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RECAPS – 12/10-12/14

ALL MY CHILDREN – Janet befriended Ritchie in the psychiatric ward and offered to help him find a way to escape. Tad infuriated Krystal when he presented her with papers suing her for full custody of Jenny. Amanda struck a deal with Adam, accepting $5 million for a DVD that cleared JR. Adam was thrilled when JR accepted his offer to get out of jail, but then decided to keep the DVD evidence to himself when JR was rude to him. While retrieving the old letters she found, Greenlee was bitten by a snake. Aidan and Dre hoped for the best when they uncovered an abandoned well.

THIS WEEK: JR’s memory comes back full force!

AS THE WORLD TURNS Brad accidentally spilled the beans about his encounter with Katie and she blasted him for being indiscreet. Carly offered to help Jack win Katie back. She then learned that Jack has been behind her being unable to get a liquor license. When Bob suffered a stroke, Chris was named acting Chief of Staff. Dusty told Emily that Chris has been lying. Luke invited Noah to Christmas at the Snyder farm, but Emma was not cool about their sharing a room. Meg learned her unborn may have Gaucher’s disease and it could affect the baby’s father, too. Craig confronted Rosanna with the truth about the test results.

THIS WEEK: Barbara struggles to keep her family together.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Ridge told Brooke that she has to choose a life with him or stay involved with baby Jack and Nick. Taylor returned, but when she saw the baby, his blonde hair reminded her that Brooke’s his biological mother. The video from the fashion show indicated that Stephen was the likely shooter, but he continued denying that he did it. Stephanie was devastated when Eric said he wanted a future with Donna. Ashley spied Nick comforting Brooke. Storm revealed the deep anger he feels towards his father. Taylor was surprised when she finally had a bonding moment with the baby.

THIS WEEK: Ridge tries to get the Forresters united for Christmas.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Bo and Hope’s investigation into the shooting revealed that Lucas bought two guns. When Philip spurned Chloe’s advances, she realized that he and Belle were romantically involved. Chloe tipped off Shawn about his wife. At their high school reunion, Shawn and Belle were named Salem High sweethearts. EJ planted a baby monitor at Sami’s and learned that Lucas was expecting a suspicious package. EJ managed to get the box first and found a gun inside. Sami discovered EJ’s listening device. Steve and Kayla talked about having another child, either the old-fashioned way or by adoption.

THIS WEEK: Marlena has marital advice for Sami.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Sonny and Jason learned that one of their shipments had been attacked and realized they were at war with the Zaccharas. Johnny went off on Trevor for starting a war and planned on telling Sonny the truth with the hope of negotiating a truce. Trevor planned on using Lulu to keep Johnny in control. Georgie grew suspicious of Coop. Sam suggested Lucky move in with her when he worried for her safety. Monica froze up while operating on Luke when she had visions of Emily assisting her in the O.R. When Luke’s heart began to fail, he ended up in “Hell.”

THIS WEEK: A beloved citizen of Port Charles is found dead.

GUIDING LIGHT – Josh suspected that Will was not the innocent little boy he pretends to be. Mallet questioned Beth about Rick’s relationship with Edmund. Harley confessed to Cyrus that she has feelings for him. He admitting feeling the same way about her. To protect Marina, they agreed not to act on their feelings. Ashlee used Einstein to rig the election and Buzz was named Mayor. Ava learned about Ashlee’s actions and blackmailed her. Buzz asked Doris to work in his administration. Lizzie was surprised that Bill cared so much about Billy’s drinking problem. Olivia tried to convince Gus that Harley still loves him.

THIS WEEK: Mallet looks into the election results.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – John dove into the freezing water to save Miles, who was rushed to the hospital, where he barely clung to life. Starr and Langston risked the consequences and helped Cole hide from Ramsey. John took drastic action to protect Cole when Ramsey made it clear he was out to punish Cole. Ahidden Marcie was stunned when Michael was arrested and hauled off by the cops. David left Llanview armed with the winnings from the lottery ticket Viki had given him. Nigel warned Jared not to do anything to hurt the Buchanans, who got the results of the DNA test.

THIS WEEK: Rex got a peek at the past when he arrives in Texas.

PASSIONS – Timmy appeared with a warning to Tabitha – if she continued doing evil, she’ll never see Endora again. Theresa quickly covered when Little Ethan called Ethan “daddy.” The nurse brought Ethan to meet the woman of the child who was donating to Jonathan and he found Theresa. Luis managed to steal the key to the basement from Alistair while he was attacking him. Outside the door, Spike awaited their escape with orders from Alistair to kill them both. Spike shot Pretty, who was in bad condition. Later, Sheridan pointed a gun in Spike’s face and told him if he didn’t come clean, she’d kill him.

THIS WEEK: Pretty was shocked by Luis’ declaration.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Jack told Sharon he was resigning from the Senate and asked her to stand by him. He apologized, but Sharon couldn’t forgive him. After Jeff admitted that the Jabot cream he gave Gloria was fake, he showed her a letter William wrote telling him not to let “her” get away with it. Jeff told her he would never turn her in if she agreed to marry him. Gloria fired back at Jeff that the only way she’d marry him was if he pretended he had fallen madly in love with her. Victor informed Neil that he was calling in Nikki’s loans.

catches Nikki and David in a compromising position!

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