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RECAPS – 12/24-28

THE BOLD AND THE BEAU. TIFUL . Family gathered together at the Forrester mansion to decorate and attempted to make merry, but someone significant was missing. Pam received a sign that Stephanie will be around in spirit to watch over the family’s celebration. Bill and Katie celebrated Baby’s First Christmas with Will. Eric found his own way to spend his first holiday without the love of his life, Stephanie, but it didn’t quite turn out the way that he’d planned it. Hope was confident that since Liam knew the real reason why they were apart, he would want to reunite. Brooke reminded Hope that Steffy was a force to be reckoned with when it came to Liam. When Steffy learned about Rick’s confession, she threatened Hope to back off of Liam. Brooke called Bill for a private meeting so that she could relay some important information. Hope and Steffy went head-to-head over who they believed Liam would ultimately choose to have a future with since he finally knew the truth about Rick’s lie. Katie offered Caroline her support for the time when Bill would learn that Caroline was the one who spilled the beans about Bill keeping Hope and Liam apart. Bill angrily confronted Caroline about blabbing to Hope despite his request for her to keep quiet. Caroline maintained her cool and justified why she felt the need to expose Bill’s manipulations. Bill was irate that Caroline would betray his trust and threatened that she would pay for what she’d done.

THIS WEEK: An unfortunate accident sends Caroline to the emergency room.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Gabi and Nick met with Father Eric to discuss their marriage. Alone with the priest, Gabi nearly told Eric the truth about Will being the baby’s father. Sami burst in and declared she knew Gabi’s secret. Nick and Gabi admitted that the baby was conceived earlier than they’d said. After having some second thoughts about giving up his paternal rights, Will finally told Gabi to do what was best for the child. Kate interviewed Nick for a job and found him arrogant. Sonny concurred that Nick was a hard man to like. Will convinced Kate that Nick was a good man who wanted to provide for Gabi and the new baby they were having. At Christmas, the Kiriakis family gathered and Victor received a special gift from Daniel, Brady, Justin and Bo. Kristen gave Brady a special photo for Christmas and he had good feelings about their future. Sami was unsure about her feelings for Rafe or EJ. When confronted, Rafe told Sami he’d seen her getting close to EJ. Sami later accepted a New Year’s Eve invitation from EJ. Abigail invited Chad to her family Christmas. The Hortons, including Julie and Doug, welcomed Gabi into the family and gave her an ornament for the tree. After a misunderstanding, Daniel and Jennifer had a romantic date that culminated in a kiss. Kristen instigated Marlena about Brady being in love with Kristen. Marlena, who’d been down on John’s idea that they invite Brady on a New Year’s Eve date with the woman of his choice, urged John to ask Brady after all. John walked in on Brady and Kristen making love.

THIS WEEK: Will confronts Nick on his ‘gay boy’ comment.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . On New Year’s Eve, Connie had Johnny stashed in the Haunted Star office temporarily to keep him from confessing to the police that he was responsible for the deaths of Cole and Hope. She was leaving when Starr appeared, looking for Johnny to finish their conversation that was interrupted by Todd’s fake heart attack. Dante and Lulu went to see Maxie and found out that Maxie called Spinelli rather than them on Christmas Eve when she had cramps. Ellie told Spinelli that she broke up with him because she can’t stand it that he left her on Christmas Eve to see to Maxie’s needs, and that she thought he was probably regretting he chose her over Maxie. Spinelli proposed a deal. Michael went to tell Sonny that he spent Christmas Eve with Starr. Meanwhile, Kristina and Trey broke it to Alexis that she was moving with him to California. They all went to tell Sonny. Starr and Michael had lots of sex, making up for lost time. When Starr tried to call the police, Connie stopped her. While Trey began an emotional goodbye to his mother, Kristina lingered near Connie’s car where she was alerted to a sound coming from the trunk. Todd caught Sam once again trying to crack the safe in his office, this time looking for evidence of the theft of Molly’s book. Todd called security, which brought Carly to the office. When Sam went off on Todd for his part in the baby switch, however, Carly sprang to Todd’s defense. Sam left with a warning to Carly about Todd. Lucy continued to play Tracy against AJ. She left them an offer and went to the hospital to meet with Sabrina about the Nurse’s Ball. When Patrick asked Sabrina if she had New Year’s Eve plans, she fantasized ushering in the New Year with him in romantic fashion. New Year’s Eve promised to begin a new chapter in the lives of several characters, while threatening to end several others altogether. Michael delivered Starr to the hospital. Dante puts out an APB on Connie.

THIS WEEK: Starr is tested when she discovers Connie in need of help in the same place where Cole and Hope died.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Billy told Jack that all he wanted for Christmas was for Jack to forget about running Newman and go back to Jabot. Later, Victoria persuaded Billy to go with her to Christmas dinner at Nikki and Victor’s. Adam told Jack he should reconsider folding Jabot into Newman. Back at home, Jack was haunted when he heard John say that he may have all the power, success and money that a man could want, but it didn’t mean anything if he didn’t have someone to share it with. Over Christmas dinner, Jack told Phyllis that he was glad they’ve remained close after everything they’ve been through. After they made love, Nick found a pair of military dog tags with a man’s name on them at Avery’s apartment. Summer invited Avery to join her family on Christmas. When Phyllis asked Avery about her marriage, Avery played it cool and said things just didn’t work out. Later, Avery reflected on her past as she looked at the dog tags. Chloe told Adam he should back Chelsea’s new business as a silent partner to make up for what happened at TagNGrab. Adam and Chelsea exchanged gifts. When Adam told Chelsea that Sharon helped him realize that he shouldn’t screw up what they have, Chelsea misunderstood and thought Adam wanted to be with her because Sharon rejected him. Chelsea was upset and ran out. Victor told Nikki that they would start rebuilding the ranch after the New Year. On Christmas day, Billy left with the kids after a tense conversation with Victor. Victoria snapped at Victor for telling her he accepted her marriage and that Billy was welcome in their home. Victoria left as Nikki scolded Victor. Later, Victor went to Adam’s and gave him a bottle of tequila and Jack’s pills. Adam realized that Victor wanted Adam to use Jack’s pills against him. Victor reminded Adam that he could easily throw Sharon and him in jail. Victor warned Adam to think twice before making an enemy of him. Across town, Nick and Sharon celebrated with their kids. Sharon told Nick that she wanted to go back to work. Victoria told Avery it sounded like she was falling in love with Nick. Later, Nick told Avery he had a New Year’s Eve surprise for her. Lauren and Michael discovered Fen’s untraceable phone. Fen covered and said he got it to text Summer. Kevin got mad at Chloe for telling Michael that they’re losing their house. Later, Kevin filled Chloe in on the details about Alex being from New York and how a half a million dollars had gone missing. Chloe showed Kevin a magazine ad for reward money to whoever found the missing cash.

THIS WEEK: Jack wakes up with a horrible hangover and his date passed out on the floor.

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