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RECAPS – 12/17-21

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Brooke was speechless that she was being confronted about her feelings for Bill and was fuming that Taylor would put the thought in Katie’s head. Taylor attempted to get Bill to confess that he betrayed Katie by kissing Brooke. Unable to contain her guilt, Brooke confessed and apologized to Katie. While working on the fashion challenge, Caroline threatened Steffy to not cross a Spencer while dating another Spencer. Bill was pleased that Katie had forgiven him and understood what drove him and Brooke into each other’s arms. Brooke confronted Taylor about the real reason she told Katie about the kiss with Bill. Seeing how difficult of a time that his sister was having getting over her broken relationship, Rick made a decision to tell Hope about how he lied to her. Thinking that Bill’s attitude had softened a bit since her return, Katie was surprised by his disparaging words about people that she cares about. Brooke offered to help Rick tell Hope about his deception, but he was adamant that he needed to do it himself. Feeling that Rick was about to chide her for not pulling her weight lately, Hope was in for a surprise when he told her what he really wanted to say. Bill attempted to get in touch with Caroline to make sure that she wasn’t telling anyone anything that she shouldn’t be. Hope attempted to wrap her mind around Rick’s confession and felt totally betrayed by her brother.

THIS WEEK: Katie begins to wonder if Bill is beginning to have a drinking problem.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Gabi and Nick begin their pre-cana meetings. Gabi was perturbed when Marlena and John were brought into the sessions. Sonny and Will were at odds over Gabi. When Lucas learned of Will’s sadness about fighting with Sonny, he gave his son relationship advice. Sonny and Will worked out their differences, although Sonny still doesn’t know that Will’s the father of Gabi’s unborn. Nick assured Gabi that nobody would believe gay boy Will was the father of the baby. Will was offended by Nick’s characterization. Sami was touched by EJ’s sensitivity about the kids getting spoiled with Christmas gifts. Later, though, Sami was irritated to hear EJ and Kristen express loyalty to the DiMera family. EJ asserted that while he disapproves of what his father’s done, he is proud of his family name. Jennifer was able to find Daniel and let him know that when she said she loved him at the cabin, she meant it. Lucas burst in before Daniel and Jennifer could kiss. Kristen had Brady convinced that she’d changed. Jennifer discovered Brady and Kristen in a passionate embrace. Brady confessed to Jennifer that his love for Kristen was the real thing, but Jennifer was concerned. Kristen was anxious to John to learn about her affair with Brady, but plotted carefully so the revelation would have maximum effect.

THIS WEEK: Julie and Doug arrive for Christmas Eve at the Horton house.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Anna and Duke found Robert as his life hung in the balance. Patrick watched the video Robin made for him last Christmas Eve in which she told him that she was succumbing to HIV and would likely be gone soon. She urged him to find someone to love, someone to be a mother to Emma and a wife to him. Britt again probed Elizabeth about Patrick and their stop-start relationship. Liz leveled with her and didn’t blame Patrick for being wary of her. Liz discovered that the DVD of “Christina Comes Home for Christmas” she’d purchased for her kids had disappeared. Sabrina and Felix discovered that Lucy Coe’s business was floundering and she couldn’t help them with the Nurses’ Ball. Meanwhile, Lucy fondly remembered her role as hostess and emcee of the ball. While Ellie and Spinelli were together, Maxie arrived at the lab to see the embryos, trying to wrap her mind around the upcoming implantation. After Ellie went back to work, Maxie revealed her misgivings about her surrogacy to Spinelli. She confessed that she might have volunteered because she felt so empty after Spinelli rejected her. She needed to know if he’d have accepted her love if Ellie weren’t in his life. Connie informed Todd of Johnny’s plan to turn himself in for his crimes. She warned him that if Johnny talked, he might implicate Todd in whatever Johnny had over him. Alexis warned Connie and Todd not to publish Molly’s book because they’d be sued. Johnny told Diane that he wanted to confess to killing Cole and Hope. Johnny went to see Starr with something to tell her. Starr told Michael that she thought AJ set it up so that Michael would see Sonny beating him up. Michael confronted AJ. Sonny then confronted AJ about having seen his text that made Michael watch their fight. Todd and Connie feared for their individual futures if Johnny followed through on the threat. Starr found her father was up to some shenanigans. Johnny returned home and called Carly, arranging to see her to come clean. Sonny told Carly about his suspicion that AJ set him up to look bad to Michael.

THIS WEEK: Sonny reacts badly to news from one of his children.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Nick told Avery that he bought a new club, The Underground. Nick was excited to have Noah work with him. Sharon admitted to Nick that she thought of running away with Faith but chose to come back. When Avery told Sharon that she was willing to help her, Sharon revealed that she was bi-polar and set Victor’s house on fire. Nikki asked Chelsea why she wouldn’t speak with the arson investigator about the fire at the ranch. Chelsea said that her testimony would put Sharon in prison and that Adam would never forgive her. Victor said he would stop at nothing to find evidence that Sharon set the fire unless Adam agreed to help him. Adam told Victor to leave Sharon alone and that he would help him on his terms. Adam told Jack that he was loyal to him even though he was letting Victor think otherwise. Adam warned Jack that if he didn’t get off of the pills, Victor would take Newman Enterprises away. When Adam told Sharon that Victor wouldn’t be pursuing a case against her, she told him to stop helping her for the sake of his marriage. Adam explained that Chelsea had asked him for a divorce. Adam told Sharon it was not her fault and admitted that things had gotten complicated for all of them and that he couldn’t lie to her or Chelsea anymore. Later, Sharon told Dr. Watkins that she was worried that Adam was getting a divorce because of her. Dr. Watkins said that if Sharon’s instincts were telling her something was dangerous then it probably is. Meanwhile, Chloe told Chelsea that focusing on their fashion business would be good for both of them. Chloe told Kevin that Gloria decided to buy a race horse with Jeffrey instead of investing in her fashion business. Adam told Chelsea that he’d always love her while Chelsea maintained that he’d never love her enough. Jack apologized to Phyllis for how he’d been acting and asked her to come with him to Chicago on business. Phyllis mentioned that it was Summer’s birthday and that she didn’t want to leave town. Jack explained that he needed her help and wasn’t at the top of his game. Jack confessed that the pills played a part but maintained that he didn’t have a problem. Jack tried to concentrate but gave in and grabbed the pills out of his desk drawer. Michael romanced Lauren on their anniversary. Later, Jamie told Michael and Lauren that he was going to be sent to a group home. Michael and Lauren discussed having Jamie stay with them for a while. Jamie was initially hesitant but accepted their offer as Fen left to see Summer on her birthday.

THIS WEEK: Victor tells Nikki that they will start rebuilding the ranch after the New Year.

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