of the interview he’d set up and missed with Sarge’s nephew, Mason. When Phyllis told Jack that he’d become dependent on his pills, Jack told her to back off. Later, Jack was haunted by John telling him that pills won’t make his loneliness go away. Fen watched as Summer and Jamie enjoyed hanging out. Jamie learned that his dad got a DUI and worried that he may end up in foster care. Fen was angered when Michael and Lauren offer to help Jamie. When Summer comforted Jamie, he kissed her. Victor told Nick that Chelsea was the one who told him that Sharon started the fire at the ranch. Nick reminded Victor that Chelsea used to be a con artist and that she may want to get rid of her competition.

THIS WEEK: Jill suggests that Katherine give Tucker another chance.

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